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Stalin's List of Characters that use exotic/underused hax 2: Attack of The Loo

By popular demand......

List items

  • The God of Data, Cryptomnesia can create super detailed illusions as well as being capable of accessing any information he pleases simply by desiring it, even relating to forbidden magical phases and such. Pretty solid support character.

  • A meta-advertisement developed by a evil corporation, Superdoom gets stronger the more people know his logo and franchise, allowing it to murder multiple Supermen and get stronger as it went on and more people knew what it was. It's completely based on popularity for the power set and has no limit to how far it can go.

  • A sentient bacteria that can take over both organics and technological devices respectfully, allowing to convert individuals into a tech-based hive mind. As she's basically just bits of bacteria, it's next to impossible to eliminate her effectively and her ability to assimilate tech and repurpose it with her own organic bacteria means that you can't outhack her either.

  • Could alter and change organic matter to virtually anything he wanted, as well as merge with others to steal their powers. As he's a medic and doctor as well, he REALLY knows how to use his powers as effectively as possible, turning into a watery substance to dodge attacks or repurposing his body to hit stronger.

  • 6-Dimensional aliens that can use wish-fulfilment to spilt the mental self of a being into multiple different physical bodies, allowing them to basically rip someone's mind into small pieces. Almost impossible to defeat as a result as you can't really counter something like that.

  • Has the biological code of multiple species into himself, allowing him to basically alter their behaviour or actions by changing their script to something else. This did have a limit in that Unit couldn't manipulate species that were never catalogued (namely, beings like Namor) but he still found more primitive ways of doing so. It's also NOT mind control as telepaths couldn't reverse any processes that he started, making it annoyingly niche to counter.

  • Her mutant power is that, well, she can't be defeated. Any game, practise, sport, contest, she won't lose, even if it's super improbable and doesn't make sense to do so. You might be thinking "wow, this is really OP!" and it is, but it does have a critical flaw: only she will win, so if she's in a team, it doesn't mean they will either, and if they are losing, her powers might mean that she switches sides to keep "winning" regardless of her temperament.

  • As long as he's on Earth, he'll always return from the dead instantly, no matter what. When he tried to kill himself by entering the sun, he just kept dying until his body adapted and changed into a plasma being that was super beefy. This isn't really immortality as his body does fall apart, it just won't STAY dead and will rebuild into a new brain and body.

  • His former powers allowed him to gain the knowledge of anyone around him abet couldn't retain said knowledge due to a mental block. This meant that if he was hanging around Doctor Strange, he knew all of his skills and powers, if he was around the Avengers he'd know all of their skills and intellect....and it scales as well, so if he was around Reed Richards and Doctor Doom, he'd know double they do. This was fixed mentally so that he knew everything his powers forgot, but he couldn't then gain new knowledge due to this.

  • It's a fancy device that instantly replaces the planet with the culture of another one. It can also enhance people with the culture, mythology and legends of a culture, as well as their powers and skills. The culture replacement is REALLY op as it basically coverts everything into a replacement of a culture in place, so if we had the culture of the 31th century here, it would instantly have all of the advancements they do, as well as the opposite if we had something like, say, middle ages. Very handy.