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Stalin's List of Characters that use exotic/underused hax

The title is pretty self-explanatory tbh. These are guys who use hax that isn't that well known or documented here.

MOST of these can be covered in da Conglomeration

List items

  • Telepathy, but completely focused around mathematical concepts. He can cause someone to become comatose by analysing mathematical distances and applying the concept to their head, can cause people to age by adding up their time of living, or can slow someone down by dividing their nervous system responses to the point where they can't react to anything.

  • He touches people and makes them the generic concept of their meta: as in, touching a man makes him a generic man, touching a building causes it to be become simply a generic building, etc. It doesn't sound like a lot but being able to completely depower someone and remove all of their best features with just a touch or them touching one of his generic concepts is pretty potent when used correctly.

  • History Projection: he can bring out anyone from history simply by thinking of it and shouting his namesake. This can be from ancient Rome to inventors to mythological figures to Jesus: he's even summoned fictional characters as people remember them enough to be considered as a historical figure now. He's brought back a whole pantheon just by using these powers. However, he would be retconned in the late 90's in that this power actually called up demons disguised as whoever he wanted, but this hasn't caught on much.

  • 4D manipulation. Folded Man can step outside of 3D (the current reality) space and see it as basically how you would see a table looking down: he can appear wherever he wants and can see the past and present as a singular thing, rather than us 3D peasants that have to pretend they are both different. He can also change people from 3D to 2D, basically smacking them on a wall like a cheap KONY poster

  • Disaster manipulation means Disaster can cause stuff to happen randomly, or make something as small as a paper flying around cause a major accident from purposely manipulating the "strings of fate" or whatever. He also does this to troll Wonder Woman and murder a guy by kicking a clogged blood valve and giving him a heart attack on the spot.

  • Flex can manipulate reality: but different stuff happens depending on what specific muscle is getting flexed, which causes all sorts of dumb stuff to happen around him or to him for that matter. Flex is so powerful he can survive retcons or can beat up Grant Morrison himself!

  • Can manipulate skin tissue and become the person that said tissue belongs to. If he had Superman's skin tissue, he'd become him. This also gives him their gear, so this leads to some dumb stuff where he can store up skin tissue and morph multiple times to do combination attacks and such etc. It's still gross tho

  • Speaking of gross.... flesh manipulation. Zero can bend flesh around him and generate tons of it to create twisted constructs, as well as create any sort of mechanical construct, as long as it doesn't require chemicals to function. He can also spilt his flesh to control people by using them to drag their minds into his own and basically make a big hivemind out of gross flesh stuff.

  • Can manipulate wood, but he can only actually paper and products related to wood, actually trying to manipulate the raw material causes him to get a nosebleed lol. He's pretty impressive considering he can manipulate even the finer things related to wood at will, which can lead to some funny nonsense in the right conditions.