The Stalin Respect Thread Conglomeration

Ok, so some people have been annoyed because I don't have like, a organised place for my RT's, which makes it hard to navigate through them.

While this wasn't a problem when I was starting off, I'm currently on 79 191 RT's......which has made the reasoning for such a section a bit more erm, justified.

Needless to say, I've listened, and now I'm going to be using this for them, abet in a more organised and tactical manner. Enjoy.


Skyfather/Hell Lord Tier/ Whatever else not High or Teambuster

Teambuster Tier

High/Herald Tier

Mid Tier

Street Tier


High Tier/Teambuster

Mid Tier

Street Tier


Street Tier

That's all of the characters. I'll do the thing.

My next RT is a big one tho, so expect that soon, but not that soon