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Respect The Freak (Complete Respect Thread)

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his only gimmick is being ugly


Freak was sorta apart of that new generation of Spider-Man villains that no one (especially the writers) really gave a shit about: guys like Speedball, Overdrive, Menace, Red Vulture, Shathra, etc. Guys who were essentially forgotten about and basically given next to nothing to work with despite a fun concept behind them.

Freak was one of them, and basically functioned as a street tier Doomsday, if that makes any sense. A drug addict that accidently stumbled into the lab of Dr Connors and injected himself with anything he could find in a attempt to get high again, he mutated beyond human limits and became......whatever he became.

His main gimmick was that he was butt ugly and kept getting worse over time, as well as having the power to adapt to virtually anything via bio-organic transformation.


Scan 1- Doctor Connors explains his adaptation powers: his unstable stem cells allow him to basically come back to life after any traumatic event to his body that causes it to be badly damaged and became immune to it afterwards. (Amazing Spider-Man #554)

Scan 2- The instance Connors referred to in the first scan was when he was taken out by a building explosion and it falling on him, which causes him to adapt further (Amazing Spider-Man #554)

Scan 1/2/3- In his weakest form, he adapts to a bullet impact by forming a shell and adapting to the physical trauma, coming back later with bulletproof skin. (Amazing Spider-Man #553)

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Can instantly create even more potent venom out of viruses injected into his body (namely in this case, converting Anti-Venom samples into a super potent toxin that trumped anything else on Earth) (Amazing Spider-Man #558)


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Is given the Power Grid ranking of 7, making him virtually indestructible. (Spider-Man- Brand New Day Yearbook)

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Tanks being smacked through a chimney by the weight of Red Vulture (Amazing Spider-Man #644)

Enhanced Senses

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Can track someone anywhere just with a small scent to work with, like a dog (Amazing Spider-Man #553)


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Dodges around Spider-Man's webbing mid stream (Amazing Spider-Man #553)


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In his weaker form, he destroys a hot dog cart and completely murders a dude (Amazing Spider-Man #553)

Scan 1/2- Manhandles Red Vulture and manages to tag him with a running leap (Amazing Spider-Man #644)

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Overpowers Spider-Man with a big leap and shoves him to the ground with one arm (Amazing Spider-Man #554)

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Sends Spider-Man flying with a glancing backhand, and has enough leg muscle to jump around building height lengths with ease (Amazing Spider-Man #554)

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Smashes through multiple layers of steel from a big pile of cars (Amazing Spider-Man #558)

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Throws a car over his head, as well as ripping Peter's webbing off his face (which is 50x as strong as solid steel) (Amazing Spider-Man #558)


Freak's not got a ton, but he's pretty much established as a guy who even Spider-Man struggles to put away, and he very quickly went from cop fodder to overpowering Spider-Man and being too strong for him to knock out in within like, two forms, which is kinda scary considering the cap for his adaptations really wasn't reached. As stated, he was kinda in that generation of villains that weren't treated right, and he's been deregulated to vague cameos, which is a shame considering he could have been pretty cool to have around in more stories.

He still beefy tho