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Respect Larfleeze, the Avatar of Avarice (Complete Respect Thread)

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It is in fact his


Larfleeze is awesome. He's a perverted version of a Lantern Corp, in short: rather than be a army of Lantern members, there's only one member of the Orange (orange here representing greed) Lantern Corps: himself, lol. Larfleeze is the sole member because he's legitimately too greedy to share his power with anyone else in the universe, and as such, he's far stronger than any sole Lantern in existence, bar obvious god tier guys.

Another thing that differs Larfleeze from regular Lanterns is that he is a collectaholic to the extreme, taking it to even living souls, as when Larfleeze kills someone, he can trap him inside his Orange Lantern and turn them into a construct slave, allowing him to use them at any point to do his bidding. He's actually got quite a legitimate army of constructs, numbering in the dozens. This makes him rather deadly as he can swarm people with them.

Here, we'll go through all of his stuff and see how good he is.


Scan 1/2- A full force blast from Hal Jordan with his power doubled thanks to the Blue Lantern ring (the hope created by the ring amps the existing willpower of the Green Lantern ring by double) is tanked and it runs out of power completely, recalling back to the Blue Lantern home-planet for recharging. (Green Lantern #42)

Scan 3- The Guardians of the Universe, rather than try and take him down, choose to negotiate instead, showcasing how powerful he is. The Guardians are pretty damn powerful by themselves and definitely not a pushover by any means.

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A weakened Larfleeze quickly recovers from a attack by Hal Jordan and responds with his own (Green Lantern #58)

Scan 1/2/3 Battles with a cosmic god that had destroyed a universe (granted, this was explained later that it wasn't destroyed, just that everyone in the universe had been killed bar nine people, still a solid feat tho) (Larfleeze #2)

Scan 1/2- Brawls with Atrocitus for a bit (Green Lantern #48)

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Larfleeze's orange constructs no sell a willpower blast, a fear blast, and a rage blast in succession (Green Lantern New Guardians #11)

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Is extremely well aged, being millions of years old (Larfleeze #1)

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Larfleeze's energy constructs easily tank the power from multiple Guardians of the Universe, as their energy blasts simply pass through them like butter (Green Lantern #41)

Scan 1/2- Regenerates his body after being completely eaten (Larfleeze #1)

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Tanks a laser blast from Lex Luthor and gets up like nothing happened (Action Comics #898)

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Tanks being hit by the power of a star, easily shaking it off (Larfleeze #9)

Scan 1/2- Tanks being slammed from the orbit of a planet all the way to the surface (Larfleeze #4)

Scan 1/2- Tanks falling onto a planet from space, this only hurts him emotionally (Larfleeze #4)

Energy Manipulation

Scan 1/2- Absorbs the energy of a Guardian of the Universe, trapping her in his ring. To establish the context, she was already a orange construct, but she was rouge and capable of fighting back with her own power, yet Larfleeze easily ate her up. (Threshold #5)

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Larfleeze's orange constructs eat through and drain the constructs of Guy Gardner and John Stewart, both established top tier Lanterns. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #12)

Scan 1/2- Larfleeze's connection to the Orange Lantern Battery is far stronger than Hal's, and he wrestles it off him when he tries to steal its power. (Green Lantern #42)

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Larfleeze's orange constructs can absorb energy constructs from Guardians as well as Hal Jordan and multiple Green Lanterns at once, negating their offence and making them helpless. They also absorb magic energy as well. (Green Lantern #40)

Scan 1- Overpowers a Odin knockoff that was the most powerful of a race of cosmically powerful beings (the same guys who busted a universe, he was the strongest of them according to their own account) (Larfleeze #9)

Scan 2- The cool thing about Larfleeze's constructs is that they not only bind the target, they cloud their mind and will: making those trapped in them incapable of thinking properly.

Scan 1/2- Recharges and restores one of Brainiac's spare bodies, turning him into a loyal servant (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #11)

Scan 3- Larfleeze then turns this suit into a orange construct, showing that not even machines are safe from this power. (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #12)

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Strips the rings off multiple Orange Lanterns and depowers them (Larfleeze #6)

Energy Projection

Scan 1/2- Larfleeze is a living, breathing Power Battery due to being around for so long, he doesn't need to recharge unlike regular Lanterns. While he does carry it around when he can, he doesn't actually need it. (Larfleeze #1)

Scan 3- This is established later in that Larfleeze is completely composed of this energy: every biological cell that makes him up is made from it, meaning that technically, he can't actually die from normal physical methods (Larfleeze #6)

Scan 1/2- As Larfleeze is a whole Lantern Battery in one, he doesn't need to recharge and his power levels are far higher than any Lantern (Blackest Night #5)

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Beats up a God of Chaos using a energy whirlwind (Larfleeze #7)

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Beats up Krona the Mad (Green Lantern #60)

Scan 1/2- BFR's a energy being out of a planet and sends him flying out into space using a construct (Larfleeze #3)

Scan 1/2- Blasts the Guardians of the Universe away using a captured Guardian and with his own constructs (this is right after they slapped up Hal Jordan and a bunch of high tier Lantern characters, yet he can hang with them by himself) (Green Lantern- New Guardians #4)

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Blocks energy attacks from multiple Orange Lanterns with his power set (Larfleeze #4)

Scan 1/2- Blows up a moon sized base with a AOE blast, leaving it a complete wreck (Larfleeze #9)

Scan 1/2- Creates a giant construct that batters away multiple Green Lanterns and smacks them around, as well as tanking their own attacks. (Green Lantern #42)

Scan 1/2- His constructs overpower Kyle Rayner quickly when he tries to take the Orange Lantern and pin him to the floor (Green Lantern New Guardians #15)

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Hits a huge AOE blast that measures up to be larger than a sun (Larfleeze #4)

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Knocks out Atrocious with a energy blast (Green Lantern #48)

Scan 1- Larfleeze can create constructs of beings he kills, taking their stats, appearance, and very soul for himself (Blackest Night-Tales of the Corps #1)

Scan 2- This is done very easily by him "eating" the person and then having the ring replicate them exactly. There is no limit for how many he can make, which has meant he has accumulated dozens of these constructs.

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Larfleeze knows everything his constructs do (Green Lantern New Guardians #11)

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Larfleeze's construct army fights all of the Blue Lantern Corps at once while he's galaxies away (also noted here is that Larfleeze can also create exact constructs of himself, sharing his personality and power) (Blackest Night-Tales of the Corps #1)

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Larfleeze's constructs quickly overpower John Stewart even with Alpha Lantern support (Alpha Lanterns are intended to be literally the best of the best out of the Lantern Corp) (Green Lantern #41)

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Larfleeze can locate specific people galaxies away by tracking their energy signatures (Larfleeze #6)

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Larfleeze can also recall his constructs from galaxies away with a whim to his location (Green Lantern New Guardians #11)

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Larfleeze's orange constructs think independently of him, but still follow his orders (also noted is how quick they are, easily darting around Guardians of the Universe with ease) (Green Lantern- New Guardians #3)

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Lex Luthor using Larfleeze's powers manages to catch Black Lantern Superman with his constructs (Green Lantern #51)

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Orange constructs manage to kill a Star Sapphire by ripping her apart as well as keep Hal Jordan occupied (Green Lantern #22)

Scan 1/2- One shots one of Invictus's race, as well as killing all of them until only Invictus was left (if you want to know how powerful he is, check the link) (Green Lantern New Guardians #7)

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Overpowers Hal Jordan and drags him down to his pit (Green Lantern #40)

Scan 1/2- Sends a portal leading to a entire dimension flying off a planet, and explodes it (Larfleeze #12)

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The blasts radiating off the Orange Lantern kill multiple Guardian of the Universe members as well as multiple Manhunter units (and this is just the backlash energy, it's not even directed to anyone) (Green Lantern #41)


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Is good at making cookies (Green Lantern- Larfleeze Christmas Special)


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Catches a being moving at speeds fast enough to speed past planets (Larfleeze #10)

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Flies at warp speed while in space (Threshold #2)

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Larfleeze's construct follows Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern- New Guardians #5)

Scan 1/2/3- Steals all of the KFC before it reaches hundreds of planets in the space of travelling to them, yes this is canon shut up (KFC- Across the Universe)

Scan 1/2- Takes Barry Allen's wallet from him without him noticing (Green Lantern #59)


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A weakened Larfleeze manages to smash through Hal Jordan's constructs (Green Lantern #58)

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Causes the ground to shake just by going around his planet (Green Lantern New Guardians #11)

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Knocks down and dazes Krle Rayner using his lantern. (Green Lantern New Guardians #11

Scan 1/2/3- Larfleeze's constructs literally rip a Green Lantern apart and turn him into one of his constructs, showcasing that Larfleeze doesn't need to be physically present to create constructs (Green Lantern #40)

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Larfleeze's constructs rip off Invictus's wings and he sends the guy flying into a white hole (Green Lantern New Guardians #7)

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One shots Orange Lantern Lex Luthor (who in the last issue was fighting off multiple Lanterns at once) with a construct (Blackest Night #8)

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Orange construct opens a massive metal structure that Kyle Rayner was not able to open by himself (Green Lantern- New Guardians #5)

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The Guardians of the Universe state that Larfleeze is as dangerous as Parallax. (Green Lantern #40)

Telepathy Immunity

Scan 1/2/3/4- A telepathic being capable of inflecting deep despair in the minds of people is completely overwhelmed by Larfleeze's greed and is sent into a deep coma (Larfleeze #7)

Scan 5- She was stated beforehand as capable of spreading her despair throughout a whole planet, and these were robots as well, which is almost impossible considering robots usually don't have minds to exploit, making her at least planetary in range.


Scan 1/2- Goes from a location on Earth to Lex's secret lab in a single bound by tracking Lex's energy signature. (Green Lantern #53)


All in all, Larfleeze is a highly impressive character with a TON of good feats to go around, with a absorption ability that allows him to make gains out of losses. Throwing him in with a team that can exploit that would work best, as well as the fact that he's almost impossible to knock out, and when actually motivated, he can do some massive far reaching damage. Teambuster? Perhaps. I'd definitely say he's a contender for the title.