Imagine doing CaV's tho

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Respect Lady Mastermind, Daughter of the Illusionist

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Is it real.....or a Illusion? wooooo


Lady Mastermind is the daughter of Mastermind (who I already done in a RT lol) so I had to do his daughter at some point. She's got the same powers as her father, but with added telepathy and arguably more skill in using her powers.

He also had another daughter, but she's basically just the same but arguably more mediocre, so idk if I'll cover her or not.


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Stats and capabilities. (X-Men- Messiah Complex Mutant Files)


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Beats up some random fodder with strikes. (X-Men #194)


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Lady Mastermind fires a bolt of mental energy by accident, and she seems to be unknowing of how to do it, let alone if it happened at all. (X-Men #195)

Telepathic Illusions

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Creates a giant city wide illusion of Fing Fang Foom. (All-New X-Men #12)

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Creates a illusion and then changes the perspective of people trying to kill him, making one of them kill the other. (X-Men #193)

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Creates a jungle illusion within a room (X-Men #194)

Scan 1/2- Creates a building sized illusion of the X-Men attacking. (All-New X-Men #10)

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Disables and traps Emma Frost in a illusion by ambushing her. (Uncanny X-Men #509)

Scan 1/2- Fools the O5 X-Men with a illusion of the Avengers. (All-New X-Men #14)

Scan 1/2- Fools Wolverine with one of her illusions. (X-Men Messiah Complex)

Scan 1/2- Lady Mastermind can also detect illusions, allowing her to manipulate other minds to allow them to see through what is being shown to them. (X-Men #195)

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Lady Mastermind has been training with many telepaths all over the world, pushing the skill of her powers to the best it can be, to the point that she could create illusions that can never be escaped. (Amazing X-Men #13)

Scan 1/2/3 Lifeguard struggles to adapt to Mastermind's illusions within Sage's mind, which are so real to the mind that they perceive it as real and can die from them. As well as this, Lady Mastermind could manipulate conditions within the minds of those she traps, making them stop moving, talking, etc. (X-Treme X-Men #9)

Scan 1/2- Manages to fool a Mummudrai (powerful psychic parasites) with a illusion of himself. (X-Men #198)

Scan 1/2- Manages to fool Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, and Wolverine into thinking a whole group wasn't in the same room as them. Wolverine and Beast could vaguely smelly them, but couldn't pinpoint exactly where they were, showing that even their sense of smell was obscured. (X-Men #200)

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Manages to confuse the O5 X-Men with a illusion of Xavier. (All-New X-Men #14)

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Manages to temporally mess with a young Jean Grey with a illusion of Mastermind. (All-New X-Men #13)

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Paralyses a ton of fodder with their worst memories or regressing them to children. (X-Men #195)

Scan 1- Someone with her powers are able to access Cannonball's memories easily. (X-Men #190)

Scan 2/3- They were also able to trap him in a illusion of his mind while he was unconscious. (X-Men #191)

Scan 1/2- Traps a crowd of SHIELD soldiers (who usually have basic telepathic resistance training as per the standard) in a violent illusion where they were attacked by the Avengers. (All-New X-Men #9)

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Traps Nightcrawler in a illusion for a bit. (Amazing X-Men #13)

Scan 1/2- Traps Pandemic in a telepathic maze that has the potential to keep him comatose for a few months. (X-Men #196)

Scan 1- Traps Rogue in a illusion specifically crafted to her worst fears and desires. (X-Treme X-Men #7)

Scan 2- This illusion was created to temper Rogue's mind and condition it to see every foe as a friend, and every friend as a foe.

Scan 1- Traps Sage in a conistent mindloop of opening doors, while at the same time using her telepathy to scan and pluck memories from her. (X-Treme X-Men #7)

Scan 2- This illusion was designed to turn Sage against her friends and became obedient to Shaw alone after her mind was broken by the loop.

Scan 3- While the illusion was happening, Sage was basically comatose and unable to function.

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In terms of hypnosis, Lady Mastermind is almost impossible to control unless she uses her own powers on herself to do it. This is likely due to her unique mind being tempered by her powers. (X-Men #197)


Not top tier, but still pretty solid in her ability to craft illusions and convincing mind traps to ensnare her foes.

In some ways, her father is better than her in terms of range, but in other ways, Lady Mastermind has the advantage.

This was a little side project to some of the bigger stuff coming up, but you should still appreciate it tho