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The Lantern Corps Positions

For years (decades even) the Green Lantern Corps has been described as space police, their job is to promote order and enforce laws of various planets and the laws laid down by the Guardians of the Universe. But now each color of the emotional spectrum has their own corps now and each corps has its own purpose, what would you say each corps' position is.
The Sinestro Corps was assembled to cause fear in others, trying to create order through terror makes them terrorists and the perfect antithesis to the Green Lantern Corps.
The Red Lantern Corps is somewhat similar even though their emotion is personal rage they would probably cause fear in their opponents like the Sinestro Corps so they could be called terrorists too.
Each Blue Lantern sort of represents a religion and are the most religious people in their sector, the Hope Entity, Adara, is supposed to have come into being the first time a sentient being prayed during a terrible storm. The Blue Lanterns also work in a support sort of role to the Green Lanterns, their rings work to their fullest capacity when in proximity to a Green Lantern ring and they continually charge Green Lantern rings. I would almost call them space firefighters. When a sun was going out two Blue Lanterns were able to channel the hope of the inhabitants to revitalize it. So they are part religious order part rescue workers like firefighters.
Why aren't Blue Lanterns space Paramedics? Because that is sort of what the Indigo Lanterns and Star Sapphire's do. Sure a Blue Lantern can restore a person who has been infected by Red Ring or even break mental control that makes them a bit more of a space psychologist. Star Sapphires represent love and were helpful in purging a Red Lantern Ring infection and helped heal people during Blackest Night. 
Indigo Lanterns represent compassion and have healed and hurt, they can even channel the powers of any of the other Lantern Corps as well. But there is something unique to the Indigo Tribe, they are seemingly given the rings and staffs of the Indigo Tribe not because they feel compassion so strongly but because they did not feel it in their previous lives. It has been shown with Black Hand and hinted at with Indigo 1 that being an Indigo Lantern is a sentence not a calling. Beings who were not compassionate in life are forced to spread compassion through the universe when they join the Indigo Tribe. So they are sort of the work release criminals of the DC universe.
Then there's the Orange Lantern Larfleeze.....well he's just greedy.


How I think the plots of Thor and the Avengers will go.

Okay after watching and rewatching the trailer for Thor as well as reviewing Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 I think I've got a good idea on how these movies will progress.
So it's pretty obvious that Thor will be exiled from Asgard by Odin. Probably because of a situation that was set up by Loki in order to discredit his reckless brother Thor knowing that he'd rise to the bait. Plunging Asgard into battle is enough for Odin to send Thor to Earth with his strength intact but without his hammer or other powers. Odin being wise he also sent Mjolnir to Earth for Thor to find but he'd only be able to reclaim his powers when he proved himself worthy.
Thor finds himself on Earth without most of his powers but can sense Mjolnir in the southwest so he convinces Jane Foster and her assistant to bring him to New Mexico. Meanwhile Agent Coulson and SHIELD have set up a secure perimeter around the hammer knowing it is powerful but being unable to lift it. Thor has to fight his way through SHIELD agents to get to Mjolnir but finds even he can't lift it. He gets captured, questioned by Coulson but manages to escape distraught and thinking that he might need to live out the rest of his live as a human. Soft touching scene with Natalie Portman where he realizes maybe it wouldn't be so bad.
Meanwhile in Asgard Loki has progressed to the next part of his plan, poisoning Odin and taking the throne. With Odin sick and Thor on Earth Loki is next in line for the crown of Asgard and he acts as if he doesn't want it while it has all been part of his plan. In order to keep his brother Thor from gaining his powers back and coming back to Asgard he sends the Destroyer to Earth to kill him. As the Destroyer takes out town after town Thor tries to fight him but without Mjolnir he doesn't have a chance so he just tries to help as many humans as possible. 
Here's where I get a little more creative and assuming. Now last we saw Bruce Banner he was trying to control the Hulk up in Canada while Tony Stark as a SHIELD consultant was talking to General Ross about his little Hulk problem.  Now I could see Hulk showing up in New Mexico to stop the Destroyer trying to use his strength for good giving Thor enough time to get back to Mjolnir and try lifting it again, this time it works. The Destroyer knocks the Hulk away and Thor comes back riding a lightning storm and stops the Destroyer thus revealing Loki's treachery in Asgard. Odin recovers, Loki is exiled and Thor is welcomed back but he decides that in Asgard he's just a prince but on Earth he's a hero and is sorely needed. Thor and the Hulk part as friends, Thor stays with Jane Foster and SHIELD is concerned about two such powerful superhumans roaming the Earth not under their control.
Loki having been exiled insinuates himself within the government or SHIELD or both and helps fan the flames of mistrust. Fury influenced by Loki feels that SHIELD will need to take out both Thor and Hulk assembles his team. They pull Captain America out of whatever freezer he's in to work with Black Widow and Hawkeye all the while Stark as just a consultant dangles his Iron Man armor in front of them. Figuring they'd have a better chance with Iron Man in the field with them they relent and go out to bring down Thor and then Hulk. All the while Loki has been gathering his own team of opposite numbers to stop Fury and his Avengers in case things don't go to his plan. With either Thor or Hulk in custody one of them convinces them that they are not a threat so Loki springs his trap and sends his team to take them all down.
These are obviously all just guesses based on what I've seen in the trailer and what I'd like to see in the movies. What does everyone else think?


Ages of the X-Men

My birthday is coming up and its sort of a milestone, the big 30. And it got me thinking that I identify with some of the older X-Men more these days than before, perhaps because I see them as close to my age. So I was wondering what ages other people see the X-Men as.
Now I don't mean 'well they were said to be 21 around 1979 and approximately 10 years in the comics have gone by' but just looking at the character themselves how old do you think they should be portrayed? Like I know that Magneto lived during World War II but I don't quite see him that old.
I see both Magneto and Professor Xavier as between 65 and 70 but both vital for their ages. My grandfather was strong as an ox and played golf 5 days a week until about a week before he died at the age of 80.
Cable I see should be about 50 because of all of his time traveling it makes it hard but personality wise this is where I put him.
Banshee (If he were still alive)  would be 45 or so.
Beast of the original X-Men is probably the oldest but I don't quite see him as 40 yet so I'd say he's around 37 or 38.
Three of the other original X-Men and a bunch of others I'd say are 35. Cyclops, Angel, Jean Grey (if she were still alive), Storm, Emma Frost and some others.
Now Iceman was the youngest of the original X-Men but I'd still put him around 32 or 33. I'd also lump Colossus, Nightcrawler, Northstar, Havok, Polaris and Gambit in with him.
Psylocke and Rogue though I'd probably put at 30 or 31. Same with Madrox and Strong Guy. They've been through so much I'd have them at least out of their 20's.
Cannonball, Karma, Moonstar and most of the new mutants I'd say aren't quite in their 30's yet so late twenties.
Though Kitty, Cypher and Wolfsbane would probably be just below them, 26 or 27. I think Siryn would have to fall in this age group too.
That would put the Generation X kids in their early 20's. Jono around 25, Jubilee, Husk, Synch (if he were alive) probably 22 or 23. Of course with life experiences like they've had any super hero reaching this age is impressive.
Anybody have any thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Did I forget someone important?