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Alright, here we go. I am going to be leaving the site for a long while - possibly for good. Long story short, important career phase, and cutting down on anything that takes time off the schedule. As far as my life is concerned, this is the one exam to rule them all. For years, this site and the user base has been a part of my life, and it would not be proper to leave without a goodbye.

I am going to mention a few users that I can think of as I write - if you aren't here and should be, it's because I got mixed up while making the list in my head - there are way more people than I keep up with.

I'm going to start with the old Naruto crew, first being @nyas: He was the Sasuke to my Naruto in a sense, if they never got in a fight and had no edgy/awkward moments. He left the site to take care of studies, and that spot was taken by @mudamudamuda: (There's an inside joke there for those who know), and rest of the old naruto crew: @ratava: who has been a close friend of mine all these years, and @hulkage: @sophia89: @vintage_spiderman: and @marc_55: Thank you for everything. I will see you guys, after I've become hokage!

There are people of the Bat-church PM, some of which are banned now, but were always fun to talk to: Thank you @mysticmedivh: For inviting me to it, I am glad I stayed. @leo-343: @thedarkpaladin: @cgoodness: @thegrayghost: @etheral_dreams: @brucerogers: @ccraft: @knightsofdarkness2: @Jestersmiles: @decaf_wizard: @lettsplay10: @lvenger: @ghostravage: @nerevarine_11: @highaccuser: @just_banter: @warlockmage: Going to stop here, tagging everyone would take up a lot of space - you already know I want to tag you all. I have argued in favor of certain characters or notions multiple times in the PM against the popular vote, thank you for not holding it against me. Also, @beaconofstrength: take care of our little edgelord. It has been a blast, everyone.

Also, thank you @spidey_jackson: and @amazing_webhead: and the rest of the peeps for including me in the PM's, though I have not been very active.

And also, moderators, who always responded positively and were in general fun to interact with (for me at least): @god_spawn: @deranged_midget: @wildvine: @sc: @renchamp: Thanks, respect for the efforts you take.

Then there are the general interactions, I fear I have missed more than half the people I should have mentioned..

@jedixman: always a refreshing discussion and @jashro44: A close friend whom I have tagged a lot more than I should considering he doesn't enjoy people asking for his opinion.

@nickzambuto: Really passionate, eloquent, and hardworking, who has been a close friend since my early days. and @ximpossibrux: @mortein: @pope052:, the rest of the dbz debaters that I have always respected.

@neongamewave: The first CaV that had like 200 posts, and a very kind person, always chill to interact with.

@thatguywithheadphones: manga-sensei, hope you log in and see this sometime. @fallschirmjager: always there on the Bastard!! threads with me, @deathhero61: always there to discuss about various manga, @reikai: fellow Bastard!! fan and Elder Scrolls fanatic. @cooldes: @the_stegman: who will realize chopper is cute one day, @lowlaville: a close friend and the only CAV I ever finished - the reason for my 100% win rate :p @nighthunder: @claymore1998: who seem to have left the site now, and the walking knowledge banks - @killemall: @dondave: and all.

@106me: @agent41: @kingjohnrocks: @thor_parker82: For being friendly despite our many disagreements over different threads,

@asgardianbrony: You have rather different beliefs, but more chill than people give you credit for. Keep and open mind, don't get frustrated or discouraged.

@ordinaryalan: @le0nhart: @uugieboogie: @terrortuga: @vermillion0831: @the_red_viper: @i_like_swords: @nerdchore: @blade_r: @josephgomes619: @god_vulcan: @redzkz: @boschepg: @nelomaxwell: @justsomerandomkid: @sladerulez: those with whom I interacted with way less than the interesting people they are.

and of course, not to miss - @iamoptimusprime: Ben 10 fan and a fun junior to have, Not sure if active anymore.

@rbt: @ssj_god: The fellow Indian friends, @lubub55: Fellow witcher fan,

@comicstooge: and @dccomicsrules2: who goes by @dadivineking: these days I think? Always good to talk to. And @dboyrules: I know you're probably going to say this is overrated, but our interactions were always positive as far as I remember.

@goldfinch: I am sure we will talk more about Hercule Poirot some day!

@emperorthanos: Joined the vine for what seems like yesterday, but has grown into someone you can count on in threads.

@heirtothekingdom: @thedailybagel: for their reasonable responses to questions regarding hulk and thor, @almighty: ,@kingh: and @thelocust619: for many manga characters we have talked about -

@rogueshadow: rougeshadow :p , for the many live action discussions we had, specially mentalist and Hannibal.

This would not be complete without @cadencev2:/@indiecomicsftw:/@sirfizzwhizz: Friend, Rival, and one of the first debaters I looked at with respect when I joined the site.

And so many people I am missing out on.

Last but not the least, I'd like to thank those who have nominated and voted for me in the Hall of Fame for years. As someone who is only active in general threads, not CaV's or Tourney's, your votes were humbling and a great honor at the same time. I hope to be the person you've trusted me to be. The sheer nostalgia, and the feelings are overwhelming me at this point, so let's wrap this up. I might log in rarely in the future, on this account - more probably on my Discord account PrinceAragorn1 - @8622 is the default tag that appears along. Or less likely in the barely used reddit one KingElessar1. It's always good to say hello.


You may have seen me on general discussion, off topic, or most probably, the battle forums. I have always tried my best to be as objective and positive as I can be - and if we have disagreed about your favorite character or some other topic, please believe it was nothing personal. I apparently have a tendency to be rather adamant on some points, and at times noticed my debating style unconsciously becoming like more aggressive debaters. So if I have hurt you in some way, I'll use this moment to apologize for it - if you have interacted with me personally, you know hurting people is not something I like to do. No grudges, no hard feelings from my side. For all the time I've spent here, hopefully I have brightened your day in some way, or been informative at least. As parting words, Remember, no matter what happens:

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Thank you all, for the wonderful times we had these years. Take care, and all the best for a magnificent future.

Signing off,



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@kingcrimson said:

@princearagorn1: @marty2187: And that happens the same in the anime? I could swear he says "I could see a path to safety through the rubble with my Ult. Eye" or some derivative of that. Maybe he was just missing the word ultimate and I've patched it in.

Interesting discussion.......but perhaps it IS both

  • Bradley claims his right eye rotted away during the Philosopher stone procedure

so 1 eye covered & 1 eye rotted......and still fights with a patch on? I think even though it's "rotted" his homunculous upgrade is still benefiting the "normal" eye

post- Greedling eye gouge

  • notice the evil red eye streak? (bottom left panel) that same streak has been shown B4 by the author when Bradley is getting pissed/serious. EXCEPT at this point, Greedling has blinded/gouged his oroborus eye

well, you may think the page supports that other eye "ultimate eye", but it is mistranslation made by a fan. Raw as well as the official translation says his left eye is what rotted away. The eye streak has never even been related to the ability. As interesting as the proposition of his unpatched eye having magical enhancement is, there's nothing in the source that agrees with it. Pure fan speculation.

@princearagorn1 said:


That is not my conclusion actually - the eye in question actually looks different than a normal eye, and is shown to greed the moment he explains he has the ultimate eye.

"It looks different than a normal eye" and "its shown the moment he explains he has the ultimate eye" - from these 2 events you conclude that Bradley is being explicit about the left eye being his ultimate eye.

Here's the problem - both in manga and the anime, Bradley reveals the Oroboros tattoo before saying that he has the Ultimate Eye. Which means, he wasn't revealing his "Ultimate Eye" to Greed, he was revealing his identity as a homunculus.

The patched eye being different from a normal eye is not a conclusion, it's a fact. we literally see that it is different.

His unpatched eye having any kind magical ability or enhancement, however, is pure fan theory which holds absolutely no weight. I can assure you there is no panel in the manga that mentions this, but if you still want to try and prove your theory, I wish you good luck finding it.

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Lord of the rings for me.

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@sirneko: true. There is no way to argue against "planets are rocks lol", because that is denial at it's finest. The only question was what was the extent of it.

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@dextersinister1: you missed the point. that question was out of curiosity - to test the extent of denial. H'El didn't have any shot back then, nor does he have it right now, the claims of "eh, planets were just rocks" are self sufficient, interesting part was whether the facade would continue or not. To use your naruto analogy, this is asking if spiderman would still win against naruto, in a thread made in war arc.

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I disagree with plutonian having the capability to perform in picoseconds, but the feat you posted for superman is not picosecond level in the slightest - or even nanosecond level really.

The "instant" you brought up is unquantified in the comic.

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The reason for that was because odin didn't show anywhere near the output he is capable of. That was a pis showing like him throwing galactus off his feet with single blast. Thanos is actually at his lowest in the recent years, not seeing why he would be a threat to either of them now.

Unless I missed something, odin's more impressive feats are recent, not classic.

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Kaguya, not much of a question by now.

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Jin one shots. Not seeing the reason for the desperate need to put H'El in this league. Planets are rocks lol.

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At their peak, nothing has changed since the fight. The power gap is still too much for thanos without prep.

What prompted this, out of curiosity?