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Arc really picks up at the end. 0

This issue is great. It picks up the arc at the perfect moment and saves a stale and kind of bland arc. The art is great and it seems as if Stefano Caselli has got a hang of drawing Spider-Man and was only warming up on the first 2 issues. It's great and I can't wait for him to do arcs in the future. The story continues its good form and wraps up VERY VERY nicely. And without out spoiling anything there are a few events that will have major consequences. The only fault I have with this issue is ...

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Even a drop in Art can't stop this book. 0

Rick Remender is quickly turning into one of my favorite writers. Just from this book alone. Every word, every piece of dialogue is handled perfectly and fits so so so well with the characters. This issue #5 is the start of the second arc titled "Deathlok Nation" and it is (without suprise) fantastic. The issue deals mainly with fantomex and his internal dialogue is fantastic. It really gives a view into the psyche of a character that I knew pretty much nothing about. Also worth noting is the sl...

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Enjoyable, and that's not a bad thing. 0

I don't really know how I feel about this issue... I enjoyed it, read it multiple times, but it just didn't jump out at me as super awesome crazy comic of the year type material. If ever there was a need for a meh rating it's with this issue. Now, that's not totally a bad thing, I still enjoyed the issue, but it was just meh. The art's okay, I like Caselli's drawings of Spider-Man and Scorpion/Spider-Slayers but his art for the rest of the "normal" people seemed kind of, I dunno, I just didn't l...

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Comic Book Perfection. 0

 I just got this issue today and I'm pretty much shellshocked. It was so good. It made me think of all the other comics I've been reading and how they're completely shit compared to this. Everything about this issue (well this series for that matter) is awesome. The dynamics between the characters are perfect. Even Deadpool fits in, in fact he's not even annoying, he's one of my favorite parts of this book. Written in moderation with some really killer lines. The whole issue is crazy over the to...

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Death of Spider-Man starts with a bang 0

Lately the ultimate Spider-MAn has been focusing on two things; Peter going to super hero school because he's too reckless and the Black Cat and Mysterio fighting for the Kingpin's (now dead) most prized possession. This issue has a nice flow as it skips between the serious Black Cat story and the more lighthearted Spidey part with them both coming together at the end. Don't mean to beat a dead horse, but again Sara Pichelli's art is amazing. Lafuente's is also very VERY good, but Pichelli's jus...

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Still the best Spider-Man book. 0

The last little while ultimate spider-man has definitely been filling my spider-man needs. Amazing hit a bump in Brand New Day but this has been consistently a great read. Sara Pichelli is back again as the artist for the black cat sections and again it's stunning. The colours and just everything about it is great. Back to spider-man though, he recently has started super-hero school and we again, don't see him actually go to cede school in this issue. Mostly the spider-man sections are dealing w...

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...The colours.... So pretty... 0

Ultimate Spider-Man is hands down one of my favorite series of all time.  And it continues to be one of my favorite books month after month. Last issue was the kind of disappointing issue 150, thankfully issue 151 picks things up. The issue starts off with the Black cat going to kill the Kingpin only to find that Mysterio got to him first. And let me tell you this scene is fantastic. The art is, well in a word breathtaking. The colours are great and just feel, I don't really know how to describe...

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Thank god. This is the issue I've been waiting for, the issue where things really kick in and this mini-series becomes VERY interesting.  The issue starts off with a great scene between the carnage symbiote and Dr. Tanis Nieves. Zeb Wells really nails this perfectly.  He can write these primal monster characters so well making it feel like you're really inside their head. He did this in the ASM Shed story line and he does it again here. The rest of the writing is great too, the dialogue is super...

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The start of flashpoint doesn't disappoint. 0

Flashpoint. Fantastic. Fast Flash. Fun. Alliteration. This comic is awesome. Go read it. Now. Okay. Let's jump into the review. I'm gonna start talking in complete sentences now. Woah, so this comic is actually great. First lets start with the thing that I enjoyed the most out of this issue; the Art. Francis Manapul continues to be the best artist currently drawing comics. HANDS DOWN. It's great. The writing is pretty good too and since this is the road to flashpoint this issue is mainly setting...

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It's okay... 0

Right off the bat. This is definitely the weakest book in my pull, but thats also some elite company (Snyder's Detective Comics, The Flash, Ultimate Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man.) but that doesn't make it terrible. The writing is kind of hit or miss for me, Bruce issuing Terry commands is cool and definitely the best part of the comic but the rest of it feels kinda of corny and predictable. Hopefully it will improve as the series continues. Now the art I'm still pretty unsure about. It's not b...

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*Sigh* It's just so good. 0

Ilovethisbooksomuch. God. It's so good. Rather than explain why this issue is so awesome (I DO like keeping my reviews under 10 000 words) let's just do a little exercise. Imagine ALL the things you could possibly want in a Batman comic. Now close your eyes. Count to 3 and say shalakka boom bam. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.... it's magic it's all in this comic or the rest of the arc. Unless you wanted batman fighting a horde of purple unicorn monkeys cause thats uhh not in here. And will probably never ...

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Conclusion of Big Time's First Arc 0

So far I think that Big Time has been pretty succesful. It's put a push of excitement in the Amazing line that really hasn't been there since the start of Brand New Day. So how does issue 651, the end of the first arc of Big Time fare? Pretty Good I'd say. Now usually I'm pretty dissapointed with the last book in an arc. The Arc will build itself up and then the final part just can't deliver. It falls flat. This issue kind of does a bit of both. While the main conclusion to the Hobgoblin/Spider-...

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Still enjoyable. 0

I'm a huge spidey fan and have been loving big time so far. This definitely keeps the train a movin' and for the most part thats a good thing. My biggest complaint with this issue is that nothing REALLY happens. There's a few little bits of foreshadowing sprinkled in here and there but for the most part this issue is all about spidey's new suit. Which only gets introduced briefly at the end. On the plus side though, there's a little extra feature at the end which I loved and could be very import...

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A bit disappointing. 0

I'm a huge Spider-Man freak, and I LOVE ultimate Spider-Man. Now what we have here is the over-sized 150th issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. First off I want to say how it's annoying that they switched from issue 15 to 150 just to have an anniversary issue. While I'm glad they're going back to the original numbering, we now have 15 issues that seem out of place and it could be confusing for people trying to read the ultimate story in it's entirety who don't read comic vine or sites like it. But, I d...

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X-Force continues form with 2nd issue. 0

Now normally, I'm not the biggest X-men fan. But when I saw Uncanny X-Force I just had to pick it up, and was I ever glad I did. I loved the first issue, giving it a 5/5. So I had pretty high hopes for the 2nd issue and for the most part they delivered. Uncanny X-Force 2 is great. This issue has the team hunting down Apocalypse, who is in the form of a child, to try and kill him. For the most part their plan goes terribly wrong. I'll leave it at that but let's just say I can't wait to see Wolver...

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The no holds barred second issue of Big Time. 0

I gotta say, ASM Big Time is off to quite the start. Issue 648 was phenomenal and now 649 continues that pace and even ups the ante a little bit. When Marvel announced that Dan Slott would be the sole writer for ASM I got pretty excited, having one single writer would allow the story to seem more like one fluent cohearent story rather than arc to arc to arc to arc. Even with the second issue Slott shows us that this is his story and isn't going to just play it safe, and I really like this. It gi...

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Solid End To a Great Arc. 1

So far this Brightest Day Flash arc by Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul is one of my favorite series with some of the best art I've seen this side of neptune. So far this arc has been fantastic. Does the 6th and final issue hold up to the rest? Keep reading to find out.  THE GOOD: Hmmm, THE ART IS AMAZING. And the writing is okay too. Clues up the arc. THE BAD: In comparison to the rest of the arc this seemed like a stale issue that just sort of ended the story, without out really adding to it.  ...

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This is the best comic I've read in a while. Now first let's say this right off the bat. I'm probably more than a little biased. Spider-Man is my absolute favorite hero so, there ya go. Now this is the start of Dan Slott's twice a month run of ASM called "Big Time". and what a way to kick it off. This issue is jam packed with spidey goodness.  THE GOOD: I really love the art of Humberto Ramos. It has a really nice blend between cartoony over the top (which fits Spider-Man) and realism. The story...

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While a solid issue, a bit on the pricey side. 0

The final issue of brand new day. Amazing Spider-Man issue 647. To officialy close out Brand New Day Marvel decided to go with a anthology issue of sorts. A multitude of issues from spidey writers such as Dan Slott (Writer of the upcoming Big Time), Joe Kelly, Mark Waid, and Zeb Wells.  The stories are hit or miss and a few one them are quite good.  PROS: The first story is a solid story and it was funny seeing all the regular ASM characters dressed up (Harry as Doc Ock and Mary Jane as Jackpot ...

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Meh 0

Amazing Spider-Man. Issue 646. Origin of the Species, Part 5. This is the conclusion to origin of the species. The last real arc of brand new day and I have to say this issue was fairly anti-climactic. Nothing really stood out. At all. It just kinda was.  PROS: It ended.   CONS: Again with this issue the art was sub-par. The dialogue was forgettable and the issue as a whole was a huge step down compared to 645.  FINAL VERDICT: Now this isn't a terrible terrible issue. It just isn't a great one o...

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Oh yeah... I love Ultimate Spider-Man 0

I forgot. It's been a month. I'm sorry but I forgot about Ultimate Spider-Man. I walked into my comics store expecting to buy some Amazing Spider-Man when I saw this glorious issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. And yes, it is most definitely very glorious. Now if you'll remember, there last time we saw Peter his life was completely ruined/destroyed/devastated by the chameleon(s). So the whole premise of this issue is Peter trying to get his life back on track. Nothing much happens in this issue but it...

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Not a perfect start. 0

Carnage is one of the my favorite villains around. So when I heard about this mini series I was a little more than excited.  So Carnage #1 is finally here. Is it worth the wait? Is it worth your hard earned 3.99? Read on my friends to find out.  Pros:  The writing is great. The introduction of Doppleganger at the beginning was great and I think Zeb Wells handled Spidey's dialogue quite well.   I also really dug the art. At first it seemed a bit odd and out of place but it certainly grew on me.  ...

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Funny funny funny. 1

Summary: Indie writers writing short stories for famous Marvel characters... What more could you want?  Pros: It's funny. REALLY funny. well some are. If you know the characters. The one with frog man and wolverine and the kids really stand out. I couldn't stop laughing on either of them. Though the issue does have a touching side also, the silver surfer short and the red mask short in particular.   Cons: Some just fall flat (silver surfer and the dazzler I'm looking at you) and some of the art ...

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Great Issue. 0

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat. I'm not the biggest X-Men fan in the world. The women annoy me, and Wolverine doesn't quite do it for me. That being said. It didn't stop me from enjoying this issue any less. In fact, it made me want to go read some X-Men to see what I'm missing out on.   Summary: Don't want to spoil to much but I think if I just say this issue is about Wolverine's merc-ops team its incentive enough for people with half a brain to go buy it.  Pros: Art is great, ...

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Amazing Spider-Man #645 2

Origin of the Species arc really gets going with this issue.   Summary: Spidey is mad, no scratch that. Spidey is ENRAGED. Basically this whole issue is Spider-Man going around takin' down badies that were involved in the Menace baby kidnapping. Don't want to spoil to much besides that.   Pros: Its great to see Spider-Man in such a different light then what we normally see. Wise crackin' Peter Parker this is not. And it's cool to see spidey staying in the shadows only to pop out and take down th...

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