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Wonder Woman Doodle

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Hi, I thought that I would do a little sketching today and this was the result of that effort. I'm really feeling like the proportions of the face are off on this one,like her eyes are too far apart  . .. . I dunno. 
If you've been checking out the latest from the DC52 relaunch like I have been then you've been seeing the latest releases of the Wonder Woman title by Cliff Chaing and I have to say that his stuff is really growing on me. The first images of the cover to number one were really not impressing me that much, but this later work is good. 
Thus this little experiment to see if I could draw her any better than the man that has the gig. So far I think he has it over me but I'll keep practicing until the gig is mine one day.  :)
Lemme know what you think :) E.J.
@TypingKira said:
The eyes are the best part of the pic! Very nice ^^
Sorry @TypingKira I wanted to post this to the Artist Show-Off too and forgot. But thank you for the great comment, I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle. :)