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Comic Vine Crew talk Wonder Woman

Tony, Sara, and James take a stab at some of the topics that have been running around the Wonder Woman forum.

Questions to the Comic Vine team

@Press Oblivion said:

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There's been a lot of Buzz in the Wonder Woman forum about the treatment of the character and weather or not there should be more books featuring the character like Superman and Batman have. I would love to see the revival of Sensation Comics as her Ancillary Title placing her firmly in the DCU (outside of JL), featuring and reintroducing her rogues gallery while her own title would continue to explore the mythological.

  • Do you think that Wonder Woman is a character that is treated poorly by DC and Creative Teams? Her different characterizations from her solo title to that of Justice League is frustrating but is it because of poor treatment or lack of communication?
  • Do you feel that she can support another monthly title?
  • If you've been reading Teen Titans, you've seen that Wonder Girl has been removed from the Wonder Woman family, why do you think this was an important change for DC to make?

Thanks guys, I love the site and think that you're doing great things here!

I posed these questions to the team because I thought that it would be interesting to hear their take on these questions in direct response to the Is Wonder Woman Treated Poorly? thread. The likeliness of any of the team getting out to the Wonder Woman forums is next to non so it was great to hear what they had to say and was a super added bonus to catch James Robinson for this one as well!