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Wonderland 9: OUT TODAY

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Just wanted to let anyone know that Wonderland #9 from Zenescope Entertainment will be out on the comic racks and available for digital download this week! Why should you care!?!? Because it contains 14 pages illustrated by yours truly! I've attached a low res image from the final print production, I'll post a better one on Wednesday! Thank for lookin' and if you're out there buying a copy, thank you for your support!


Written by Raven Gregory, art by Sheldon Goh & EJ Morges

Covers by Stjepan Sejic, Ale Garza.

32 pages, $2.99.


The NEW Trinity!

Thought that I would have some fun with my frustration with the Wonder Woman title. Seeing as there is no end to the Zola Baby story.

Let me know what you think.

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Insipient Turtle

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I drew this one for my friend, Erik, while he was visiting for the NYCC show this year. I was honored to be the first to draw in his Ninja Turtles sketchbook, which he has reserved for getting artist renditions of the Turtles.

Here I'm not really featuring a particular Turtle but going with a little bit of a redesign, changing the Domino mask to something more of a gangland bandana. This was mostly done because I'm not really into the Turtles stuff and I couldn't identify them by color code or choice of weapon so I just made shit up. I'm working on a color version, I should have the up soon.

I think that it came out OK though. Thanks for lookin'

- EJ


Comic Vine Crew talk Wonder Woman

Tony, Sara, and James take a stab at some of the topics that have been running around the Wonder Woman forum.

Questions to the Comic Vine team

@Press Oblivion said:

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There's been a lot of Buzz in the Wonder Woman forum about the treatment of the character and weather or not there should be more books featuring the character like Superman and Batman have. I would love to see the revival of Sensation Comics as her Ancillary Title placing her firmly in the DCU (outside of JL), featuring and reintroducing her rogues gallery while her own title would continue to explore the mythological.

  • Do you think that Wonder Woman is a character that is treated poorly by DC and Creative Teams? Her different characterizations from her solo title to that of Justice League is frustrating but is it because of poor treatment or lack of communication?
  • Do you feel that she can support another monthly title?
  • If you've been reading Teen Titans, you've seen that Wonder Girl has been removed from the Wonder Woman family, why do you think this was an important change for DC to make?

Thanks guys, I love the site and think that you're doing great things here!

I posed these questions to the team because I thought that it would be interesting to hear their take on these questions in direct response to the Is Wonder Woman Treated Poorly? thread. The likeliness of any of the team getting out to the Wonder Woman forums is next to non so it was great to hear what they had to say and was a super added bonus to catch James Robinson for this one as well!


Red Skullage

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Took me a minute to do this one but it's been fun so far.
Looks like I'm still having trouble with symmetry here there's still time to work some of that stuff out. :)

Wonder Woman Doodle

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Hi, I thought that I would do a little sketching today and this was the result of that effort. I'm really feeling like the proportions of the face are off on this one,like her eyes are too far apart  . .. . I dunno. 
If you've been checking out the latest from the DC52 relaunch like I have been then you've been seeing the latest releases of the Wonder Woman title by Cliff Chaing and I have to say that his stuff is really growing on me. The first images of the cover to number one were really not impressing me that much, but this later work is good. 
Thus this little experiment to see if I could draw her any better than the man that has the gig. So far I think he has it over me but I'll keep practicing until the gig is mine one day.  :)
Lemme know what you think :) E.J.
@TypingKira said:
The eyes are the best part of the pic! Very nice ^^
Sorry @TypingKira I wanted to post this to the Artist Show-Off too and forgot. But thank you for the great comment, I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle. :)

Lady Death: Uncanned

I was looking at the New Comics for this week and noticed that Lady Death has a new series out (7 months deep, I realize that I'm a little late to the party here.) While the images on these covers are very nice and well illustrated, I can't help but notice that her chest has been greatly reduced since her inception in the early 90's. I remember the Steven Hughes version of the character being of outrageous proportions. 
If it seems like I'm complaining, I am! I like a woman with a heavy chest and it seemed like Chaos Comics of the era was the only publisher wiling to provide the shock value and buck the system with this character.  Attributes like this with unique proportions are the staple of the character, practically a trademark of their original design. Lady Death without the overabundance is like drawing The Thing without his rock tiles or Batman running abound in pink, it's just not done. 
I think that I started noticing her more average build when the Moore Action Collectables were being produced, in the later part of the 90's. I remember thinking then that these figures were awesome but they didn't have the killer instinct of the Hughes drawings that made the character so popular in those early years of her incarnation.
As I'm typing this, I had another recollection of J. Scott Campbell, having been asked to do some character designs of her ( link here) and while I love his art, this was a total miss with these samples I thought.  

So here's the question. . . . With Brian Pulido still at the helm of the character (He and Steven Hughes are co-creators fo the character), I have to wonder what the impetus was to change the character in this way? I always figured that for the action figure route, they wanted to make a more socially acceptable female form to attract potential customers that may not know anything about the character,would like the figure but might be turned off by her outrageous proportions. Is this the line of thinking that has Boundless Comics publishing a a bikini model as opposed to a character with a buxom presence.  Perhaps it's something that they're ashamed of?
I'm not sure that anyone cares about this sort of thing. It's certainly not everyone's cup of tea but I can't help but feel that this character was created for shock value and attention grabbing aesthetic and for more than a decade she's been lesser of a presence. Would Steve Hughes have approved of this look? Maybe he's the one who started it?

DC Relaunch: Title 53?

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Written by JOHNATHAN GEOFFRIES; Art and cover by LEE JAMES and WILLIAM SCOTT ; 1:25 Variant cover by SPARROW DAVID

Comics newcomers Johnathan Geoff  and Lee James make history! In a universe where super heroes are strange and new, Mr. Terrific has discovered a dark conspiracy that requires him to unite the World Greatest Heroes! 

DC Universe | 40pg. | Color | $3.99 US

On Sale September 28, 2011

Didio admits to DC's HUGE oversight:

DC's attempt to wow their patrons, and comic book newbies, in September of 2011 has the industry on the edge of their seats in anticipation for what's to come of the world's most iconic characters. Re-imaginings of pop-cultures greatest icons will hit the ground running with all new number 1 issues featuring new looks and new adventures with a contemporary flavor. 
This particular  taste may not be to everyone's liking as it appears that the comic community is divided on a multitude of issues from history of stories of tenured characters to the whereabouts of some of fan-domes most beloved heroes. The question that burning at the lips of  the loudest detractors is that of the Justice Society of America.  The long time companion title of the JLA has been sewn into the hearts of many DC readers over the years, to the point that the JSA (published in the early part of the century) outsold it's counterpart for consecutive months running before being relaunched in 2006, minus the acronym. With this kind of track record supporting the JSA title, in every incarnation, one would think that DC might want to have a powerhouse title of this nature solidifying its relaunch foundation,  alongside the JLA and peripheral solo titles. Yet DC has lead everyone to believe that this is not the case.
I met with and employee of the industry giant in an undisclosed location where the image above and the roster within was revealed to me and thusly  the world. This employee recounted details of top secret meetings where Didio and Johns would hash it out over the future of the title and their place in DC going forward. In the later part of 2010, Didio was adamant that the title and the characters should be placed in limbo while the JLA built it's prominence, with nothing to overshadow it. But now due to creative and public outcry, the upper tier was forced to reconsider the standing of this title and team.  
In a haphazard fashion the creative team of Johnathan Geoffries  and Lee James was assembled based on a 3 year old pitch from the unknowns at the behest of Geoff Johns himself, sighting the potential that he saw in the synopses to build great characters and adventures on. The work began and within a day of receiving the assignment the team had the roster and 2 years worth of plot lines to the DC leaders. This source says that when the creative team was asked about their choice of characters for this line-up, they said that their decision was based on internet feedback of the DC announcement and discussions on DC's impetus at their local comic shop, sighting that there were a lot of folks concerned about Power Girl, Captain Marvel and a multitude of other characters that have been nixed or diminished to a point of oblivion, or seemingly so.  
The roster has been seen before in the pages of the JSA minus the anomalous  additions of Mera and Sister Superior. This image carries a deafening  homage to Jim Lee's cover for JLA #1from layout to team roster. It's speculated that the creative team wanted to doppelganger the JLA roster for a proposed event in the summer of 2012. Crazier things have happened but this looks like it would be one hell of a fight, rivaling the great match-ups against the Crime Syndicate.

This source also mentions that, miraculous and surprising,  support of Didio and other figureheads have made this venture fluid though no official announcement has been made for the book. So this raises the question of will this book be published or is this just posturing by Didio and others to appease or quiet the outcry of fans and professionals alike? This was the major concern of my source, a comic fan who's intention to filter this to me was to get the public behind the project before it's snuffed out. 
Spread the word about this if you're a JSA fan,a DC fan, or just a comic fan. Regardless of your taste for this title or the state of this project, let your voice be heard and perhaps you can help make a difference in the future of DC's new era.
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