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I just wanted to say a quick thank you for visiting my Mini Bio and having interest in my art. I’ve built my site to have a place that is all about my love of comics and comic art! & I would love for you to join me there and share your thoughts, not just about my art but also about what ever is on your mind! I’ve set up a FORUMS where you can post about your interests or you can share your creations.

I'm open for Commissions

Also, if you’re interested in a COMMISSION or a CONVENTION BOOK feel free to dig in and get an original from me! Prices ans sizes vary from 11x17 to Sketch Cards and all images are cover quality and tailored to your specifications.

Commissions are very much welcome and are done on a first come/first serve basis. Please contact E.J. wsoblivion@yahoo.com to find out about commission rates and availability . . . to speed the process along, be as specific about your desired commission as possible – how many characters, background ideas, props, scene – that sort of thing. When you think that you have given enough, give more. Seriously. All that I ask is that you are specific as possible about the drawing you want.

Thanks again! – E.J.

Buy my Convention Book! Get a free Head Sketch!

The Convention Book is 36 black and white pages (including the cover ) for $10 and comes with an original, head shot, sketch on the back cover of your favorite Comic Book Hero or Villain to make each and every book unique! Sweet!

Here's an example of one of the head sketches that I've done. As mentioned before, these are done on the back cover of the convention book