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i'm a dude who plays video games, watch anime, and read books/manga!!!! i like wolverines, explosions, guns, and bladed weapons!!!! the kind of guns i prefer are Mk. 48, Mk. 46, HAMR, FN SCAR-H, FN SCAR-L, M27, Mk. 14, PDW-57, FN P90, KRISS Vektor, AKS 74u, Tac-12, SRM Model 1216, Remington 870 MCS, M1014, M32, Kap-40, HK USP, Five Seven, Rhino .357, DSR 50, Remington 700, and Remington 11 RSASS!!!! my preference of bladed weapons are claymores, double sided axes, stone hammers, and maces!!!! my favorite military vehicles are M1A1 Abrams Tank, Stryker ICV, Stryker MGS, M1117, MH-53 Pavelow, Osprey, DCS A10C Warthog, CH-47-2 Chinook, and Zodiac!!!!