"Nations of Nature"

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Tetra Gilcrest/Rose Evergarden (A work in progress, looking at you Scarlet)

Title: Forest Goddess, Supreme Ruler of Ephyra.
Title: Forest Goddess, Supreme Ruler of Ephyra.
Title: The Aramusha, Grand Champion of Ephyra.
Title: The Aramusha, Grand Champion of Ephyra.

Why two?

Tetra Gilcrest and Rose Evergarden are two aspects of the same side, Tetra Gilcrest is the original aspect a primordial forest spirit that ascended into godhood however a long time ago she was defeated by the mighty death Goddess Sithis so severe was this defeat that this caused a split in personality for the primordial spirit. As a result of the defeat Tetra Gilcrest would create a separate body for the fragmented personality of her mind, from then forth the vessel Rose Evergarden would be a pseudo Avatar of Tetra's that she could control. This allowed the original personality to keep its original form and the younger personality to be able to possess the newly created vessel but in the end they truly are the same being.


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At the dawn of life in this existence and only this one the Divinity Tree was born a tree that boasted infinite powers but only in "Small Bites" at a time. Upon the consumption of ONE of these divine golden apples the consumer would be granted vast otherworldly powers and even a degree of immortality but those who managed to discover the tree first were primordial spirits not truly living beings of flesh and blood but conscious entities of energy born from the creation of the universe, a pack of these primordial spirits would find the tree.