The Best - Hercules Comic Covers

These are my favorite/the best comic book covers featuring the Marvel Comics version of Hercules.

This variant cover, by Daniel Ancuna for "Incredible Hercules" #114, is the one that should actually be in the tenth (10) position on this list.

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This is the variant cover for "Incredible Hercules" #133. It has the Marvel 70th Anniversary celebration superheroes cover border (modeled after the 25th Anniversary border of 1986). On this cover Hercules' stance and smirk are priceless. This should be the 24th ranked cover on this list but I can't seem to add any new issues to this list since the site reboot.

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  • The strength of Hercules featured in such a classic manner and so prominently by Ed McGuiness. This cover is the best one featuring Hercules. Period.

  • Hercules and Thor battling in Olympus by John Buscema. Both heroes look great in their Bronze Age looks on this one. John Buscema is one of the all-time greats.

  • Hercules vs Thor! Olympus vs Asgard! Hercules and Thor facing off while leading their respective realms!

    Art by Jack Kirby. It's almost too much!

  • This is the first superhero team featuring Hercules. Artist Gil Kane did a great job on this one; Hercules is featured most prominently and looks absolutely great!

  • Hercules vs the Hulk. The first meeting and fight between Hercules and the Hulk. Hercules matching up against the Hulk in both size and strength by Jack Kirby and Bill Everett. It's a classic.

  • This cover shows Hercules rendered by perhaps the greatest Hercules artist ever: Bob Layton.

    Layton showcases his artistic talent and his love for the character of Hercules in this mini-series, specifically on this comic cover.

  • This comic was my introduction to Marvel's Hercules. George Perez's art is excellent on this cover, despite the fact that Hercules is getting punched! The cover takes me back to my youth and holds up over time, imo.

  • This is the actual first issue of Hercules first ever ongoing series.

    This cover is a homage to "Thor" #126 and it features Hercules grappling with Ares. Art by Arthur Adams.

  • Hercules vs Thor in what many consider Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's best "Thor" Story-arc. This is Jack Kirby's art (naturally) and this cover has been paid homage on several occasions.

  • Though the main cover by Arthur Adams is very good, it's actually the variant cover by Daniel Ancuna (which can be seen at the top of this list) that I place here. Hercules is seen with the other original members of the Champions, though it is he that is featured most prominently.

  • Hercules and other assorted immortals unite to form "The God Squad" with Herc as the leader. This cover looks really good and the story within the comic is just as good. Art by John Romita, Jr.

  • Hercules vs Ikaris! Two different kinds of Olympians, two different kinds of immortals and two Jack Kirby designed characters. Cool stuff. Art by John Romita, Jr.

  • Hercules in final battle against his deadliest enemy; Typhon!

    The other Avengers have fallen, yet Hercules battles on with the fate of the world at stake. This,sadly, is the final issue of Hercules first ongoing series. This cover is beautifully rendered by Alex Garner.

  • Hercules and Deadpool raising massive mugs of beer in apparent celebration of their defeat of their respective rivals; Thor and Wolverine. Art by Humberto Ramos.

  • Hercules matching strength with the Olympian Titan Atlas. The two rivals from ancient times battle in out in Washington, D.C. in this comic. Art by one of the best (the best in my opinion) Hercules artists ever; Bob Layton.

  • Hercules vs Thor, again! This cover features Hercules in his super-powerful, amped up, God of Gods sky-father form going up against his old friend and rival Thor in his modern, armored look. Art by Ed McGuinness.

  • This is Jack Kirby's only cover featuring Hercules as a solo hero.

    Kirby's distinctive style is obvious and Hercules looks great.

  • Hercules battling Namor the Sub-Mariner as depicted by John Buscema.

    This line-up of Avengers is very underrated. Hercules is featured as the top-level strongman on par with the Hulk during this run.

  • This homage, by Art Adams, to Jim Steranko's previous Hulk cover is truly awesome. It shows Hercules' strength as he takes over the Hulk's comic making it into "Incredible Hercules."

  • This is a one-on-one match-up type cover not often seen in comics anymore. Hercules fighting the Hulk is always an enticing premise and artist Gary Frank did a truly awesome job depicting both characters on this cover. It's also interesting to note that the size difference between Herc and Hulk isn't that much which is how it should be because Hercules is an extremely large man.

  • Hercules has seldom looked more menacing than he does here on this cover by Gabriel Hardman. His size and implied strength contrasts well with Spider-Man slightly in front of him. The story within was pretty good, too. Hercules actually feels jealous of Spider-Man and kicks his scrawny butt.

  • Hercules head-locking Thor in pitched battle! This Hercules vs Thor battle turns out to be one of their all-time greats. The cover is by Scott Kolins and he is also did the interior art, too.

  • This cover features art by Ariel Olivetti whom renders Hercules in a muscular, powerful way befitting the Prince of Power. Olivetti also does an excellent job of rendering Hercules for the interior art, too, and would be well suited for regular work depicting Hercules.


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Epic Herc covers. I like :)
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@TheGoldenOne said:

Epic Herc covers. I like :)

Thanks for commenting, friend.

I appreciate that you took the time to look this list over and that you liked it.

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@PowerHerc: No problem. It's an awesome list :)
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Those are some epic covers! I love the comparison between "Whom the Gods would destroy" and "Incredible Hercules: Part 2".

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@Deranged Midget: I agree. Art Adams did a great homage to Jack Kirby.

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Hercules is underrated

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@Icon said:

Hercules is underrated

Aye! Verily!

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Awesome list this is just re-ignited my urge to read more Hercules!

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