The Avengers - My Ideal Roster

These are the characters I like the most as Avengers and would have on my team/squad of Avengers.

List items

  • The Sentinel of Liberty, Living Legend of World War II and the ultimate fighting machine. Captain America is America's super-soldier. He's the inspiration for the common man. He's the hero the other heroes look up to. He's the greatest leader the Avengers have ever had. He always tries to do what is right and just, and he'll never give up.

  • Iron Man: Founding member and financier or Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Without Iron Man's personal fortune, genius intellect, political accumen and keen understanding of the future the Avengers' very existence would've been quite short-lived.

  • Thor: Asgardian God of Thunder, Son of Odin and Marvel's most powerful superhero. Thor, due to his step-brother Loki, is the hero most responsible for the founding of the Avengers.

  • Earth's scientist supreme, Hank Pym has had more monikers than any other member of the Avengers as well as more personal failings. Despite this he has managed to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-wife (the Wasp) and most of his teammates.

  • Millionaire heiress who can shrink down to the size of an insect. The Wasp is one of the founding members of the Avengers and one of the most beloved.

  • Weapons and combat master specializing in archery, Hawkeye is a reformed criminal who has become one of the longest serving and most dedicated Avengers ever.

  • The daughter of Magneto and twin sister of Quicksilver, Wanda Maximoff has made a mark in the world at least as significant as either of them. She uses her mutant hex powers and chaos magic to accomplish practically anything conceivable. With this power she is easily one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe.

  • Originally created by Ultron as a weapon to destroy the Avengers, the synthesoid known as the Vision instead turned against his creator and became one of the longest serving and most stalwart members the Avengers have ever had.

  • A being of pure ionic energy; Wonder Man is a super-strong, indestructible force for good.

  • Feminist super-woman who takes a back-seat to nobody, Ms. Marvel is the perfect combination of physical abilities and energy power.

  • Former Soviet spy and SHIELD agent, Natalia Romanova is a human weapon whose skill is matched only by her perfect physique and stunning beauty.

  • The Lion of Olympus, Prince of Power and Olympian God of Strength; Hercules is the original superhero, ladies man and roustabout. His strength, toughness, prowess and charisma are a rare combination, indeed.

  • Beautiful, saucy and smart, Sersi is an immortal Eternal and the greatest practicioner of molecular rearrangement amongst her people.

  • Champion of Avalon, master swordsman and wielder of swords including the Ebony Blade; Dane Whitman is the modern-day Black Knight.

  • Super-agile, super-flexible and super-strong mutant super-genius.

  • Ferocious were-cat.

  • Underrated Cajun mistress of the electromagnetic spectrum

  • The Protector of the Universe.

  • The original: Mar-Vell.

  • Marvel super-man and part-time nut-case.

  • Pheromone emitting costumed spy.

  • Gamma-powered strong-woman with a hearty lust for life.

  • Inhuman elemental beauty who has attracted many Marvel men and whose true power is underrated.

  • Mutant son of Magneto and Marvel's preeminent speedster.

  • Eric Masterson.

    The one-time Thor replacement who died too soon.

  • Marvel's Superman.

    I'm glad he's an Avenger in the 616 and he's on my all-time squad, too.