My Earliest Comic Books

These comics were the first ones I ever read, received, bought or found when I was a kid.

They (along with certain other Saturday morning cartoons and other liscensed products) are what started my life-long love of Comic Books and Super-heroes.

They provided the foundation and some of the fuel that still keeps my passion burning hot and bright.

List items

  • Low on action, as a lot of Superman comics were (and still are), but a good story with typically good realistic-style artwork.

  • The Black Knight, now made of stone, returns to the Avengers and kicks everyone of their asses until the Vision shows up. Very good action, with a nice aside between the Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man depicting the budding of feelings for each other that wouldn't actually be allowed to flourish until almost 25 years later.

  • Wonder Man vs the Vision. This match-up was a no-brainer. It's surprising this hasn't been done a few more times since.

  • Gorgeous George Perez art and great action with a cliffhanger ending that left me craving more. God I loved this comic!

  • Hercules vs Iron Man! One of (maybe even the first) my first exposures to the Marvel Hercules. A truly awesome George Perez cover with great interior art by the very underrated George Tuska. A great battle with the power of Hercules getting it's proper respect. This was truly awesome!

  • The cover alone makes this one great; Hercules never looked stronger! The Black Widow never looked sexier or more beautiful! This issue continued the Korvac story-arc with the Avengers upping the ante by calling in their reserves all while members everywhere are abducted one by one. Plus Hercules gives Natasha some profound advice, the reader some insight into his psyche and one of his best quotes ever when he expounds upon his philosophy about life. Good stuff!

  • The conclusion to the 'Korvac Saga!' This was the pay-off issue of a long-running plot and it didn't disappoint! It was awesome! It was epic! And it was both of those adjectives long before either was in vogue. It's too bad today's big-event/crossovers can't do it like this one did.

  • This was my introduction to Thor and it couldn't have come at a worse moment. Thor, with several of his Asgardian friends, was on a mission to rescue Odin (who'd been abducted during the 'Odin-sleep'). This entire issue occured without any non-Thor cahracters and without the typical/familiar backdrop of the Marvel Universe. It was very confusing. Looking back; it's amazing Thor went on to become one of my favorite characters.

  • More Thor confusion at the time, but it would soon make sense!

  • This is the issue that made Thor one of my all-time favorites. This issue wrapped up the 'Celestial Saga' which was every it as cool, epic and awesome as the 'Korvac Saga.'

  • This was a really good issue; story, art, anb action-wise. Ironically, in today's hyper-sensitive politically correct atmosphere, it probably wouldn't have been made.

  • Even though this one left me hanging, I still loved it. The Thing's never-say-die toughguy persona comes through as good or better than ever here! Jack Kirby never rendered Ben any better, either.

  • In this one: The Thing's not taking any shit from anyone anymore! Good for him. Lots of action and excitement with a great tease for the mext issue.

  • I was so excited when this comic came out. I couldn't believe Hercules was getting his own Mini-series. Bob Layton wrote and drew this comic (and the other three issues, too) and really solidified Herc's charm and likeability.

  • This issue featured a battle royal between Hercules and his father Zeus to wrap up this 2nd Hercules mini-series. The characterization, the action and the art were all top notch. Writer and artist Bob Layton really did a great job on this issue. Herc really comes off as a wiser god who is finally worthy to carry on the Olympian race.

  • This issue reprinted a classic battle between the Thing and the Hulk that had occurred over ten years earlier, but too me it was brand new! This is arguably the quintessential "Hulk vs Thing" battle. It was great in every respect; story, art, characterization and action. I want to read it again right now!

  • Just looking at this cover you know; Cap's in deep shit! He's equal to the challenge, though. This one is all Kirby-style action and excitement. This is the one that cemented Cap as one of my all-time favorites. Loved it.

  • This one has a story and pace that could/should be used as a alternative for many of today's angst-ridden, hand-wringing soap opera-style comics. Sadly; they don't make 'em like this anymore and we're all poorer for it.

  • Ultron's weapon; 'The Vision' proves himself to the Avengers. Good stuff.

  • The Avengers take on Marvel's pastiche characters for DC's Justice League of America. The match-up's are intriguing and exciting.

  • The Avengers vs the Invaders.

    Cap originally had a different shield? And it wasn't round?


  • Here was Marvel at their 70's best.

  • Great art, great characterization and a great fight! What more could a Hulk-fan want?

  • Superman had a twin brother! WTF?!? That story and the art from the Black Canary story made and still make this issue worth having.

  • Talk about jumping right into something without any frame of reference! Still, this comic was cool and gave me a life-long interest in the New Gods.

  • Spidey and Falcon had to save Cap!

    I was worried, but for nothing; they did indeed save Cap.

  • The first time I read a solo Silver Surfer story. The art was good, the story so-so, but all-in-all this one was worth the 75 cents I paid.

  • Gorgeous art. A little light on the action, but absolutely gorgeous art.

    So much different than most of what I'd seen or was used to. Hell, Flash and Dale from the cover almost looked real!

  • Reprint or not, this issue rocked! It was muscle against muscle in this one. I remember getting this one shortly after I got a Mego Pocket Heroes Hulk action figure (the ones that were about 3 inches tall and came with the little organge 'rock-textured' stand).

  • This reprint of Doc Samson's first appearance was also my introduction to the character. As lame or cheesy as some people think he was/is; I've always liked him and his classic costume.

  • I got this one in a comic three-pack and truly enjoyed it. Who would've ever guessed back then this one would lead to "Identity Crisis" 30 years later? I wouldn't have. But thinking about it now; I'm glad I had this one back then, considering it's obscurity and the importance it would take on decades later.

  • Charma made all the guys stand still while Grimbor chained them up. I couldn't understand why Superboy and the guys would just stand there and let this happen. You see, back then, girls had cooties.

  • Very cool series closely based on the ancient Greek Hero. Not as cool as the Marvel version, but still very entertaining.

  • Hercules wrestles and defeats Death itself!

  • this comic is very good, but I loved it for the cover alone. Great compostion and illustration.

  • The cover made me think this would be one of their classic slugfests (which I love, btw); it wasn't. I loved it anyway.

  • One of the rare issue #1's I was able to buy as a youth (this was before Marvel and DC constantly rebooted every title every-so-often to create a false sense of collectibility through re-numbering).

  • Great issue and one of my all-time favorite covers, too!

    Acroyear rocks!

  • Seeing the Thing fight Acroyer makes this worthwhile.

  • Arkon kidnaps Storm. The Badoon Monster.

    The Thing arm-wrestles Colossus.

    Good entertainment.

  • The second Galactus 'saga.' I liked it.

    This cover sports one of the finest renditions of the Thing ever, imo. He looks powerful, rocky and cool!

  • This is the quintessential "Hercules vs Thor" story. Hercules definitively beat Thor in the story-arc reprinted here. I'm lucky Marvel reprinted it in this over-sized volume, or I might have missed it until I grew up and was able to seek out the original comic (like I did anyway. lol).

  • This is like the Hulk's greatest hits/battles.

    In it he fights the Thing, Hercules, the Sub-Mariner and more.

    For pure comic action this is almost impossible to beat.

  • This is easily one of the greatest books I ever bought. I made me happier than I can even say.

  • One of Kirby's many concepts during his final Marvel run. It's not the best comic ever (putting it mildly) but I still liked it a lot.

  • This comic should be the one that defines what the Silver Surfer is capable of. He's very powerful, but he is far from invincible. Ben kicks his ass in this issue. Isn't that something?!? Ben Grimm, aka "The Thing" kicks the Silver Surfer's ass in this comic. This is how Ben should still be used and perceived.

  • This is the first back-issue I ever bought (at a comic shop while visiting relatives in Lansing). Classic Lee and Kirby stuff! I can still remember how it smelled when I took it out of its bag. The story was really good and is arguably/most likely the comic the second FF movie is based on.

  • I remember buying this one at the school carnival. The cover alone makes this one great.

  • I remember reading this issue about a dozen times in the hospital lobby the day my little sister was born (10-9-77).

  • The cover of this issue is actually much better than the story. I tried to draw it about two dozen times.

  • Lame villain and Iron Man using built-in rollerskates or not; I really enjoyed this comic.

  • Loved the TV show - loved the comic adaption!

  • Han Solo (the coolest Star Wars character) featured in a comic book? Hell Yeah!!!!

  • The final chapter to a three-issue story-arc. Han shows a female space-pirate named Jolly his nice-guy side to contrast his scoundrel persona. It's good.

  • My best friend (at the time) got me to read this one when we were in 6th grade. He told me how good it was and how cool the X-Men were. He was right about both.

  • Part two didn't dissappoint. This is one of the milestone stories in X-Men lore.

  • This is the first comic where heroes were placed in "Strength categories." This issue lead directly to the creation of the OHOTMU, imo.

  • The cover had the most interesting match-up ever; Superman vs Captain Marvel!

    Sadly, there was no fight between the "Man of Steel" and the "World's Mightiest Mortal." But turned out the story had a huge ensemble cast from at least three different alternate Earths. That's what saved this issue, because the cover just might be the biggest case of false advertising ever!

  • I loved this comic, though I had no idea how to pronounce the word "Tsar" until much, much later.

  • This one made me find out what the ozone layer was and what it did.

    It also, due to an ad inside, started a burning desire for Mego action figures.

  • I couldn't believe Superman could lose a fight a woman, but he did!

    This is one that was 'to-be-continued' and to this day I've never read the next part. I really must change that.

  • I know it was a marketing ploy planned to coincide with the toy's release (incidentally; that sort of thing was no where near as common or saturating as it is today), but I got the "Supermobile" toy car made by Corgi around the same time this came out. It was simultaneously cheesy and cool. I loved it.

  • I was shocked that Superman was getting married and didn't figure out that it was actually the Earth-2 Superman who was taking his wedding vows until later, despite the fact that Clark worked at the Daily Star and other clues. Just seeing this cover takes me back to my Grandparents kitchen table where I first read this one.

  • This one was chock full of action! Cap had to sneak onto a flight of criminals by posing as one. Once he learned enough about Dr. Faustus' plan; all hell broke lose. This issue also happens to be the firswt appearance of Karla Sofen who went on to become "Moonstone."

  • The Thing vs Power Man!!! Holy Shit!!! What a battle!

    Ben Grimm has lost his powers and must use a special 'Thing" suit made by mr. Fantastic to rejoin the team and fight Power Man, who is being controlled by the Puppet Master. The art of George Perez was absolutely great and it hold up right til today. His rendition of the Thing in this comic is still the best ever, imo.

  • It was this issue that started my love of Thundra and Tigra. It also started my annoyance with the Impossible Man.

  • This one really showed each member of the FF's personality, plus it had a lot of action. Too bad it was a cliffhanger that left me hanging for nearly 30 years.

    I remember reading this one several times on one long drive that my family went on together. We ate supper at an American Legion Post about an hour from home that night. I can still see the entire hall as I pretended I was the Thing.