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My All-time, Over-all, COMBINED Favorite Heroic Comic Characters

My favorite Heroic Characters from comics created by anyone, in any era, and published by any and all companies.

List items

  • History's original strongman & superhero.

    The best version of Hercules - Easily and by far.

  • The first ever non-heroic looking superhero and Marvel's original tough-guy.

  • The first and still the greatest superhero.

  • The ultimate patriotic superhero.

    The ultimate fighting machine.

    The ultimate leader.

  • The first superhero based on an actual god.

  • The original and true Captain Marvel.

  • Before Han Solo. Before Luke Skywalker. Before Adam Strange. Before Captain James T. Kirk. Before all these, and other sci-fi icons, there was Flash Gordon! He's the best of the bunch!

  • The Toughest of the Tough. Possibly the most universally accepted as being "cool" fictional character of all-time!

  • The best cartoon/toy-based character ever. Also the first Super-strong hero to actually have a powerfully depicted physique in both his cartoon series and his action figure.

  • Marvel's supers-strong, super-tough, super-sized and super-brassy heroine inspired by the women's lib movement of the early 70's. Thundra was hot and she loved the Thing, so I loved her. I still do.

  • Big and Beautiful, Barda might strike some people as a poor-man's Wonder Woman but to me she's DC's best heroine.

  • Phoenix. Jean became Phoenix. Phoenix is Jean. As Phoenix, Jean, imo, became the most powerful female character in the history of comicbooks. Marvel shouldn't have ever killed her off. Phoenix lives! That's how it should have been. That's how I'd have left it.

  • The most recognized and popular super-heroine ever. To many she's a cliche but Wonder Woman doesn't lack for fans or their affection. She's has me as a fan and she has my affection.

  • Marvel's first and best answer to "Superman." Hyperion is a powerhouse on par with the Hulk, Hercules, Thor and Gladiator in terms of strength and durability.

  • Strongest and coolest looking of the Micronauts.

    This character has a lot of unrealized potential.

  • Beautiful and immortal, Jeannie has the ability to do almost anything her "Master" desires. All she needs is me to be her Master.

  • The best archer in fiction.

    Better than Hawkeye. Better than Robin Hood. Better than Yondu. Better than anyone.

  • Robotman is a tragic hero similar to Marvel's Thing but taken a step further because he has no hope of ever being human again. Because of his situation, Robotman is even tougher mentally than his metal body is .

  • The scoundrel smuggler from the "Star Wars" franchise, Han is a combination pirate and anti-hero cowboy. Easily the coolest Star Wars good guy.

  • The hottest looking lady of the golden age, even hotter than Black Canary.

    One of the best costumes, too.

  • Colonel Steve Austin.

    The Six Million Dollar Man.

  • The original Western anti-hero brought to life on the big screen by Clint Eastwood. This character is the epitome of cool and badass in any era.

  • Rapture. Her name, when considering her looks, makes the mind wander.

  • Ranger and Rhodes scholar; Tough and smart. Flint can beat your ass in a fight or a debate.