Homages to Thor #126

This is the variant cover for Avengers #5 (number eight on this list).

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This is the cover to "Thor" #126 by Jack Kirby. This is the issue in which "Journey into Mystery" switched to "Thor."

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This one is fan art depicting Marvel Hercules squaring off with Charlton Hercules on a Charlton-style cover.

Hercules - Marvel vs Disney
Hercules - Marvel vs Disney

Though this image isn't on a cover, it's still an obvious homage to "Thor" #126.

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Another non-cover homage here. This one features Thor vs Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer.

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This is a homage using the "Marvel Universe" line of action figures.

List items

  • Thor #126. The first issue named "Thor." This cover is by Jack Kirby.

    This comic has an all-out action packed battle between Thor and Hercules.

  • Thor #338. It's Thor vs Beta Ray Bill by Walt Simonson early in his epic run on "Thor."

  • Thor #413. This one's by Ron Frenz done in the style of Jack Kirby. I almost didn't pick this one because the pose wasn't exact, but I decided it's close enough.

  • Thor #449. Another cover by Ron Frenz in the style of Jack Kirby. This one features Thor vs the Juggernaut. Pretty hard to beat that.

  • Thor #458. Yet another by Ron Frenz mimicing Jack Kirby. The Eric Masterson substitute-version of Thor grapples with the original on this cover.

  • Jack Kirby's Fourth World #2. This cover is by Walt Simonson and in an awesome twist; features the DC Comics version of Thor battling Big Barda of the New Gods.

  • Incredible Hercules #113. In keeping with the tradition of 'Journey into Mystery" becoming "Thor" but continuing the same numbering, this is the first issue of "Incredible Hercules" continuing the numbering of 'Incredible Hulk." This cover is by Arthur Adams and features Hercules fighting his brother Ares.

  • Avengers #5. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the right cover to show up in the thumbnail on this list, so I posted it's image at the top of this list. The hommage cover is of the Superhero Squad versions of Thor and Hercules who are in the same positions as they were in "Thor" #126. Click the title to see the variant cover on the review page for this issue.

  • Thunderstrike #10. Eric Masterson/Thunderstrike meets the real Thor in battle on this cover. Good stuff!

  • This cover features Hercules' young protege standing in for Hercules as the new "Prince of Power>"