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Favorite Marvel Heroes - Male

Of all the Heroes in the Marvel Universe, these are the ones I like most.

Below are my Hard Hero Statues of my top four Favorite Male Marvels (pictured with Jean & Emma).

Hard Hero Statues of my four favorite Marvel Heroes
Hard Hero Statues of my four favorite Marvel Heroes

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  • Prince of Power, Lion of Olympus, God of Strength, Champion of the Gods and Son of Zeus. Born to protect and defend both the gods and mankind, Hercules is one of the mightiest warriors, greatest ladies men and strongest beings in the Marvel Universe. He's always ready to give and receive the "Gift of Battle."

  • Ben Grimm is the "Idol of Millions" and strongest member of the Fantastic Four. Before Wolverine or the Punisher the Thing was Marvel's original tough guy and one of the most original superheroes ever. Ben Grimm is the quintessential hard-ass with a heart of gold.

  • Sentinel of Liberty, star-spangled Avenger, super-soldier, embodiment of the American Dream, Living Legend of World War II and the pinnacle of human physical potential. Steve Rogers is the best fighter, best leader and most respected hero in the Marvel Universe. Captain America is the superhero standard for morality, perseverance and courage in the Marvel Universe.

  • God of Thunder, Scion of Asgard, Lord of the living lightning, Son of Odin and wielder of Mjolnir. The all-around mightiest hero in the Marvel Universe. Thor is the epitome of honor and nobility.

  • Super-man of the Squadron Supreme (Earth-712). One of the physically most powerful heroes in the Marvel Multi-verse, Mark Milton is thought to be the last of his Earth's Eternals.

  • Savior of Worlds and Champion of Life. Created to be the perfect being. Cosmic-powered, enigmatic hero of unparalleled wisdom.

  • Centurion Prime of the Xandarian Nova Corps. American youth empowered with the Nova-force by the Xandarian Worldmind, Richard Rider has become the greatest of the Nova Corps and a cosmic hero.

  • Exemplar of Cyttorak. Empowered by the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, Cain Marko is an unstoppable, invulnerable force of destruction who seeks to redeem himself through heroism.

  • The Golden Guardian of Good charged with the power of a million exploding suns. Robert Reynolds is one of the world's most powerful (and potentially) most dangerous heroes.

  • Former Praetor of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and current Emperor of the Shi'ar Empire, Kallark is super-man and champion for countless races from untold worlds.

  • Imperius Rex, Prince of Atlantis, Lord of the Seas and avenging son; Namor is the half-human/half-Atlantean ruler of the seas and one of the original heroes of the Marvel Universe.

  • Golden Avenger, futurist, Billionaire, genius, inventor, industrialist and playboy. Tony Stark is the mind and money behind the Avengers.

  • Silent Kind, Monarch of Atillan, Ruler of the Inhumans and emperor of the Kree. Black Bolt is the most powerful member of the Inhuman Royal Family whose sonic voice can shatter mountains.

  • The Flyer, Son of Virako and Champion of Polaria. Ikaris is one of the most powerful members of the immortal race of Eternals.

  • True tough-guy and hard-bitten soldier. Leader of the Howling Commandos during World War II and S.H.I.E.L.D. during the Cold War and beyond. Highly respected no-nonsense covert operations, espionage and combat expert.

  • The Living Weapon. Champion of K'un-L'un. Slayer of Shao Lao, the Undying. Daniel Rand is the possessor of the immortal power of the Iron Fist and is the finest martial artist in the Marvel Universe.

  • Jade Giant, Green Goliath, unstoppable engine of destruction and "strongest one there is!" Whenever Bruce Banner becomes angry or stressed enough, he becomes the gamma-charged, anger fueled and green-skinned Hulk.

  • Sentinel of the spaceways. Once and current Herald of Galactus. To save his planet and people from destruction, Norrin Radd was empowered by and enlisted into servitude by Galactus becoming a cosmic-powered universal hero of awesome might tempered by altruistic conscience.

  • The Black Knight, master swordsman, Champion of Avalon and avatar of the Celtic Gods. Descended from Sir Percival, the original Black Knight of legend, Dane Whitman has been empowered by the Lady of the Lake whom upon him the Sword of Light and Shield of Night. Dane's former weapon of choice was the Ebony Blade.

  • Gigantic super-strong Russian mutant man of steel.

  • Gamma-immbued psychiatrist with strength and durability equal to a "calm" Hulk.

  • Son of Corsair, brother to Cyclops and Vulcan and leader of the Starjammers. Alex Summers is a mutant with the ability to discharge incredibly powerful plasma blasts.

  • One-time Thor-substitute, Eric Masterson proved himself a hero in his own right and was given the Asgard-forged Uru mace; Thunderstrike to continue fighting the forces of evil with his own Asgard-derived might.

  • Simon Williams was a ruined industrial rival of Tony Stark who was transformed into a man of pure iconic energy by Baron Zemo. Wonder Man has a multitude of powers including super-strength, super-speed, flight and seeming immortality.

  • Blue-furred mutant genius. One of the original X-Men and a stalwart member of the Avengers, Hank McCoy has unparalleled agility and flexibility as well as a measure of super-strength and durability. Hank is also one of the wittiest superheroes.

  • Champion and Defender of England and the entire United kingdom. Iconic Patriotic symbol and hero. Joey Chapman holds the mantle of and carries on the tradition of Union Jack; British super-soldier.

  • Champion of Otherworld. Brother of Psylocke. Brian Braddock is Great Britains foremost hero. He leads the superhero team EXcaliber.

  • Highly decorated war hero turned rabidly vicious vigilante who seeks to punish those who evade or corrupt a weak and ineffective criminal justice system. He is scarred and motivated by the bloody murder of his wife and children after witnessing a mob hit.

  • Half-human son of a demon. Master of dark mystical arts and magic.

  • The 1950's Bucky who later became Nomad.

  • Kree warrior and Protector of the Universe. Imbued with 'cosmic awareness' by the cosmic entity Eon, Mar-Vell is a true champion of what is right.

  • A handicapped (blind) Irish-American son of a boxer from Hell's Kitchen who rose above his limitations to become a protector of the poor and innocent against criminal predators infesting the mean streets of New York City.

  • One of my favorite X-Men characters and one of the fart to few Native American superheroes.

  • Even though he's been vastly overused and, in some cases sorely misused, Wolverine was once and will again be one of the all-time great superhero comic characters.

  • Exiles version. Tougher than anyone would expect but still a nice guy.

  • "The Hound of Chulain." Cuchulain is the mightiest warrior of the Celtic/Irish Gods and is perhaps the most skilled fighter in all of mythology. He wields "Slaughter"; the Spear of Chulain which, when held, arouses so much anger in it's possessor that only blood can sate it's fury.

  • Gigantic Celtic Thunder-god, strongman and native of Avalon who counts both Hercules and Thor amongst his friends.

  • The Thunderer. Mightiest warrior of K'un-Lun.

    Lei Kung is the immortal master and mentor of many men who've wielded the Heart of the Dragon; the Iron Fist. He is also the father of the Steel Serpent.

  • Possessor of the Phoenix-Force in the 31st century.

  • The ultimate member of the X-Men? Perhaps.

  • Lord of Olympus. Sky-father of the Olympian Gods. Zeus is one of the mightiest and most powerful beings in the universe. His power is matched only by his passion and his wrath. Zeus is the father of Hercules and Ares.

  • All-father of Asgard. Ruler of the Asgardian Gods. Odin possesses power that rivals some of the most powerful beings in the universe including Zeus and Galactus. Odin is the father of Thor and the adopted father of Loki.

  • Leader (Prime-Eternal) and most powerful of Earth's Eternals; Zuras is the son of Chronous, brother of Alars (Mentor) and father of Thena.

  • The mutant son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. Franklin is possibly the most powerful mutant ever; he has the power to alter reality putting him on the same level of power as the mightiest cosmic and abstract beings in the Marvel Universe.

  • The best character from the failed 'New Universe' line Jim Shooter launched in the late 1980's. Average earth-man turned cosmic powerhouse.

  • The original Micronaut whose over 1,000 years of existence have taught him patience while giving him perspective.

  • Age of Apocalypse version. What Magneto might have been if things had been different; a wise and revered hero, leader and icon to mutantkind.

  • Age of Apocalypse/Exiles version. This one is cool. Kind of like Wolverine without the muddled history and overexposure.

  • Son of Hercules whose strength nearly matches that of his father.

  • Son of Thor and the Asgardian God of Strength.

  • The father of Ikaris and presumably a Polar Eternal. He battled Deviant Mutates alongside Thor and Ajak centuries past and laid down his life to save his allies. As is common with Eternals, he has come back to life, though many centuries later.

  • The diminutive Latino son of Hercules who sought a father he thought had abandoned him only to find him a broken-willed basket-case.

  • The son of Thor and Amora in an alternate universe based on a different ending to the original Secret War. He aspires to be worthy of Mjolnir, much like his father once did.

  • Captain America's youthful partner during World War II. Soviet spook and assassin during the Cold War and beyond. Now filling the role of his oldest and dearest friend, he is the new Captain America.

  • Cain Marko's young son who has taken his father's mantle as the avatar of Cytorrak but uses it only for good as a member of the Avengers Next.

  • Son of Eric Masterson, the original Thunderstrike, who inherited his father's Odin-given weapon and power.

  • Mutant strong-man with a rock-n-roll name from the X-Men 2099 future.

  • Millenia-old immortal monster-hunter and advanturer.

  • Half-American/Half-Vietnamese powerhouse who sought vengeance for his father.

  • Prince of his realm and Strongest of the Micronauts.

  • The original Union Jack. Great Britain's hero of World War I.

  • Worthy to be, and thus, the Mjolnir-wielder of the future.

  • Invulnerable grandson of Hercules.

  • Super-fast grandson of Hercules.