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Favorite Marvel Heroes - Female

No matter how well known, popular or powerful they are or aren't, these are the heroic ladies of the Marvel Universe I like the most.

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  • Super-strong, super-tall, super-tough and super-sexy Femizon Queen. Thundra was formerly Marvel strongest superheroine. She still should be. I liked watching her 'romantic' pursuit of the Thing back in the 70's and would love to see a lot more of her presently.

  • The ageless Eternal beauty, Sersi is probably the second (behind Zuras) most powerful member of the entire Eternal race.

    Sersi is a unique, rare and welcome combination of beauty, power and party attitude. One of Jack Kirby's finest and most unappreciated creations.

  • Ms.Marvel is the absolutely smokin' hot feminist powerhouse whom, after roughly two decades of leaving her on the back-burner, Marvel has groomed and promoted as their premier superheroine. Maybe she is.

  • I've loved her ever since she and Herc were dating and helped the Avengers fight Korvac. What a combination of beauty, grace and skill. Despite the fact that she has no powers, she always has a handle on every situation because of her steely calm and cool. I've always liked the sleek, simple design of her costume.

  • When I first saw Jean she was "Phoenix." She showed a level of power that seemed to surpass even Thor, Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange and Adam Warlock. I was so intrigued. I still like her best as Phoenix and still think of her as such. It's too bad Marvel won't quit messing with her and just leave her alive.

  • Golden-hued cosmically powered heroine on par with Adam Warlock.

    I didn't like her as "Her", but she won me over as a recurring character in "Quasar" during the 90's.

  • I've liked Tigra since she was hanging out with the Fantastic Four in the late 1970's and I'm really pleased she went on to teach alongside Hercules at the Avengers Academy. She's a feline flirt who once even came on to the Thing. She's so sexy, so sensuous and so cool.

  • I loved her in the "New Warriors" during the early 90's and I miss her since Marvel treated her as a disposable character in "Civil War." I'm glad to see her back from the dead as a temporal anomally and reunited with Nova facing all the cosmic menaces and threats.

  • The most dangerous woman in the galaxy and also one of the most exotic. Gamora was raised by Thanos and has been the lover of Adam Warlock. She's a helluva woman. She's hard to beat.

  • The way Alan Davis drew her made her almost irresistible. She's also one of the sweetest and easiest characters to like that I've ever seen in comics.

  • I've liked her since the beginning of the Korvac saga and, even though they've messed-up her head over the years, I'm glad she's become so powerful over the years. Wanda is one of the best heroines ever. Always will be, too.

  • Is she a heroine? She is to me. Love her.

  • The Wasp started out as the comedy relief female sidekick to the Ant-Man who went on to surpass her former mentor in every way that mattered, including popularity with fans and respect of her peers. There was a time I didn't like her, but she not only won me over; she became one of my favorites. Who woulda thunk?

  • Sue Richards is arguably Marvel's First Lady of superheroes. I liked her a lot more when I was a kid, but she's still one of the best and always will be.

  • Marionette is the graceful but deadly beauty of the Micronauts. The way Michael Golden drew her back in the early 80's was ahead of it's time.

  • Satana is a sexy, sultry, scary succubus. This self-styled devil's daughter is dangerous but worth the risk.

  • Dracula's daughter. Dark and undead. Lilith is as powerful and deadly as she is beautiful.

  • The seemingly innocent member of Royal Family of the Inhumans, Crystal is an elemental powerhouse who is as beautiful as she is powerful.

  • The Marvel Universe version of Wonder Woman with a variation of Big Barda's name; Zarda. She's big, bad and bodacious. She's also very underrated.

  • Native American magic-user from the Great White North.

  • A minor immortal (a siren) who earned the name "Venus" from the real Venus Goddess of Love herself, Venus is the epitome of love, beauty and kindness.

  • A southern belle mutant whose power to absorb the powers, abilities and memories of anyone she physically touches makes her a physical powerhouse. Unfortunately, Rogue's power is also her curse because she can't turn her power on and off; it's always on.

  • Roma is the daughter of Merlyn and ruler of the magical, extra-dimensional realm known as Otherworld. She is Captain Britain's guardian angel and confidant.

  • Brunhilde is an Asgardian goddess, leader and greatest of the Valkyrior, who carries on her warrior's life as an Earth-based superhero. She is armed with the fabled sword called; Dragonfang.

  • Sharon Carter is SHIELD Agent #13 and long-time love interest of Captain America.

  • So beautiful and so lithe.

  • Tough, smart, exotic and unique.

    I only wish she was consistently depicted thick.

  • If she really is a heroine.

  • I should have ranked her a lot higher.

  • The extremely alluring Titan-Eternal woman whose very name elicits thoughts of heaven itself, Elysius was the lover of Mar-Vell and is the mother of Genis and Phyla.

  • The Super-strong granddaughter of Hercules. Juno inherited her grandfather's strength and learned courage from his many examples and, eventually, his ultimate sacrifice. Juno became a Herald of Galactus to protect living creatures from the Devourer of World's.