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@Vance Astro: 
Herc is a full god.  He earned it in ancient Greece.  This has been stated in Herc's bios and most recently in The Incredible Hercules series.  His mortal life ended and died and his immortal side was raised up to Olympus where Zeus made him a true god.
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Sure, it's possible that Red Hulk could beat Hercules.  He fights dirty.  He's meaner than almost any other Marvel villain.  Hercules is definately stronger than Red Hulk.  Hercules is the best H2H fighter of  the top tier Marvel heroes and villains.  Hercules is not reliant on a weapon in battle.  Red Hulk defeated the angry-child Hulk, hardly a skilled or cunning combatant.  Red Hulk used his cunning to turn Thor's hammer to his advantage.  Hercules use of his strength (2nd only to an off-the charts enraged Hulk, maybe), durability, fighting prowess (including the use of brutal pankration techniques he developed and perfected in ancient Greece and since), as well as his experience, self-confidence and lack of need for a weapon would give him enough advantages to thouroughly and utterly defeat the Red Hulk.  The Red Hulk is a brand new character.  He's been given some favorable outcomes in his battles so far to make him a more imposing and intimidating foe, as well as to make more readers want to see who he really is and what he's all about.  He's the flavor of the month and in an effort to make him popular and compelling to the fans, Marvel has let him do some shocking things.  In an fight scenario taking into account both Herc's and Rulk's sum total of power, experience, skill set and resolve Hercules is clearly superior to the Red Hulk and would emerge victorious.  Red Hulk would have to be satisfied with the honor of receiving the " Gift " and of having been defeated by the mightiest of all . . . Hercules the world's mighties immortal! 
Incidently, for those not familiar with Hercules in the Marvel universe, the "Gift" is the gift of battle.  In Herc's mind this is the greatest thing a man can give to another .  You can check this out in Avengers Vol. 1 #211 and both Hercules: Prince of Power mini-series from the 80's ( both recently collected in HC editions).   
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Absolute unstoppable physically strongest being in  any universe, not to mention his other abilities typical of a Herald of Galactus.  Galactus would probably have to give Herc a lot of time off between finding suitable-for-consumption-planets so he could party and romance so many ladies it would put Captain Kirk to shame.  Nobody short of a very high-level cosmic entity would be able to give Herc any challenge and only a limited few would pose any threat. 
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I agree.  Most fans don't want to give Marvel Herc his props.This is probably because he doesn't have the same level of popularity as the other big guns of the Marvel U.   
Still, the fact remains Herc held up the heavens/earth - ergo: everything using nothing but his own strength.  Marvel Herc wins.  Their strength is equal, but Marvel Herc spent centuries in Olympus honing his fighting skills battling and brawling whereas DC Herc spent centuries holding up the amazons island home(demonstrating limitless endurance) but remaining at the same fighting skill level or maybe even losing some skill to inactivity (kind of like ring rust for boxers).   
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Hercules was considered the God of Strength and Labor by the Romans before they embraced Christianity.  This information can be found in several books about classical mythology.  Marvel has listed " God of Strength" as one of  Hercules's occupations in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2005, the current hardcover edtion Vol. #5 and as part of Herc's official bio entry at Marvel .com. 
Marvel has also stated Herc's strength was greater than Thor's in the very first OHOTMU in 1983 which stated Hercules could lift 100 tons and  Thor could lift 95.  The later (1990 or 1991) Master Edition 
OHOTMU rated Herc's strength as "Incalcuable - able to lift over 100 tons"  (the highest class) and rated Thor as being "Class 100 - able to lift between 90 and 100 tons (the second highest class). 
The Marvel Superheroes - Avengers Roster Book TSR 1998 listed the strength of Hercules as 19B and Thor as 19B with his belt of strength and 17B without it. 
The Deluxe Edition OHOTMU '85-'87, The latest handbooks (comic and hardcover), the official website, the new Thor/Hercules Encyclopedia Mythologica, the 1993 Skybox trading cards and the Marvel Universe RPG (2005) all place Herc and Thor in the same strength class, giving neither the advantage. 
It has indeed been stated officially  that Hercules is stronger than Thor  several times.  The only time I've ever seen where Thor rated higher than Herc was at classicmarvel.com and that was only using his belt of strength.  Every other definition/categorization of their strength places them at the same level.   
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Herc is a full-fledged God in the Marvel U.  In the series set in the future he's learning humility so he can be worthy to father the next generation of Gods.  He's not seeking to attain Godhood (he already has it).  Thor has had some truly profound feats of strength (he once partially lifted the midgard serpent) but they don't hold up in comparison to Herc's (he  lifted the weight of the world for a much longer period of time).  Advantages -  Strength:  Hercules.  Fighting Skills:  Hercules.  Weapon Power:  Thor.  Overall Power:  Thor.  Durability:  Hercules.  Stamina:  Hercules.  In a contest of sheer physical attributes Hercules definitely wins.  Thor using Mjolnir and the elements gives him a distinct advantage though not a gauranteed win.  Hercules is severely underestimated in many ways and until recently, almost never got his due in comparison to Thor.  Herc's the mightier of these two warriors ...always has been.    

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Marvel's Strongest

  1. Hulk - Marvel's official Strongest One there is.  Gets stronger as he angers.  Baseline strength below Hercules.
  2. HERCULES - Baseline strength higher than everyone.  Though not official; should be able to increase strength to any level he desires... He's the God of Strength.
  3. Gladiator - Marvel's Mon-el.  Physically  Rips planets apart.  Strength tied to confidence a weakness.
  4. Thor - In terms of total power Thor would top this list, but in pure physical strength he's lower than Herc yet still near the top. 
  5. Hyperion - Marvel's Superman.  He's never been given  the credit he deserves.  If powered-up like King Hyperion he'd easily rank above Gladiator
  6. Sentry - The power of a billion exploding suns.  Good line.  Lots of strength.  Still, he's just another Superman rip-off. 
  7. Gilgamesh - Mightiest of the Eternals.  Has matched-up well with both Hercules and Thor.
  8. Silver Surfer - Using every iota of his power cosmic to enhance his strength would put him at the lower end of  this utmost  echelon of strength.
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@Push:        Here are Marvel's Strongest Characters                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hulk - he is Marvel's premiere strongman.  Potential unlimited.  Base strength lower than Hercules. 
 HERCULES  - God of Strength.  Though it's not official, he should be able to achieve any level of strength he desires as he desires.  God of Strength! 
Gladiator - Marvel's Mon-el.  Rips planets apart.  
Thor - Slightly below Hercules in baseline strength;  he lifts part of the midgard serpent - Herc lifts the entirety of the heavens themselves (and for a much longer time). 
Hyperion - Created as a Superman rip-off enemy of Thor but has never really been given his due (except maybe the King Hyperion version). Should be right behind Herc. 
Sentry - Power of a billion exploding suns.  Impressive.  Still, he's just another Superman rip-off and not even a very good one. 
Gilgamesh - Lame character overall but is the strongest by far of the Eternals and has shown strength nearly equal to Thor but still below Herc. 
Silver Surfer - By using every iota of his Power Cosmic to augment his strength he could bring himself up to the bottom of the upper echelon of  Marvel's strongest.