list of games i need to get

let's see where to start: 
1st:  halo anniversary edition
2nd:halo 4 
3rd:duke nukem forever 
4th:darkness 2 
5th:darksiders 2 
6th: batman arkham city 
7th:saints row 3 
8th:mass effect 3 
9th:modern warfare 3
if you all have anymore suggestions please feel free to comment

got a huge amount of comics

i went to an auction a few weeks ago and got about twenty four or five boxes full of comics for only 70.88 now that's a lot of comics whe i lookedup the prices on them  i found out i was sitting on about 22,000 dollars in comics 



I feel alone now for some reason i know i shouldn't but I can't seem to sense victoria's presence which is scaring me because she was the reason I'm who i am now i would never have tried to make a team much less become a leader but right now I honestly don't know what to do

draco observation data

Dracokin Observation Data acquired From Area 51

Dracokin, (Draconis sapien)

Height : 2.0 meters

Weight : 124 lbs
Home world: Mars

Satelites: (Phobos, Deimos)

Gravity: .38 G

Surface temp: -120 c to 25 c

population: 100 millin (Approx.)

Societal Approximation: Democratic

Goverment :  Democratic

Technology Tier : Tier 3 (space faring)

Dracokin (or dracos for short) appear to be humanoid in appearence exepect for spikes going down their back about four inches long and seem to be able to survive at temperatures of -120 degrees due to being able to breathe fire. They  prefer to live on the top of olympus mons and are carnivorus suprisingly they seem to be able to speeak a language fluently after hearing a sentence of it. Males are easily distingushed by the scythe shaped tail tip they have. Dracos are a proud and honerable race that will only attack if provoked or feels that either it's friends or itself are threatened in anyway. If they are provoked thir skin becomes as hard as diamond, the spikes will grow from four inches to one or two feet long, their hair and eyes may change color.  They'll roar with arms outstretched then charge at whatever provoked them. Their diet is mostly meat of the valles viperidae which in their language means canyon viper, and the ice bear whose fur is so coarse it feels like ice to the touch hence the name.

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