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The Lego Movie Review

If this been made before, I am sorry, I did not see it, and thought it deserves to be reviewed if not simply for Lego Batman!

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I saw this Friday with my Son. I went in not not expecting anything special, at all. I came out feeling entertained and swapping jokes with my son. It was a very different and fun movie to watch. Without trying to get too much away, I will explain things I like and what I did not like.

The Likes

The whole plot. As a kid me I use to play out stories very much like how this plot is set up, and it connected with me on a child nostalgia level. In this movie, their is a whole Multiverse of Lego sets that live in their respective theme universes. city Legos live in the City Verse, Old West in Old West Verse, Nights in the Fantasy Verse, ect. All this is ruled over by a OCD evil character called Lord Business, played by Will Ferrell in a not over the top role for once.

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Lord Business represents the whole Lego idea of collecting and putting Lego sets together as per instructions mind set people have toward Legos. However, he takes things too far when he feels everything is not strict enough, and sets a plan in motion to fix it. Meanwhile our Protagonist Emmet discovers the key to end the threat, and is force into a journey with the Master Builders to stop said evil plot.

I like this plot alot for many reasons stated, but its also a very different kind of plot that I never seen in the average movie. its not some take over the world deal, and the reason behind it is much deeper than what it appears in the beginning. By the end, you make the connections and feel a warm fuzzy feeling at the very end of it all.

Next the characters. I loved the characters in this movie. Each had a unique personality, and time to developed enough to where I cared what happen to them. There is many characters overall, but the main ones is Emmet and the Master Builders. I never explained what Master Builders are yet, and I doubt I am ruining by explaining what they are. Master Builders are Lego people from all over the Multiverse who have a knack to build the most insane and crazy things out of whatever is lying around. They represent the opposite of Lord Business in the aspect of people being creative, and building whatever the hell they want in Legos. These characters have the super power to basically Macgyver their surroundings into anything.

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This is a unique take on a super power, and makes for the craziest visuals to be seen. I really enjoyed these characters personalities as well. They all are so unique, that they have trouble working together. This is a major character flaw we see Emmet try to help them with through the movie. I cannot really think of one character i dislike over another, I did like one character the best however.

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Benny was the best character in any Lego franchise ever. I miss my older 80s space ship Legos.

The Jokes. Yes, yes, the jokes are as expected of a Lego movie to be pretty funny. Their is just some scenes that are talored to kids, some to adults, and then many scenes that are so ridicules you cannot help but burst out laughing. There is not much to go into detail here, but the movie was indeed funny causing adults and children to laugh equally.

Fourth Wall. Goes with the plot. I really enjoyed this aspect of the movie though. Im not going to give too much away, but their is things called Relics in the Lego worlds, things that are very much from out world. They are found every now and then, and are treated as gifts from the Man Above. If you cannot connect the dots well, that is us humans. The ending of the movie plays into this heavily as well which is neat. Watch it if you care to know more.

The Visuals. This was a very unique movie where everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was Legos! The Explosions were Legos, the Water was Legos, the Smoke was Legos, the Lasers are Legos! I have never seen a whole movie made with moving Legos to represent every seen visual. This is kind of bad as I will explain later, however it quickly becomes rather interesting, and visually captivating. I can see why little kids pay attention, there is so many moving Lego pieces for every action.

The Dislikes

I do not have much dislikes. There is two things that annoyed me though.

The Visuals. Yes I just praised them, but when I watched it at first I was kinda distracted by it. The first few action scenes actually put me off by it. Its something you need to get use to first if that makes sense.

Lack of Marvel characters. By this I mean there is NONE! I was a little put off by this for several reasons. They had a host of DC characters with Batman being a main character. They had all these other franchises in there, but not one Spider Man? They made a Lego Marvel game not long ago. They had Star Wars Legos in there, Disney owns Marvel..... what gives!? A minor annoyance to be sure, and easily overlooked.

The Romance. Of course there is a bit of a romance in there, and its not to terrible thanks to Batman being part of the love triangle, but over all was needed and unnecessary.

Other than that, I have nothing to bad to say about it.

The Verdict

I give this movie a 4 out 5 stars, or a 7.5 out of 10. Its not the best movie of this year at all, but it is worth the hard earn money to go to the theater with my son, and watch the movie while eating popcorn.

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So check it out.

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Found whats left of my Military Picks.

I felt I share what little Military pics I have of myself. I really wish i had more pictures now, but back then I did not care as much :/ What little photos I have is far after my 2 years in Italy during my first days as a Master at Arms. It is where I was away from my wife and child for so long I stopped caring about anything but day to day work. I drank alot, and did take any photos till like my last week. However the camera was missing when I got back to the states. Oh well. I also did not have many picks from my Master at Arms days on the new commission ship LPD 19 Mesa Verde. Most of these picks are from my 4 years as a Seabee. A Equipment operator to be exact, working anything with wheels, or tracks.

So I post what little I have for those who care enough to follow me lol.

Mesa Verde Shock Trials.

Since the ship was the newest of its class, it had to undergo shock trials. They drop 3 separate 1000 pound TNT charges from various distance to see what kind of damage the ship would suffer in combat.

FEX 10

This was my first "playing War Field Exorcise experience. I was Law Enforcement before this, now I was to be a field grunt if I was deployed.

Pics of me, and where I slept.

Pics of me and a few friends doing On Load and Off Load operations with Beach Masters and ACU 4. The last Pic says how I felt about the whole days ordeal.

This was the highlight, doing a Decom job on a repel tower. We pulled it down, and then I operated a MTVR Dump Truck to dispose of the wreckage anyway we could (hehe).

No Caption Provided

Pick of me coming back from Patrol. I was always either Point Man (As a 3rd Class Petty Officer, i had to lead by example.) and I doubled as the Pace Counter (Yeeesh, am I the only one who can count paces?). Overall a long day for me that day. The guy behind me was the squad leader, and I had to pretty much run him in what to do. The guy is so useless!


LCAS is a man made bridge for ship to beach supplying and off loading in a war scenario. It takes roughly a week to build the pier.

I was tasked in operating the forced into service (lol) new Cat Loaders with For Lift Attachments. My job involved being in one of the only AC cooled vehicles, reading Warhammer 40K novels, and cruising around like a boss lifting anything too heavy for the average human. Good gig. I was recommended for many Fork lift tasks in various exorcises as I was viewed as one of the best Fork Lift drivers from anything from a Warehouse 4K up to the 12K Cat Loaders.

Some more picks of the day to day lives of the other Seabees during LCAS. And how we relaxed. Then some self portraits of yours truly.

This is a random pictures of me in formation during a Admiral visit. As you can see, i mastered the sleeping in formation skill for these over hyped ceremonies. Some of us Alpha Dogs work 24 hour shifts unlike the rest of Charlie Company I am in formation with lol.

Discharge and Re Enlistment

This is me and my Family at my Re Enlistment Ceremony. They even gave my Wife and Child certificates for putting up with my Military life lol.

Tire Shop

No Caption Provided

This picture is my Minion, errr, my personnel aid taking a picture of me working hard at Tire Shop. My wife called earlier asking if I was too busy to talk. i of course did not feel like talking at that moment and said "Yes, busy right now." So my traitorous minion took a snap shot and text it to my wife of how busy I was >_<.

I was for 3 years in charge of making sure the wheels on the bus went round and round lol. I was the Supervisor, Shop Head, and all that nonsense of the most secluded job. I used it to fill those days of BS busy work to sit back and relax.

I am sad to say to have nothing picture wise from Greese (That was trippy kinda, operating on a floating man made island, however I was bored as hell there on off time), Haiti (I washed for a week, and still felt unclean), or my time as a Dozer Operator with Beach Masters working up and down South America (Being on the ship was torture, TORTURE! Being on the beach was a awesome life experience.). So I am a little sad about that.

A small peak at my past life for my friends.