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Has anybody else noticed this?

I'm having some serious confusion and I'm trying my best to think through this, so I need y'all to help me out if you’re interested or have any knowledge on this subject (unlike me).

Some possibly uncomfortable medical stuff under the cut (and Secret Six Jervis, who just freaks me out on many levels–).

In Batgirl #15 and Secret Six #3, Jervis has had rather suddenly onset seizures. In Batgirl, it could’ve been chalked up to having recently sustained serious injury, as he was in the hospital at the time after being essentially beat to a pulp by the Red Queen. There is also the possibility of drug abuse being related to the seizure in Batgirl, as he was making and distributing multiple drugs at the time, but not Secret Six. In Secret Six, it is revealed that there is no history of epilepsy or drug abuse (which I had originally had in mind as a candidate) on his file. However, there is a line in Secret Six that makes me think he could abuse drugs, as he mentions measuring against cocaine (this makes just about as much sense in context as it does here), so I'm a bit wary of trusting the things they say. So then; Why? Why does he keep having seizures?? I want to know but I have no medical knowledge and the internet can't give me the specifics I would need, doesn't know the history, etc etc.

I'm sorry if I seem to be looking too deep into things or if I'm being offensive or something, but I'm actually a tad concerned and I have no credible knowledge (in my opinion) on the subject to make an educated guess on what could be going on. Has anyone else noticed this? I hadn't heard of this until I started to read the comics that he's featured in–

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