Thoughts on star wars

After re-watching the old episodes, New Hope; Empire Strikes Back; and Return of the Jedi... I just don't see it so great after all this years, I love Star Wars, but the force powers compared to the ones used on the Clone Wars or any other media of the universe games or rpgs or even novels, is poor and badly explored. The fights were not so good.  Of course most people argument that Luke had no master and was a self taught Jedi, mostly mimicking his father style, still that is just a escuse.


Covers & Art

When I first got into comics it was all about the art, always had a thing about designs, and characters, of as I grew older
I started to look for great storytellers as well! But for me if the Art sucks, it's first step no to buy the book.

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Have to say no!!

Let's say I had superpowers in the real world, to come out public, virtually with would be suicide, every scientist would automatically be on me, not to talk about all the governments which would try to recrute me... As a matter a fact if I had real superpowers probably I wouldn't play the superhero game... I'm not saying not to help people, but I'd have the time of my life knowing no one could stop me!!

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Why Rogue is my Fav

I'd have to say, Rogue besides the power  that resides in her, she's one of the most complex characters out there, her personality has ups and downs, almost like someone deranged, and want she suffers due to her ability or curse like she sometimes call it, never being able to truly fit in society.

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non comic based characters.

I saw the hancock trailer yesterday, it does look great, but can't form an opinion before seing the whole picture. Unbreakable was really good that real life take on the role of the superhero and his nemesis, worked fine. So I've no prob with this kind of movies and projects.

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Adrien Silver the Crimsonflame

In the world of Mechanus in the 1900´s Dr Holland Bryce made a break through, Ether it change the technology. However things didnt stay good experiments in human genetics led to the creation of powerful creatures with no soul but human in apparence that were to serve as guardians of the humans but they were treated with discontent,for not being normal. Eventualy they rebelled against mankind that created them conquered the must powerful nations and master their world. To try and stop them Prof Terry Cannith created Adrien and gave him powers so he could fight them like super strenght speed pyrokinetics and the great ability of fast learning...With most of the world destroyed when the creatures who were less human than Adrien discovered them to be shockwave technology which allowed them to open a portal to our world that has no defense to that kind of power so Adrien followed them...lost and in a new world he needed help so the girl that find him in the river Tessa Rozen brought him home in a month he was just like a normal person in school and playing football a local hero for the girls...but no one knows his true origin. And his agenda to stop the evil from crushing this new world as well. He moves around in hightech motobike that runs on Ether...and helps everyone that needs and mostly his new found friends.

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