All I can say is I back my points, if you don't like that... then discuss why.

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Blackclover in relation to One Piece Battles, win conditions (copied and edited from a post still needs reformatting)

Point of the Blog:

Ways X character from One Piece can win against certain characters from the Blackclover (Devils). Alternate win conditions are Pain (Death), BFR, and Haki being like Antimagic or of the 'Arcane Stage."

Devil's regardless of rank feel pain.

Let it be known that just because you laugh something off doesn't mean you don't feel pain and remember you don't need someone to say that they felt pain every single time they got hit. It'd be like me saying Kaido doesn't feel pain just because he took hits and smiled afterwards that's not how that works at all.

Zagred got hit, he reacted to getting hit, he went "Ghkkk" so we know he certainly felt something and that something was pain. Same with the blast Zagred got hit by he reacted to it when it was damaging him. When Zagred got blasted he went "ah" same when Asta's sword cleaved into him he also went "aah." We know that Asta hurts him and just like so the elf leader can aswell. Yes they do denote pain especially "ah" same with "Ghkk/Ghak."

Devil's are Devil's.

The entirety in which the basis of the underworld is based on is devils torturing and inflicting suffering on other devils (Supreme torture high, high torture mid, etc) that's why they relish the thought of getting a human since human's have "dreams" and such which make the torturing that more "fun." Let it be known that at no point did getting a DEVIL heart stop making you a part of the devil species... they are literally all devils... them being high rank doesn't mean they are an entirely different species...

It's been shown that a high level devil (Zagred) feels pain on panel from multiple sources same with Liebe another devil who even fell unconscious due to his pain.

Pain is lethal.

This is all to say that since they feel Pain they can die.

Devil Fruits/Magic, Antimagic/Armament Haki, Dark Dark Fruit/Dark Magic, Etc.

By having Armament Haki "be" antimagic or at least akin to it in form and function within their respective verses... guess what then is possible... it is entirely and wholly viable to say that Armament Haki could be considered as an "arcane stage" type of power just due to the similarity it holds to antimagic also an arcane stage power. Arcane stage powers are like Yami's Dark Magic and Asta's Antimagic, of which I have already drawn the similarities to the One Piece's verse's powers of Blackbeard's Dark Dark Fruit and Armament Haki.

None of this is out there it's totally viable... it goes as such:

Haki working like antimagic it is true in that both are the counter for a part of the verses power system just like antimagic is for it's. As in:

Armament Haki/Antimagic both can counter their other part of the magic system being Devil Fruits/Magic.

In fact if Devil Fruit/Magic are equated it's kinda funny that just like in Blackclover/One Piece there is a Devil Fruit/Magic that counters Devil Fruit/Magic. As in:

Devil Fruit/Magic both have an anomaly the Dark Dark Fruit/Dark Magic that both act as another way to counter their main system of Devil Fruit/Magic... and also funnily enough they are both Dark.

On a lesser note I do find it funny that DEVIL Fruits are countered by Armament Haki. And if you wanted to draw more parallels you can draw the parallel of Devil Hearts and Logia Bodies in that they both require certain powers to actually affect and defeat without the target just surviving.

Anyways that'll be that for this for now.

Comic Vine BFR. Rules, Dictionary.

The dictionary is used to explain the terms USED in the rules so yes it's entirely and utterly viable and usable. It's like using a legal dictionary to explain the terms used in the law, like sure the legal dictionary isn't the law... but that doesn't mean it's not being used to explain the law or can't be used...