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The Beginning of the End 0

Northlanders, the 'Viking' anthology series, is to conclude with issue 50. Thus was recently decreed. A damn shame it is, as the book has continuously grown in quality and become a staple of the ever-receding Vertigo brand. But so goes the universe. It is ever-so fitting then, that the final arc of the series be its largest and as evident from this stunning initial issue, its inevitable best. Few things can be counted on, ever so less in this medium. The quality of Northlanders is one of those...

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An absurd revelation sours the entire series. 0

What a damn shame. Not that this limited foray to Batman Beyond has been anything special up to this point but it was at least enjoyable. So much for that.In this issue, we see Terry McGinnis pay a visit to Dick Grayson while the new Hush kills a few more of the original Batman's older villains off page and then has a fight with the new Catwoman. In remains in line with the quality of the series thus far. Somewhat entertaining but drab and misguided. This one brings those problems to a head and ...

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