Fic: 'Why' (Marvel-HouseOfM) ... PG | Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye

Title: Why
Author: Pixie Child ( / )
Fandom: Marvel - House of M
Characters: Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye
Rating: FR13

Timeline: Issue #7
Summary: Hawkeye asks her
A/N: I always liked Wanda. I thought she was an awesome Avenger and a good friend. I hated what they did with her.
A/N2: Dialog from issue 7 of House of M
Beta: None
Feedback: is a must!
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
Posted: July 12, 2010
"Why?" Hawkeye stares at her, his eyes searching and his voice desperate. She wants nothing more then to answer him, her dear friend who she hasn't seen in months. She wants to be able to give him answers that will satisfy him, give him the words that will allow him to understand what happened to him. But she can't because she doesn't know herself. Wanda can't tell him why because she hadn't even known what until she felt the arrows strike her back and heard him ask the question.

She remembers again, of course. The thin cover Wanda made over her memory had been a lot more fragile than that she'd built for the others. She'd wanted so desperately for everyone to be happy, and for all the hate and fear to be gone. Everything was to end; all the fighting and death, and if she could make herself forget in the process, it was a wonderful relief. But apparently there was a part of her that couldn't let go because now she knows why Dr. Strange is here and asking the peculiar questions he is. And her wonderful changes, it seems, didn't fix anything because her friends are outside, still fighting, killing and dying. The only difference now is they're fighting each other. Some fighting to protect her, others to kill her.

She doesn't understand people. Everything she did, she did to make things better for them. She changed the whole world to give each of them what they always wanted. She gave each of them their hearts' desire and they still aren't happy. They are still fighting, even when offered a chance to live in peace. She just doesn't understand why this is happening.

"You're asking me why?"

Why? The truth is, she has no idea why. She remembers everything that's happened; everything in the life they had and everything she's created, changed and destroyed. All the differences and confusions that were gone minutes ago are back and are already getting mixed up in her head. But she can't remember what she never knew and she never did know why things happened the way they did. She didn't mean to, she knows that. All the horrors that happened, everything she did that lead to the Avenger's death, it was all an accident. An accident she caused with powers she could never hope to control. She knows this better than anyone. By the end, she couldn't begin to tell what was imaginary, what was real naturally and what was real because she made it so. That's why she knew she wasn't going to fight when they come for her and it's why she let her brother convince her this was the way to fix things. It's why she put it back, only better. To stop the hurt. To say she was sorry.

"You don't even know what you've done."

But nothing is better and they're breaking everything she fixed. They are the ones doing it this time and he's scaring her babies! It needs to stop! He's hurting them!

"I-I didn't mean that."

She didn't mean to do it. Just like the last time. But he was ruining it all. Everything she did is coming undone because they just can't accept peace.

When Pietro comes to her and her father follows, she finally sees. They're all the same. It's coming undone all over again, but now she knows why. It's them. Everything now, everything then, it's because of them. Mutants. They can't help it, it's the nature of their species. They ruin everything, no matter what. They're not superior, they're monsters. Well, she can fix that. After everything, it's the least she can do.

"Daddy... No more mutants."    

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Fic: 'Andrea' (Marvel) ... PG | Stepford Cuckoos - Mindee/Andrea

Title: Andrea
Author: Pixie Child ( / )
Fandom: Marvel - New X-Men (II)
Characters: Stepford Cuckoos
Pairing: Mindee Cuckoo/Rubbermaid
Rating: FR13
Timeline: Right after Mindee
Summary: They don't have a date, she has a date.
A/N: I don't really like Phoebe all that much. I'm not sure why.
Beta: None.
Feedback: is a must!
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
Posted: July 13, 2010
Mindee is checking her hair in their vanity when her sisters come in the room.
*What are you doing?*
"Getting ready." Mindee answers Celeste verbally.
*Where are we going?*
"I am going out." She tells them firmly. "You are staying here."
Celeste and Phoebe stare at her, but she has her mind firmly closed. Or she thought she did until Celeste pointed at her and squealed. "You have a date!" She bubbled. "That's so cool! Who with?"
Phoebe makes a face. "Andrea." She says distastefully, although if it's because she has to answer verbally, who Mindee is going out with or a combination of the two, she's unsure. Not that it matters.
"Rubbermaid?" Celeste asks. "How do you know?" She looks at Mindee, clearly hurt at having been left out. "Why didn't you tell me?"
"She didn't tell me either, Celeste." Phoebe rolls her eyes. "Andrea's been broadcasting it for the last two days." She crosses her arms and her scowled deepens. "We could do better."
This time, Mindee rolls her eyes. "Good. Go get your own date and leave me alone. I like Andrea."
"I like her, too." Celeste adds in her sister's defence.
*Thanks, Celeste.* Mindee says in her mind pointedly. "And you don't have to like her, Phoebe, you just have to accept that I like her."
"I don't dislike Andrea," Phoebe huffs, "I just don't see the appeal."
"I like that she's so sincere, there's no head games or double meanings with her. She's sweet and unpretentious."
"So's a puppy."
Mindee's hands go to her hips and she glairs at Phoebe. "Why are you being such a bitch? You sound like Miss Frost."
Celeste giggles at the appalled look Phoebe gets. "She has a point. You're being pretty mean."
"Well..." Phoebe trails off. "Fine. Go, have fun with puppy girl." Mindee is ready to snap back, but Phoebe is smiling at her. She laughs happily and kisses them both on the cheek, first Phoebe, then Celeste.
*Have fun, we won't wait up.* Her sisters chime after her as she takes off down the hall.
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Fic: 'Mindee' (Marvel) ... PG | Mindee Cuckoo/Andrea Margulies

Title: Mindee
Author: Pixie Child ( / )
Fandom: Marvel - New X-Men (II)
Pairing: Mindee Cuckoo/Andrea Margulies (Rubbermaid)
Rating: PG
Timeline: Early on, sometime in the first ten issues
Summary: There's this thing at the the Grindstone and it could be kind of fun.
Beta: none
Feedback: is a must!
Disclaimer: Not mine. I play with other people's toys.
Posted: July 04, 2010
"Mindee! Wait up!" Andrea hurried down the hall, weaving in between the other students, chasing after the blonde girl. The Cuckoo glanced back but kept moving with the crowd until she reached the closest stairwell and ducked inside.

*In here.* She called with her mind. She watched Andrea pause, confused. The telepath waved, attracting her attention and the younger girl grinned and quickly made her way over to her.

"Mindee. Hey, thanks." Andrea paused and squinted. "You are Mindee, right?" She asked, a little unsure.


"Okay, good. I mean, I usually think I can tell, but sometimes, I'm not sure, you know?"

"It's fine, Andrea. Actually, you're one of the few people here who bothers to try."

"Of course I try." Mindee smiled as Rubbermaid shrugged shyly. "Just because you guys look the same doesn't mean you are the same."

"Thank you."

"Um... your welcome?" Andrea began to fidget. She resisted the urge to look into the girl's mind.

"Is something wrong?" She asked quietly. Andrea shook her head.

"No, I'm fine. I was just wondering..." She shifted. "Do you like coffee?"

"Not really, no. Do you?" She asked, surprised. She thought she remembered Andrea once saying that she hated coffee almost as much as evil mutants attacking the school.

"No." The younger mutant grinned, clearly embarrassed. "But I like hot chocolate. And most places that serve coffee also serve hot chocolate. And see, the Grindstone is having this thing on Friday. Kind of like a poetry reading, I guess. I know it sounds a little silly, but Victor is going to read something and I thought it could be kind of fun. Would you want to go?"

"I think it would be okay." Rubbermaid beamed. "I'll ask my sisters--" Mindee watched Andrea's face fall.

"Oh. Okay." Andrea looked down again. "Sure."

"Actually, I won't. I just remembered that they have something they're doing on Friday." She lied and watched Andrea's face light back up. "But I want to go."

"Okay, cool." She bubbled, bouncing on her toes. "Do you want to meet there?"

"Actually, I would rather walk with you, if that's okay." If possible, Andrea's smile grew even larger.

"Okay!" She giggled. "Friday."

"It's a date." She nodded again, a blush spreading across her face.

"Okay... Oh! Shoot. I have history now." Andrea turned and bolted. Mindee watched her go, amused, and even though she wasn't trying to go into her mind, she couldn't help but pick up what the elastic mutant was unintentionally broadcasting.
*I have a date.*    
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Musing over Comic Creators

Just a random thought; why is it when people are talking about comic book creators do Terry Dodson and Greg Land get grouped together? Is it just because they are both X-Artests? 
I find their styles very different. I know this isn't the most popular oppinion, but I happen to like Greg Land's work, (I mean, I admit the women quite often are making odd faces in battle sequances and they are all very... 'chesty', but isn't that sort of just this sort of a comic book norm?) where as I think Terry Dodson's work is okay, but not great. 
Am I missing something here? Like, do they imploy the same techniques that I'm just not seeing?

Fic: Simple Moments (BtVS; S8 ... PG | Dawn, Faith)

Title: Simple Moments 
Author: Pixie Child ( /
Fandom: BtVS Season 8
Pairing: light Dawn/Faith sparkage
Rating: PG
Timeline: sometime post issue 18
Summary: Dawn needs someone to talk to and Faith happens to be around.
A/N: Dedicated to GrimSage because he's the one how got me into the S8 comics and also just 'cause he's the coolest.
A/N2: Sorry this took so long, GS, I don't know where my head is at.
Beta: I thought so, but I never heard back from my beta.
Posted: November 04, 2009

Faith choked. "Like you were ridden hard and put away wet? You said that to Xander?"

Dawn giggled. "And he was, like, completely brain-broke for a second, then came the sputtering, and after that he decided to take it sexually and went to go soap out his brain."


"He decided to take it sexually?" Faith looked at Dawn doubtfully. "You saying you didn't give him any help at all with that?"


The Summers girl crossed her arms and tried to look indignant. "Well, I didn't tell him that I had no idea how he interpreted it. I just... didn't give him that dirty smirk you're so good at." She blinked a few times. "What?"

"Y'know," Faith drawled, "it's really hard to believe you were innocent in the whole thing, given that you can't seem to keep that guiltier then sin look off your hot little mouth now."


The Slayer laughed and looked around conspiratorially. "What? All the build-a-stakers went to bed a while ago. Jeeze, Dawnie, where are your senses at? You're so used to being huge that you've forgotten how to sense the normal shit? Don't worry, nobody's going to hear me and think less of you." Faith leaned forward, her low cut top giving Dawn an eyeful. "And speaking of sordid details..."


"What?" Dawn giggled again, this time very nervously. "I didn't mention-"

"Well I am. Now, what was up with doing that Thricewise, anyways? I mean, I've seen pictures of the guy. I mean, even in my evil-turns-me-on phase, I wouldn't have let him touch me."

"Hey! Dawn sat up straighter and scowled at Faith. "Kenny wasn't evil."

"I know. But he sure as shit wasn't good. What would you call rewarding a girl for lettin' him pop her cherry by making her huge?"

"What?" Dawn made a face. "Oh, gross Faith!"

"I know."

"Besides, you're wrong." She smiled a little at having surprised Faith. "He wasn't my first."

"Well I know it wasn't Xander, by the reaction you just told me about. I'm just praying it wasn't Spike."

The younger girl just leaned back, still looking revolted.

A dark shadow fell across Faith's face. "Oh, god. It wasn't Buffy's army toy, was it?"

"No!" Dawn's voice went up an octave. "God, Faith, no! Eww! It so wasn't Riley. That's just wrong on so many levels."

Faith leaned back and calmed visibly, losing the look that said she was likely to go on a rampage. "Okay then, who?"

"None of your business! God. What's got you all weird now?"

Faith propped one arm behind her head and shrugged. "Not like there's a lot else to do 'round here. It's either this or join the teeny-boppers upstairs bopping to Backstreet Boys."


"Actually, I think it's The Jonas Brothers that they're currently in love with."

The Slayer quirked an eyebrow.

"Not that I know anything about them." Dawn continued quickly. "I mean, it's just, they won't stop talking about it sometimes, you know?"

Faith smiled at Dawn's babbling and cut her a break. "Yeah, Dawn, I know. Don't worry about it."

"Cool." Dawn broke into a huge yawn. "Oh boy. What time is it?" She looked at the clock. "Three? Wow." She stood up and stretched.


Faith stood with her. "Here. I'll go with you. You'll need some sleep and I'm pretty sure your room is next to the current fan club, isn't it?"

Dawn blinked. "Uh, yeah. Why?"

"This way I can be the one to tell them it's time to shut it the hell off. Fangirls are scary, remember? You used to be one."

Dawn punched her in the arm pathetically.

Faith laughed. "Keep it coming, Dawnie. I'm a Slayer, I can take it. But if you decide you don't love me anymore, who's going to protect you from the big, strong Slayer-Bees?"

Dawn made a face and threw her arms up in defeat. "Ugh. You're right. I guess I do need you." Dawn leaned against her. "Sleep time now."

"Come on then." As they headed out of the main common room, Faith stopped, causing Dawn to nearly fall. Only her slayer-fast reflexes kept the girl from hitting the ground.

Dawn yelped in surprise. "Hey!"  
Sorry. I must be getting old. I just realized you managed to avoid telling me who your first was." 
Yup." Dawn nodded smartly. "Now, keep it moving. You don't want to become the pervy old lady who lives in the same building as me, do you?"  

Faith chuckled. "I'll get you for that one, Summers. Just wait. I know where you live."    


Who is this guy?

I can't figure out who this guy is. He is a focal character in the TNG 'The Last Generation' comic series. He kind of reminds me of Bashir from the DS9 'Mirror' universe, but they never actually call him by a name, near as I can tell. (The older guy on the left)
TNG - LastGeneration #04
TNG - LastGeneration #04

New Mutants III - 010

Oh my god! Every time I read this issue, I get goosebumps. 

I love the insuation that the future leader that Cyclops chooses is Danielle Moonstar! She's exactly what the future of the mutants need, excpet for maybe an active mutation. But she lead the New Mutants for years and was a great teacher and mentor at Xavier's before M-Day. I want it to be her so bad.    

Three Reviews

I've reviewed 3 comics in the past few days. X-Factor; Layla Miller (Stuff Happens), Pixie Strikes Back 1/4 and Pixie Strikes Back 2/4. The truth is, I really like all three of them but the Pixie Strikes Back had a few things in it that really bugged me. 
I admit that I'm playing it safe though. I may have the nerve to write angry rants about things I don't like, but I doubt that I'll ever write a review for something that I don't like. I have my own particular tastes and I don't want to put anyone off of buying something jsut because I'm being stuborn, you know?
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