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Thank you for Birthday well - wishes/Quick reflection.

Ya know, I was in the shower scrubbing every inch of my delicious body when it hit me... I've been a member of CV for 4 years. I can even remember posting my first, "It's my Birthday" thread; which garned a total of 44-ish replies, many of them asking, "Seriously, is it really your birthday?" 
Anyway, I'm on my way to going and getting into a little more trouble so to be brief, I remember when the "Who's Online Now" was just a series of green links down at the bottom of the forums as well as "We Are Legend" being the most happening thread on the site. I at the time thought it was a collection of people that really enjoyed the movie, "I am Legend." 
 Things have changed a ton, number of hours I spend on here daily being one of them, but CV will always have a soft spot with me. :D


New Generation X

New Mutants

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That series had great stories, great cameos/crossovers, just great stuff

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After you got over how drawn out the Emplate saga was, it was amazing stuff.



A Fake that has taken on a new identity. I wonder if they'll be making trips to the Real Life Pic Thread again.

Careful with whom you get close with.



So I was on Myspace...

And i Happened across a Page that looked like someone from the Vine. I must admit i was quite shocked when i saw their page as the person on the vine had previously said they didn't have a Myspace. Anyway, I did a little reading and noticed that their name, first and last, was quite different from what they told people on the Vine. Now how could this be?? Continuing my Lurking i looked at the girls pictures and they were the same exact ones as on CV. Now i'm just all kinds of confused. How can this CV person have a Myspace they previously denied having, and a whole different name from what they told people on the vine?? and then i notice the person's blog, and in their blog, it has a list of all of their Fakes. "Fakes"  = People that stole her pictures and used them as their own. For Shame, For Shame.


Be more cautious as to whom you interact with on here.




I can't focus on the words if i'm being distracted by horrid art.

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