Re-reading the Exalted Series. I wish they would pick that one back up.

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This fight will be entirely decided during those 100 meters they have to close. Both are supreme close combat fighters but the chi of Shou Lao will give Danny the edge up close. His martial arts are also slightly superior to Batman's, and as evidenced by Hellicarrier example above, the superior armor will not be a major factor for him.

That being said Danny still has to close those 100 meters before he can effectively use his powers. He has no real ranged attacks, while Batman can do substantial damage over the distance. As much as I want this fight to be in Iron Fist's favor, I do not think he will be able to get close before Batman can incapacitate him.

I vote for Batman vs. John "Hannibal" Smith with one week prep time for the fight.