My Thoughts on Young Justice: Invasion

  • First thing, I love that Batgirl and Nightwing are here! (Speaking of I am dressing up as Nightwing for this convention thing in July. Can't wait!)
    I love that they finally gave Babs her shot in the show. I would've liked to see her become Batgirl in the show, though, so the viewers could get to know her better.
  • Okay, I know the whole Conner x Megan thing isn't really canon, but I don't really see the reason why they would break them up so M'gann could be with Lagoon Boy. That isn't canon either, so I don't see the need. I guess it puts tension in the show, and a something we could see in a later episode, but hey! It isn't a good show without a dramatic relationship! (please, read that as sarcasm.) Cause I was talking to my friends yesterday, and they were asking why the show finds it necessary to have the entire team linked with someone romantically. I made a point, saying that they want the show to appeal to more than just comic fans and younger viewers. Still, it would be nice to have some more canon relationships. I mean, there's Canary and Arrow, but those are so obvious it would be stupid to have them with anyone else. Not talking about RPG here, just the TV. I am all for non canon shipping if its RP, but lets be honest. The show could use the original stuff and it'd be okay.
  • Okay, since Tim is Robin in the show at this point, wouldn't Cass be Batgirl, and Steph be Spoiler? If I am correct, which I do believe I am, didn't Jason become Robin after Dick became Nightwing? In the episodes before, we can assume that Dick is about 16 or 17, meaning that after 5 years, he would be 21 or 22. Jason wouldn't be RedHood, especially since he started running with Batman around the age of 10, maybe 11 or so. He wouldn't be Redhood at this point, because he has had no time to develop a vendetta against Batman or the Joker. On that note also, if Tim is Robin, Babs would be Oracle, because in the comics, Cassandra was Batgirl while Tim was Robin. In the new 52, we can assume Barbara is about 23, because she was shot at around 20, 21, give her take a year. I understand that they don't want the show to have much darkness in it, but these are vital story arcs that have been ignored, basically.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode, but I just had these little issues with it...