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Green Lantern Sandbox

Sometimes i'm afraid of myself. When i build the sandbox for my little boy i put the colored corners in an order that make senses for the different colored Corps in the dc universe. So is green in the opposite of Red. And yellow fights against blue. I think i'm a nerd

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2010 was a great year...

 Some great changes in my life so far but at the moment i think about the top and flops of the passing comic year.
 The Batman Reborn with all his series was quite fun.
The Walking Dead gets a lot of popularity includes the tv series.
The great Rocketeer Deluxe Edition with the great new colors. 
And then there are these german editions with some new exclusive stuff
Hack/Slash Trade 5 with the pictures from cassies suicidegirls photoshot
The Goon 6 Trade with a reprint of satan sodomic baby



I just finished moving from one small appartment into a house. After unboxing all my comics and books i was wondering how that stuff find enough space in the appartment. At the weekend i start looking for some new bookshelfs. And then i start to enlarge my collection? 
Any secret tips and must reads ?

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