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Let's get ready to rumbllllllleeeeee!!! 0

Mother of pearl! I just finished reading the annual and putting some thought into how I felt about it and I have to say, I friggin' loved it! Why am I all exclamation marks? Well, let's find out. First of all the story. According to the book it was written by Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz, usually listed the other way round in the issues of the regular series so I'm guessing that Waltz assisted Eastman for once. The story is great. Without giving too much away the Turtles find themselves tra...

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Mushrooms and Pure Awesome 0

...Wow. I think I've opened a review in that exact fashion before but, wow. I finished reading this about an hour before this was posted and I was highly impressed. I am a big fan of Scott Pilgrim and have followed Mr. O'Malley since first discovering that series. When I first heard about his new book, I think around a year ago, I immediately put my name down for a copy. Was it worth such a wait? Damn right.First, a short synopsis: Katie is a successful chef who has passed her old business off ...

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An Explosive Start 0

Wow. Issue 1 of Original Sin has officially hit the shelves releasing a series of crossovers, as well as the ongoing main story. What does the first issue tell us? Well, a lot in my opinion. We begin in a most humble manner, a couple of Avengers and a special guest having a meal together. This for me was seriously one of the best things in the book since we finally see the heroes just hanging out. Of course, a book about folks eating is boring so with a single phone call the chaos begins. ...

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Not Quite Morphinomenal... 0

Ah the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. When I was 8 years old and they made their first appearance on the screen I lit up and was glued to the TV for 30 minutes of what was Heaven to little Ping. Now that I'm older I can still enjoy the series and despite ridiculous amounts of cheese, find myself getting giddy when I watch it. Seeing as how Papercutz is about to launch some graphic novels based on the series, this little preview of things to come managed to hit the FCBD table and I got my han...

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Starting to Make me. 0

Let me explain that I started on Uncanny, left for a while and came back with the previous issue since it had Marvel`s lovely new #1 banner across it telling me hey, jump on. With much confusion I made it through and thanks to a buddy figured it out, for the most part and with this issue it finally makes a little more sense and I think it might be good. With his issues of Cap I am sort of leery of Remender these days but wanted another Cap book and since Avengers comes out more than once a...

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Ye Olde Drama 0

Ah the TMNT are back in the Big Apple which means time for some serious butt-kicking action. The book literally opens with the brothers taking down some robbers and getting warmed up for the big push as things in the Shredder run New York, are about to change.The story doesn't really advance past that, for this issue. A lot of focus is placed on Hun, Casey`s father, and his own plans whilst still doing the will of Shredder. Nothing major goes on save Hun`s pitiful attempt to bring his son over t...

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Silver Age with a twist 0

Man, three issues in and I feel myself getting giddy. After the last run of FF with Fraction, Robinson has been bringing a fresh take on things, so far and let's hope it holds. The Human Torch. Johnny Storm is one of my favorite characters and something that I wasn't happy with in the last run of FF was that Fraction did so little with the at least the present version of him. Robinson however seems to have a great hold on his personality, as well as all the FF for that matte...

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Invaders Invading 0

Ah, the Invaders. This is right up my alley. Captain America, no question, Bucky, oh yeah. Jim Hammonds Human Torch, yes! Namor? Yup. It's like icing on top of cake on top icing on top of cake. I love these characters and so far the series featuring the "old gang" has been pretty good. Issue 4 picks up with our heroes taken captive by the ruthless Kree. The Invaders had gone to the Kree homeworld after the High Pursuer, a female equivalent to Ronan the Accuser, attacked Earth in an attempt...

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Beauty in the Marvel U 0

I know that, with issue 0 of Original Sin, the creative team is different but reading this issue, I am beyond excited. If the rest of the series is anything of this sort, I will be beyond pleased. That said, let me break down this amazing issue. Original Sin, as we know, is Marvel`s big event for the Summer. Issue 0 is it`s humble beginning. We get to see things through the fresh young eyes of the current Nova. Now, I know nothing of this "new kid on the block," so to say, but what I see i...

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I like it, do you? 0

Let me begin this review by explaining my title. I personally would have given this book 5 stars, but I'm not reviewing for me, I'm reviewing for you, so here is my opinion:Turtles 29 has us catching up to the brothers 4 as they head for Northampton to a farm owned by April`s mother and father. The turtles, still recovering from the events of City Fall, are hoping to simply stop a moment and regroup and maybe help Leo through his ordeal. Morale is low and so bickering in the family of course is...

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City Fall Finale and stuff... 0

So here it is at last, the conclusion to the seven issue arch, City Fall. I haven't reviewed any of the other issues so this will be the only issue I give my commentary on. The build-up to this issue was great. We've seen some amazing things since part 1, Old Hob preparing for war and the Turtles seeking his aide, we've seen Karai coming to terms with Leonardo being picked over her as Shredder`s second in command. We've seen Casey as he recovers from the attack on him and Raphael and seen Casey...

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Finale...maybe 0

Well, here it ends. The short but sweet Zombie Wars come to it`s conclusion with only a second issue. Or does it? Zombie Wars issue 2 comes to us with Jina and Spud almost out of fuel and in dire need. They arrive at a military base and though at first greeted violently are let in and Spud manages to concoct a serum to destroy the zombies. Perfect timing as just then in comes the horde. Like the previous issue, it's a good read more action heavy than story heavy and honestly, that's okay. ...

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Horror for Halloween 0

I'm a bit late in reviewing this issue but since issue 2 just came out I thought I'd go back and do a review for this issue as well. With Zombie War we get to see a world that is suddenly ravaged by the undead horrors of our military dead after a comet slams into the Earth. I'm not sure if this is a reprint of the original Zombie War or if this is new material, but either way it's a good with a fast-paced story that left me feeling winded. The story follows Jina, a hardened Air Force pilot who e...

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Et Tu Fraction? 0

Oh my gosh. It's March and to celebrate in full force we see our heroes head to the days of Caesar and we learn some hidden truths in the past and see Caesar in his final days as he faces the Ides of March. This sounds sort of silly but in the end it was an amazing issue with a clever story and some good old fashioned story-telling. Fraction is blowing my mind with how well he writes this team and I expect it to tumble and fall every issue but am surprised when I open the book and find all this ...

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Most impressive. 0

It's issue 3 of Secret of the Foot Clan and as we draw near to the end of a great mini-series the pace doesn't slack in the least and the quality continues to impress.Our story continues with both events of the past and present weaving yarns of their own that are on a visible collision course.The writing, which has been a kick to the teeth since issue 1, keeps up the barrage with more action in the present and a thick story in the past. We see Oroku Saki learning more about his past and we see j...

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Loss for words 0

I feel like I'm losing a friend here. When I pick up the current run of Cap, I really feel a ping of sadness at what it has become. I know Remender has talent, I know he can write. Some of his work has been stellar, but this is one book he should remove himself from.The writing in this is lengthy and boring. Nothing is going on and each issue is skipping amounts of time. None of it is interesting and the few little quirks it has are not even worth mention. It seems like it is trying to do someth...

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God save the Queen...and King 0

So issue 18 fed us a mouthful of action and a helping of story and #19 continues that tradition. With the King and Queen being held hostage by Krang and his goons, the only option left for the Neutrinos? A full on assault and some cloak and dagger tactics. It is relentlessly fun to see what this creative team is doing with the Neutrinos. What in the original series was group of goofy, teenage hot rodders has become a living entity with solid characters and an amazing backstory. The writing on th...

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Still good 0

My fear is growing. I'm still not 100% on the Fraction bandwagon yet. I've read his stuff and loved it but in the end it begins to falter but I have to say its not looking like it will drop.Issue 3 of FF begins by letting us in on what the final page of issue 2 meant. We get a good little tease of events and I have to say it is shaping up into something very interesting. The issue goes on to sort of showcase Darla and leads into something that again is pulled from the fog of the past that is the...

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Good golly miss Molly... 0

Good golly, Miss Molly! This book is awesome! What is there not to say about it? First off: The story is jaw-dropping. We're seeing more of the past and continuing the Turtles search for answers in the present. We learn more of the relationship between Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki and why in the present, Splinter and Shredder recognize their respective spirits. It is a very well told story and flows great from past to present and back. I can't say enough so simply buy it and try it out.As for the...

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What happened? 1

What happened here? This series has been a swift kick to the groin and then this issue comes and trips over it`s own feet. Granted, it was still a good issue with a couple of good moments (Young Cyclops` encounter with Wolverine) but it didn't have near the punch we've seen of late. It is a slow issue, with not much going on due to some story development, which happens but usually Bendis can keep you entertained even during the slow moments. Not here. Also, the moment I've been waiting for happe...

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I waited for this? 0

At last! It's been nearly two months and no Pathfinder and finally the new issue has arrived. I was all excited digging into this title because with a wait like that you expect something to put you on your keester but it didn't quite deliver. The story in this is starting to become thin, with it being more about the group walking and fighting than any major developments. Obviously this is a Fantasy title and you need the segments of sudden horrible things attacking and of course you have to have...

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Oh no, not Cap 0

I first and foremost want to let anyone who stumbles on to this review, that I go into this book unbiased and really put forth and effort to love it, but this is just bad writing. I'm sorry. I really do NOT like the direction Remender has gone with this title and it is only getting worse. I'm no writer, obviously, I have never been hired for my talents so again, obviously, Remender can write circles around me, but I think I could beat this. Captain America is a shining symbol, something to get b...

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Make a man dance 0

I don't even know where to start so I'm just gonna wing it. I frickin' LOVE this series and this issue continues to impress. Fraction is capturing these characters in a way we haven't seen in a loooong time. I feel like I'm reading the series before the 90's and some of the horrible things going on in the industry then. Fraction writes everyone with the personalitys they were originally written with and I can't gush over it enough. Ben is a bit over-the-top and rough as a cobb, Johnny is a prank...

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Opening with a Bang! 0

Man, I just sat this book down and I'm grinning ear-to-ear. Not only was this a fantastic story but just a well, well done issue. Expanding on the history we've learned so far of the Foot clan, this new mini goes even further back and tells of strange secrets surrounding the Foot. Obviously I can't give anything away, but let's just say its awesome. The story goes back and forth from Feudal Japan to modern New York and flows like a thousand year old river. Just beautifully done. It has a perfect...

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Can you see it? 0

I can finally see it, where this book is going. I've loved each issue of All New but it has been a mystery to me where Bendis was taking us. With issue 5 I can see some of the makings and its exciting stuff. Issue 5 opens with us inside "Old" Hank McCoy`s head. He and Jean are having a talk and working on the issue of his health. The meat of the issue revolves around the event in the last issue`s final panel. At the same time the "classic" X-Men, sans Hank and Jean, are trying to figure out what...

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Its finally over. 2

The end is here. The Cap and series has run it`s course and at last, comes to an end. In the beginning of this run we had Bucky stories by Brubaker that were well done and led into the issues with Hawkeye, Iron Man, Namor and Widow, all written by Cullen Bunn. Up until this recent run I have loved the series but the last series felt like a completely new writer. Bunn has talent, lots of it, and a grasp on how to write both old and new school stories at once. Somehow this series, Black Widow, has...

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Get on with it! 0

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a man who likes character driven story and enjoys seeing people interactions. I love that kind of stuff when each character has his or her own personality and we see the clashings of such people but if done too long it can get a bit boring. I love Hickman`s work but for some reason I just didn't enjoy this issue as much as the last. It is still a good book, don't get me wrong, but most of the issue is the Avengers being signed up and the people picked are a ver...

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Please, use your words 2

I begin this review with a long sigh. Anyone who has ever glanced at my profile knows who my favorite hero is and seeing what is currently going in his run has left me questioning if I love the character enough to keep reading. I was anxious to see where this story went and honestly, already, I'm questioning if I care. My biggest complaint is that Remender is bending the history to fit what he wants in the story. Things we know about Cap`s family are changing. I know continuity is dead but pleas...

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This is it! 0

Yes! What I've been waiting for: the meeting of the Scotts. If you read issue 3 you saw at the end that the young X-Men landed at the feet of Cyclops and his new team of mutants. Issue 4 picks up right at that point from the mind of modern Scott and what he thinks seeing Jean and himself. It was completely amazing to see what he felt, to see thought bubbles, which is great to see back, and to see him at conflict within and suddenly without. Bendis is doing some stellar work in this book and not ...

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In a rhythm 0

So by now I have read Fantastic Four numbers 1 and 2 and FF 1 so going in to this issue I know all the goings-on in the FF world. I love it. I can't say that enough. Matt Fraction is surprising me with every book. His hold on the characters, his old school story-telling thus far and a good grasp on pacing. I see a rhythm that if kept up, could lead to some amazing stories and adventures for Foundation. I seriously think that if he keeps it going, Fraction may prove to be a worthy replacement to ...

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Surprise! 0

I have to once more hand it to Mr. Fraction, this book completely surprised me in how good it is. The story is pretty much a continuation of what occurred in Fantastic Four #1. We see more of the team prepping their respective replacements for the four minutes they will be off-planet. The story is charming in that it sticks to character driven story as we see the family and the story is simply all about the people in the books. I love this element, a focus not on fighting and horrible events but...

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Hot mutant action 0

Another issue of All-New X-Men, that was quick. I have to say that, yes the series is %100 awesome, new issues are also printing at the speed of sound. Wow. Let me get that complaint out of the way, slow it down Marvel. On to the review:Wow. I am definitely enjoying this title and issue 3 is no slouch. I will say that it is disappointing that it sort of drops where the story was going in the last two issues and jumps to a new point. It is still good but I felt like this was sort of a filler issu...

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Fraction? Really? 0

I'm gonna say it, Matt Fraction is impressing me. I am not a big fan of Mr. Fraction, not in the least, but I feel that he has really started something here if he keeps it up. Not only has the buildup to the departure of the Fantastic Four been entertaining but he has a grasp on some of the characters like we haven't seen in quite some time. He still has big shoes to fill when looking back at the previous run by Hickman, but I think he may, if it keeps, give it a run for it`s money.As the family...

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Never Gonna Let You Down 0

Man, the title of this review is exactly what I think of this series:it never lets you down. The writing is so good, the story so intriguing and the art, save for a few issues is always good. Issue 17 holds true to that course.The brothers 4 are preparing their new home after the battle in the last issue. Things seem good but at the same time a few of the brothers are going through personal turmoils which is simply amazing to watch. Michaelangelo having more depth than the party dude? We see him...

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Assemble at Dawn 0

Being the Captain America fan I am and trying to keep up with the Living Legend, I figured with Avengers getting a shiny new issue 1, I'd jump ship and subscribe. It will be a tough subscription as it will be a bi-weekly comic. Does issue 1 make me feel good about this decision?You bet your sweet bottom it does. Now my last read of Avengers was issue 28 and so I have no idea what happened at the end of the volume. I think, make that a big think, that this picks up right at the end of that, or is...

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What? 0

Hoo boy. I write this review with a bit of sadness in my heart. This book, up to the past couple issues, had been great. I'm not sure what has happened, if perhaps Cullen Bunn has lost interest or is working harder on other things, but the Cap and book is suffering. This is the next to last issue and I think it may need putting out of its misery. The story, a fast-paced, difficult yarn to follow, is weak and honestly, even though its almost over, I have no real clue whats happening. I am waiting...

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All-Wow! 0

I quite literally JUST finished this issue. I just sat it on the desk next to me, fully prepared to review it. I've sat here for a while trying to think what to say to express how this book has impressed me but I am lost for words. The story in issue one was like the opening act of a play, setting events in motion. Act 2/issue 2 is grabs us and pulls us into the thick of things and the story gets rolling. Not only does it roll quickly but splendidly. The writing on this book is utterly amazing. ...

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Good stuff 0

I can't say enough about the Ninja Turtles. This book, every month, just blows me away. Issue 16 picks up in the thick of things from last issue and the brothers 4 take on the new enemy we've been seeing. The fight is awesome and the issue goes back and forth with them resolving the fight and events in motion. The story is so wonderful and a valuable moral is made the main point by the end of the issue. You can't help but love it, then you come to the art. I just do not like the work being done ...

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Fruit of the...Law? 0

Before I review this, let me just say that before this issue I have never read a Judge Dredd comic. It isn't that I haven't wanted to, I just never have got around to it, so I am going in completely unbiased to the original material with the fresh eyes of a Dredd newby.Judge Dredd #1 contains a long story and a short story in the back. The first of which involves a plot that I honestly didn't quite follow other than some trees that grow fruit within minutes going wild and fruit exploding. This l...

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An Amazing Final Gift 2

Joe Kubert, a man who achieved so much in his life within the industry and without, passed away in August. He was working on this book when he was taken to the drawing board reserved for him in Heaven. I went in to this issue with his death full on my mind. Thinking of Hawkman and Sergeant Rock. Thinking of his two sons still carrying on his legacy. Mr. Kubert was an amazing artist, a great writer and from what I have read, a good man.Hawkman, By Joe Kubert:There is nothing I can say that will e...

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