PikminMania's Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Villains

These are my top ten favorite villains from lowest to greatest.   
NOTE: There are major spoilers of Watchmen in here 
ANOTHER NOTE: Ozymandias is supposed to be number two, I'm just to lazy to change it.

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  • I love his power and his personality very much. What clocks him in at only #10 is that;

    1. He has changed sides a huge number of times, especially recently; nearly to the point that one could argue he isn't a villain.

    2. I am not a huge fan of X-Men comics, so I haven't read a lot of him.

    Defining story: Magneto: Testament

  • Venom is a character I've liked since he was first introduced to me in the PSX/N64 Spider-man game.... "Spider-man". So now you may ask yourself, why is he so low on this list. The reason for that is he just isn't intereting enough. He is cool and all but everytime you seem him in a comic you usually know what to expect. He is just a dark version of Spider-man essentially, but I must give props to Rick Remender. He did a fantastic job at making a seemingly one dimensional character who is very overated into a character that breathes much need life to the concept of Venom.

    Defining story: Todd Mcfarlane's Venom

  • Part of me really didn't want me to put Lex on this list, a big part actually. That part really didn't want me to put him at a higher spot than Venom. The truth is though, that it would be a crime not to put Lex above Venom. Lex is just a better character in every way. What really made me go from sort of liking him to full blown the loving the character was Superman: Red Son. The fact that he was planning so far in his advance always gives me the chills that he could, and most likely is, doing that in the mainstream DCU.

    Defining Story: Superman: Red Son

  • This was really hard for me to do. I kept debating with myself who I thought deserved this spot more, Lex Luthor or Black Adam. After about 10 minutes, I had to go with Adam. What I like about him is how evil he can be, but at the same time how caring. Admittley, all I have read with him in it is 52, but that story made me love Black Adam so much. I love how he tries to stop being so dark and vile, but when he gets mad he shows his dark side very well. The sad thing is he is another villain that is barely used, even though heis such a rich character with quite a bit of history I believe.

    Defining Story: 52

  • After that long surge of thought-provoking characters in the 8 and 7 spot, comes the friendly yet still terrifying character Ragdoll. I was first introduced to him in Villains United, which was a good story but not nearly as good as the ongoing that he later starred in Secret Six. What I like about him most is how no matter what happens he doesn't really care. Where the rest of the Secret Six team would go something like this, "Oh S*&^ Wonder Woman just showed up, we should get out of here." Ragdoll would say this, "I really like those shoes. and that tiara.. I want it!!!" Also the penis jokes, you can never go wrong with his sick, dark sense of humor.

    Defining story: Secret Six

  • I recently decided to start reading Dc a couple months ago, the first comic I picked up was one featuring Gorilla Grodd beating down another super powered ape to death, and Captain Cold leading his Rogues through a planet full of monsters. The comic was called "Salvation Run". Sure the comic wasn't THAT good but I really liked it. I loved the beginning with Cold and his fellow Rogues probably the most. Cold really peaked my interest so I started picking up more Flash comics featuring him. After reading a lot including his first appearence, which was a very exceptional read, I have to say he is truly a fascinating villain. What makes him so greatr is that he has a strict moral code that he never breaks, normally a villain would be proud that they killed Flash, but not Captain Cold, he was very sad about what he did. I also love when, in the middle of a bank robbery, he stops and says not to do it anymore once he hears the news that Sue Dibny is dead. He is a truly sad character and a great one too.

  • Grodd is aewesome. Plain and simple, he is soooo very awesome. I love him so much, its not even just because he is an ape(but that is pretty awesome itself). He is smart, strong, and has a plethora of abilities. He is almost in a way the perfect villain; he has all the qualities of a great one at least.

    * Genius intelligence

    * Master strategist who is in charge of a country

    * Has many devasting powers like mind control and super strength

    * Is a ****ing monkey!

    What makes him the greatest Flash villain I think is the fact that he is a cold blooded killer who can us amazing abilities like telepathy and is so durable that even 10000 punches from Flash to Grodds face barely hurts him. He is smarter than Flash and stronger, which makes it so great when Flash beats him. Another thing thjat makes this villain so great is that he would be a perfect nemesis for just about anyone on the Justice League. Batman needs someone to match wits with, Superman need a durable, intelligent, and strong foe to fight, Wonder Woman need someone with a ruthless attitude that will stop at nothing to win. Grodd can supply all of that and more. He's so great that even PLastic Man would be a great nemesis!

  • "I did it 35 minutes ago." Thats all I have to say to why Adrian Veidt is my third favorite villain in comic books. Okay fine, I'll give one more example on why he is sch an amazing villain other than just stating that Alan Moore created him or saying another simple quote. What really shows how great he is is when he easily defeats Rorshach and Nite Owl, but while battling them his expression doesn't change... not even once. Its a truly amazing set of panels.

  • I am ready to easily say that Bullseye is the most underrated villain ever, maybe second to Grodd. This character is so great that I can't even express it in words. Honestly, he is like t he Marvel equivalent of Joker... except Bullseye is more skilled. It surprises me very much how Wolverine can be in over 4 ongoing series at once yet Bullseye 0. This guy deserves more attention!!! He is an amazing villain and is perfect for any street level character. Hell, I even thought of how a couple of the issues could work. In the stories I came up with Bullseye fights people ranging from the Punisher to Iron Man. Bottom line, this character needs more attention.

  • Must I give reasons why?


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Great list, my favorite villain is probably Lex Luthor.

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@Superskrull86: @Superskrull86: @Superskrull86: I can agree with that, I am only starting to scratch the surface of comics he is in though.