Obscure Characters That Deserve Another Chance

Thee are characters that I want to use if I ever write comic books.

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  • I would make him a villain in an Avengers Academy. After killing Bantam accidentally in 'Civil War' Thunderclap finally returns, but is now out to kill all of Avengers Academy since he believes that what he did to bantam was for the best and that all heroes should die. He does pretty well but slams Mettle into an oil truck like he did to Bantam, thinking he killed him. To his suprise, Mettle comes back up and knocks out Thunderclap. After the battle it is revealed to AA that someone convinced Thunderclap that killing heroes was the right thing to do.

    NOTE: In a later comic, it is revealed that Xraven convinced Thunderclap because Xraven wished to get rid out of Avenger's Academy to prove that he could take out a team before Mr. Sinister.

  • Taskmaster and Bullseye are two of my favorite villains. So in honor of this, I decided that a comic book pairing them up would be awesome. It would be titled Bullseye and Taskmaster (original I know) and would feature the two of them and their adventures.

    It would start out with Bullseye wanting to get taught some more advanced fighting under Taskmaster, but he learns that Taskmaster has really sucked recently. Taskmaster admits that ever since he showed fear to Moon Knight that he has becoming less and less of a threat in the MU. To solve this problem, Bullseye suggests that Taskmaster conquers his fear and defeat Moon Knight. Eventually they do it and Taskmaster carves Moon Knight's mask off and hangs it up on his prize wall when he returns to his home.

    They become quite the team and in one story-arc have a huge bounty on them, which attracts Punisher and many C-listers to kill them. It turns out that The Kingpin pinned the bounty on them since they refused to work for him.

    The comic ends when Taskmaster and Bullseye build themselves their own team of minor villains after losing to SHIELD in a huge brawl. The comic is then changed to (tentative title); "Hitmen Hall"

  • Slayback would appear in my Deadpool series as one of the many villains accused of killing Deadpool's wife (Reaaallly long story in my head lol). Deadpool seemingly kills him but he comes back and joins The Shadow Initiative when they hunt Deadpool. He is a rotating member of the team.

    NOTE: Shadow Initiative: http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/pikminmania/taskmasters-shadow-initiative/75-36391/