My Top 15 Rappers (As Of 10/13/12)

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Here are my favorite rappers as of 10/13/12. I plan on listening to all of the rappers albums and then ranking them accordingly but for now here are my Top 15. Please note that these are my favorites and not the greatest, but still feel free to discuss.

But Anyway, coming in at #15:

15. Ol' Dirty Bastard

ODB never was the most handsome rapper in the game...
ODB never was the most handsome rapper in the game...

While a lot of people either don't like ODB or don't find him to be one of their favorite Wu-Tang members, I gotta say he is my third favorite Wu member and 15th favorite rapper. All of his work on the Wu-Tang albums were great but his album Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version was just pure awesome. I think he has one of the best flows in rap but to people not used to him it sounds like weird inconsistent yelling. That's what makes him great though, he is a very good lyricist but you may not even realize it due to him being drunk in the recording studio more than once.

14. The Jokerr

Just don't judge him by the way he looks...
Just don't judge him by the way he looks...

Despite being a new artist, Jokerr has risen to being one of my favorites by impressing me more and more since March when he dropped his diss track to Tha Joker titled "The Real One". He has dissed two of the most high-profile underground rappers right now (Tech N9ne and Hopsin) but he did in two fantastic songs. Anyone who has challenged Jokerr have always got their ass handed to them too.Seriously, I haven't heard disses this well crafted since "Ether" by Nas. Disses aren't the only thing he possesses though, he can also spit good lyrics which are supported by his great beats in his non-diss album "Welcome To The Show". His gimmick is kinda stupid but he more than makes up for it. Check him out people.

13. Chuck D

Not many people can look badass while holding a calculator, Chuck D is an exception
Not many people can look badass while holding a calculator, Chuck D is an exception

Chuck D is the leader of Public Enemy, and there is a great reason for that. While Flava Flav served as a nice hypeman, he could never spit like Chuck D could. Chuck's politically charged rhymes mixed with his amazing voice and flow are why he is one of my favorites. Anyone who doesn't believe can look up any of his Public Enemy material. He inspired political MCs like Immortal Technique and has collabed with on the song Civil War, where Chuck D delivers an awesome chorus.

12. Rakim

The God himself
The God himself

I really shouldn't have to write much on why Rakim is one of my favorites. To put it simply, he's the greatest lyricist in rap ever. The only reason he isn't higher on the list is because I've only heard his album Paid In Full.

11.Big Pun

Despite weighing in at 700 lbs, Pun still probably banged more chicks than you ever will
Despite weighing in at 700 lbs, Pun still probably banged more chicks than you ever will

Big Pun said it himself, "I'm the first Latin rapper to baffle your skull / Mastered the flow" and he wasn't lying either. He is the best Latin rapper and the fact that he is one of the greatest lyricists ever supports that idea. He was also right when he stated that he mastered the flow since his multi-sylabble rhyming is unmatchable. One of the few reasons I didn't place him higher is because I never thought his beats were anything worth noting.

10. Tech N9ne

One of the few gangsters who can wear crazy-ass clown makeup (see left) and still be respected
One of the few gangsters who can wear crazy-ass clown makeup (see left) and still be respected

Tech N9ne has many times been called the #1 underground rapper and the most famous at that and for good reason. No underground rapper has had an impact like Tech has in his 10+ years of rapping. He has one of the best flows and it is truly amazing the first time you hear it. Combine that with his knack for creating good stories and lyrics makes him a true legend in rap. His recent efforts have been dropping and I lost respect for him after hearing Jokerr's diss but his old stuff is still great. I feel that eventually Jokerr will surpass him though.

9. Eminem

The picture is of blonde Eminem for a reason...
The picture is of blonde Eminem for a reason...

...And that reason is that bleached Eminem is when Em was truly in his prime. The three albums released while Eminem had his hair dyed blonde were instant classics and proved this white boy could take on any rapper including Jay-Z when he outshined him on "Renegade". Not only that, but his flow was quite original and his beats were great. Of course, you may be asking yourself why he is only #9 after every compliment I've given him. My response to that question is simply everything he has done after those albums sucked. His last three albums, Encore, Relapse, and Recovery were all awful-below average and Eminem has admitted it himself. If you still believe Eminem is as good as he was when he bleached his hair, I dare you to listen to the newest song he was on, "Here Comes The Weekend" by P!nk and tell me he isn't a sell-out who lost a lot of his lyrical skill.

8. Andre 3000


Animation Domination Review #1 - Week 9/25/11



Hi, I am a huge fan of Animation Domination. Four of current animations biggest TV shows are on FOX from 8 :00 - 10:00. One problem, the shows tend to dip in quality, and I put it upon myself to start reviewing them. So here is my first batch of reviews for the shows The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad. 
I will list them from least to greatest.
Starting it off:

#4 - Family Guy Season 10 Episode 1: Lottery Fever

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Wow. This has to be one of the worst season premieres I have seen in a LONG time. This was bad. The episode is about Peter striking it lucky with the lottery(twice!), and winning 150,000,000 million dollars. Sounds pretty good doesn't it? Well, don't be too impressed by the plot. The whole episode is littered with painfully unfunny jokes that just make me remember why I hated the last season of Family Guy. I think Seth Macfarlane has been focusing his time on his other cartoons much more than this one. The funniest joke was Peter attempting to swim in gold coins like Scrooge Mcduck does in Ducktales, but that still onlt gave me a smile considering I've seen the joke at least two other times. There was about two other "funny" jokes in the episode, but not enough to keep it from seeming like a wasted opportunity.
Some may find the onslaught of dirty jokes like the one about Meg's.... lady parts, but I found it to be irritating and stupid. The plot that could've been fleshed out at the intro of the episode (about one of the dancers in the intro who was impregnated by Peter) seemed much more interesting and potentially funny. I was hoping for the season premiere to be as good as last year's fantastic one.
Score: 3/10

#3 - The Simpsons - Season 23 Episode 1: The Falcon and the D'ohman

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This episode exactly what I thought it was going to be, average. In a way, I'm happy that put my expectations somewhat low in the first place. Like last year, this season premiere of The Simpsons wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. First off, I'd like to mention that if anyone actually remembered about the last episode of season 22, the one about Ned and Edna getting together, then congrats. At the end of that episode we were supposed to vote if Ned and Edna would get together and the results would show up in the season premiere. Well, something tells me that the writers forgot about it, because this episode has nothing to do with that premise, as a matter of fact, the results of Nedna were shoe-horned in the episode at the beginning, middle and end. The main premise of this episode is Kiefer Sutherland plays a highly trained government employee on the run who reluctantly becomes a security officer. The episode has a couple funny jokes, but it also has a lot of cutaways showing that pat of Kiefer Sutherland's character. Luckily, it didn't have nearly as much as Family Guy, and most of the flashbacks were cool and/or funny.
This was an above average episode, but nothing special. The guest stars were nice, but Kiefer just foesn't have the right deliviry for his jokes.
Score: 7/10 - Above Average

#2 - American Dad - Season 7 Episode 1: Hot Water

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This episode was a pretty good episode that tried to be an horror film parody. I say tried because in the end it failed at doing it. Cee Lo Green stars as a singing hot tub from the 70s that Stan buys to relieve his stress. But in a twist of events, the hot tub is evil!!! The hot tub is so evil that it actually kills Principal Lewis and Stan! There is more crazy and dark stuff throughout the episode, mostly in the lyrics of the songs. That is another thing I liked about this episode, it was a musical, albeit kind of a rip off of Little Shop of Horrors but a good musical nonetheless.
A good premiere that was dark and funny. The songs were also pretty catchy, sometimes.
Score: 7.5/10


#1 - The Cleveland Show - Season 3 Episode 1: BFFs

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So far Animation Domination has gotten off to a pretty rough start with average episodes, but luckily The Cleveland Show was very good. The episode is about Peter Griffin of Family Guy fame coming Stoolbend. Contradictory to what one would expect, Peter is not reuniting with Cleveland in this episode. Instead he makes friends with the locals and ignores Cleveland. In response, Cleveland calls on Nature Boy Ric Flair to help Cleveland bond with his own friends by putting them on a camping trip. This was the strong point of the episode I think since rapist locals end up catching them and plan on... well.. raping them! *Insert M. Bison yelling OF COURSE* During all of this, Donna enters Rallo in a Quiz Bowl tournament to show he is as smart as the other kids. This also led to my personal favorite joke of the episode where Donna references Marge Lois and Francine.
This was the best out of the batch of season premieres for this season. Like I previously stated, Seth Macfarlane seems to be putting more itme into American Dad and Cleveland Show at the moment, and it shows with this episode.
Well, that was my first review on this site or anywhere for that matter, so don't judge too harshly. Some constructive criticism would be nice though. Also, the pictures aren't uploading to Comic Vine for some reason, only Family Guy's did.
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Comic Book Arch Enemies - DC

Superman - Lex Luthor
General Zod

Green Lantern - Sinestro
Hector Hammond

Wonder Woman - Ares

Batman - The Joker
Ra's Al Ghul

Martian Manhunter - Malefic

Justic League - Darkseid

Aquaman - Black Manta
Ocean Master

The Flash - Zoom
Captain Cold
Gorilla Grodd

Green Arrow - Merlyn
Count Vertigo

Teen Titans - Deathstroke
Brother Blood

Captain Marvel - Dr. Sivana
Black Adam
Captain Nazi

The Atom - Chronos

 If you disagree or want to add villains to this list, let me know and I may change them.


Simpsons vs Griffins Tournament OP Round One

3 for Homer
2 for Peter

Every fight has three round in it

I will also be saying who I think will win

Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin -

1st Round: The fight takes place in a boxing ring, HOMER

2nd Round: Fight takes place in Kwik-E-Mart, HOMER


Homer gets two pistols, and the Pie-man costume with gadgets
10 bullets in each gun



two pistols, plus the electric powers of the pajamas, and 15 bullets for each gun instead of 10


3rd Round: Fight takes place in an open New York, next to a big New England Comics store.

Transforming Peter vs Everyman


Comic Book Arch Enemies - Marvel

I've decided that I will make a blog about heroes' arch enemies... so yeah, here we go. The villain next to the hero is the arch enemy, while the two below are the runner ups.

Spider-man - Norman Osborn
Doctor Octopus

Iron Man - Mandarin
Justin Hammer
Madame Masque

Fantastic Four - Dr. Doom

Thor - Loki
The Enchantress

Captain America - Red Skull
Baron Zemo

The Incredible Hulk - Thunderbolt Ross
The Leader

Deadpool - T-ray
Dr. Killebrew

Daredevil - Kingpin
Typhoid Mary

Wolverine - Sabretooth
Weapon X
Lady Deathstrike

X-men - Magneto
Hellfire Club
Mr. Sinister

Punisher - Jigsaw
The Russian

Black Panther - Klaw

She-hulk - Titania
Red She-Hulk

Elektra - Bullseye
The Hand

Blade - Deacon Frost
Marie Laveau

If you disagree or want to add villains to this list, let me know and I may change them.


What I Got At Boston Comic Con

Hello there true believers, this is the stuff I got at BCC today... so if you are not interested in this stuff, which most won't be, don't read this.
I got:
Wanted - Signed by J.G. Jones
Wizard's Top Ten Wolverine Stories Vol. 1 - Signed by J.G. Jones
X-men/Fantastic Four - Signed by Christos Gage
Fantastic Four #1 + 2 - Signed by Christos Gage
A TMNT Sketch Book - Signed by Michael Dooney, who also added a free sketch with the book!
EPIC #0 - Signed by Tyler James
DC Universe - Signed by NEAL ADAMS
A Venom Picture on a Glass Card
3 Booster Gold Comics - Given to me free by Christos Gage, he was done reading them so he just gave them to me.
Spider-man/Man-thing - It was an annual
Mouse Guard Winter 1152
Spider-man Noir: Eyes Without A Face
Marvel Monsters
Attack of the Alterna Zombies
A Sketchbook Featuring Gorilla Grodd, Super-Ape, Hit-Monkey, and Donkey Kong all on the cover
Spawn #9
GLA: Misassembled
Spectacular Spider-man #160
Superman #500

I missed a lot of people and I'm really sad about that, but I still got a lot of people I like.

I'd have to say Christos Gage was my favorite person there, which made me feel really bad that this was his first Con and barely any people showed up to his panel =(
Did any of you guys go?


The Crappy Villain Vault #5

One question before we start everybody, do you think I should put the name of the villlain on the title for each one of these blogs? If so... say so!
Now today we have a marvel villain, perhaps you know him: ARMADILLO

No Caption Provided

ITS GODZILLA!! No wait.... its an.. armadillo?

The Name:
I don't think I can make fun of this name too much, I mean.. he does look like an Armadillo, well an armadillo dipped in acid and then kicked in the armadillo balls a couple times, but still an armadillo. To be honest, I think I would've preferred his name as Armadillo Man instead of just the plain and boring Armadillo. But then again, if someone said to you that Armadillo is going to try and kill you, I'd say 60% of people would be like, "What the hell is an armadillo?" Making you seem a lot less cool. I give Armadillo a 6.5/10 on the crap-o-meter, already off to a good start hmmm.....

The Costume:

First off, I'd say he looks more like rigid CRAP than armadillo, or maybe an armadillo wearing crap on him. He does have Armadillos' vicious claws on his costume, wait did that come out right? I'm pretty sure Armadillo's never had claws that could give a bear a run for its money. Like his name, I can't complain too much about his costume, 7/10 on the crap-o-meter, so far Armadillo is on a roll! (Yes pun intended)

Weapons & Abilities
Damn, another thing that he succeeds at. His stupid Armadillo suit makes him immune to almost all types of ice, and invincible to fire and acid. He also has the Armadillo claws of death, which I hear are very sharp. Since he was a wrestler, he can dish out some pretty cool moves, like... punching. Yeah  that about the extent of what he can do, oh that and rolling. He rolls a lot. He turns into a ball of destruction and destroys a lot of sh*t around him, which is still cool. But I'd say his problem is that other than the ball ability, he doesn't have much originality. 7/10 on the crap-o-meter.

Win Record:
In his premiere fight, he fought on top of a building against Captain America after going berserk that his wife was cheating on him. I suppose this fight would count as a win for Armadillo, since his goal was to go suicide and jump off the building. He didn't die, but he did fall off the building, which is not cool. He has also joined a lot of teams, including M.O.D.O.K.'s 11. He doesn't do much in that though, other than not betray MODOK, which is also not very cool. Actually, most of his appearances are just him getting his ass kicked by a much stronger opponent, and no, that is not cool either. 9/10 on the crap-o-meter.

Worst Crime Committed
I'd say his worst crime committed is his obsession with his wife, Bonita, which literally translates out to pretty. Its really sad that someone as huge and strong as he is does what any creepy old man would do in a crappy horror movie. But Bonita must be stupid herself if she doesn't notice the giant armadillo following her around all the time. I give this stalker ma 10/10 on the crap-o-meter.

Armadillo scored a very good 39.5/50, which means he is so far the best villain on this post! WOWSERS! I have a lot of work today, including getting stuff ready for Boston Comic Con, so I'll make this short. It would still seem that Armadillo *puts on some shades* doesn't get the armaDILLIO!! YEEEAAAHHHH-- WOW THAT WAS BAD
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The Crappy Villain Vault #4

Wow I got a lot to talk about right now.
1. Since Comicvine was down, I couldn't make any of these blogs.
2. I've recently been introduced into the wonderful world of Bitstrips and am making my own comics (currently Batman and Spider-man VS Secret Six)
3. In response to Hush20's Making Batman Villains Cool, I've decided to do his current one: Zebraman
Check out Hush20's topic to see how I would make him cool.

No Caption Provided
Move over Magneto! We got a new magnetic mastermind, and he dresses like a ZEBRA!!!

The Name:
You know, I can't comment on his name that much. It really does reveal his character quite well. What it reveals is not that he is a badass man of nature, but a striped animal that Kraven The Hunter probably hunts in his sleep. I want to know who gives a F**K about zebras anyway. Show of hands, anyone, NO! Catman makes a bit more sense, everyone loves cats. I have never met someone who loves zebras to the point of naming themselves after them. I'm never going to see the show Zebra & Jerry I'll tell you that. So the fact that Zebraman thinks he may strike fear into his opponents makes me laugh. Imagine if the famous scene from the Batman (1989) movie went something like this:
Gangster: WHO ARE YOU?
Zebraman: I'm Zebraman!
The gangster would not crap his pants out of fear, but of laughter. Zebraman scores a generous 8/10 on the crap-o-meter.

The Costume:
You know a costume is bad when your symbol is a black and white horse. Not cool.  Then we get to see his awesome underpants that aren't even striped, which really begs the question of why he is Zebraman if not all of his costume is striped. Its like if the Batman costume had magic reindeers instead of wings that help batman "fly". It just ruins the whole bat look doesn't it? Now back to Zebraman, take a look at his hair. Its mohawks like that which give me the urge to slaughter some zebras. Overall, Zebraman scores a 9/10 on the crappy meter.

Weapons & Abilities:
As the first character on this blog with real powers, no I am not counting eyes on your fingertips as a power BTW, I got to give him some points. But when you have magnetism and force fields you should be respected. And of course by now we know he is not because Zebraman thought that zebras might give Magneto a run for his money on the cool department. Also I've noticed Zebraman can't even use his powers well either, which makes my score higher for him. In terms of the abilities I'm guessing he has the power of a zebra, which as far as I know is to run kind of fast and get eaten by stronger animals. He gets a 8.5/10 on the crap-o-meter.

Win record:
Like many villains, he has a sucsessful win record of 0. Sad. After looking at him though I do have to apologize for Man With Ten Eyes score here, he at least was able to harm someone like Man Bat. I doubt Zebraman could even hurt a zebra, or scare one. 10/10 on the crap-o-meter, no lets move on to another short paragraph.

Worst Crime Commited:
I don't really know, he hasn't done anything that could be considered a feat, nevertheless a crime. All he has done is show off his creepy affection to zebras. Okay, he hasn't even done that much but he might as well, we all know he is really just a furry who got lost to one of those conventions for furries and just decided to rob a bank. Looking back on that sentence just creeps the hell out of me actually. 10/10 on the crap-o-meter.

Overall: Zebraman scored a very bad 45.5/50 on the crap-o-meter. And as we know by now that is not a good grade. I did think of a way to make Zebraman less stupid but then again that is pretty hard anyway. I really enjoy Batman: TBATB, and the fact that all 5 appearences of him on the show are of him getting his ass kicked really must tell you something about Zebraman. All in all, its seems I must have *puts on sunglasses* STRIPED Zebraman of his pride. YYYYYEEEeAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Yes, that is the worst pun I have done so far.

The Crappy Villain Vault #2

 Well for the quest I need to make a blog apparently.  So I decided to make this. Every school day, 5 days, I will try to add one crappy villain to this blog.
My second choice is the amazing BIG WHEEL!!

No Caption Provided
Behold the maginficent power of a Ferries Wheel...wait what?

The Name:
Big Wheel. Yup, Big Wheel. Many have heard this name before, and that is because it is the name of a popular little TODDLER'S toy that was manufactured in the 70's. So essentially, we have a villain that a toddler literally could've thought of by looking at the vehicle he was riding around in his backyard. Sad.. just sad. I'd also like to mention how the writer mentions how stupid he is, well not technically, but then again any time a writer states that a character will only get one issue really says something about your character. I give Big Wheel's name a 9/10 on the crap-o-meter. EDIT: One of his other names was the Donut of Destruction, I'll just let that sink in.

The Outfit:

No matter what you'll do, have it be rampage through a city, blow up an orphanage, or produce most of Justin Beiber's songs, you must know that riding in a giant YELLOW wheel while committing these crimes will make absolutely NO ONE scared of you. To make matters even worse, how about wearing a bright green outfit while inside the giant banana-colored wheel that even writers mock. To make matters EVEN worse, this character was not made in the 50's or even the 60's (where bright colors seemed to be all the rage) this stupid character was made IN THE 70'S!! This era was when we got great characters like Storm, Shang-Chi, and Firestorm. So getting someone in a green jumpsuit was not going to cut it. 8.5/10 on the crap-o-meter.

Weapons & Abilities:
Okay this one will be quick. The only thing the "donut of destruction" has is waldo arms and machine equipped to it. Waldo arms sound stupid enough, and if that is your main weapon, then you just shouldn't have tried being a villain. Where's Waldos arms gets a 10/10 on the crap-o-meter.

Win Record:
His first battle against Spiderman he fell off a roof and ended up in the Hudson River. Too bad the writer of that issue was wrong and that wasn't his only issue. Surprisingly though, he was able to knock a ghost rider off a bridge, only for his wheel to be ripped up by a different ghost rider because he was gloating too much. Why are on earth anyone would even bother gloating when they're only weapons are guns and waldo arms, I have no idea. That is all Big Wheel's actually done, so I guess I'd give his win record of 0.5 - 2 a 9/10 on the crap-o-meter.

Worst Crime Committed:
He pushed Ghost Rider off a bridge.... that's cool right? RIGHT? No its not especially since Big Wheel has fallen off a roof before...into a river. So he really shouldn't be proud about his worst crime. 10/10 on the crap-o-meter for his "amazing feat."

The Donut of Destruction scored an impressive 46.5/50 on the crap-o-meter. Which means he is worse than Paste Pot Pete. Big Wheel never would've even been around if it  wasn't for The Tinkerer. That should make a crappy villain theme park and he got be the Ferris wheel ride, but then again I've watched movies where regular Ferris wheels were able to do more damage than Big Wheel was able to do, so I don't want to insult Ferris wheels. In the end, Big Wheel just never seemed to be on a *puts on sunglasses* roll. YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!

NOTE: Expect to see more CSI Miami references

Crappy Villain of The Day

Well for the quest I need to make a blog apparently.  So I decided to make this. Every school day, 5 days, I will try to add one crappy villain to this blog.
To start it off I present to you all - PASTE POT PETE!!

No Caption Provided

Nothing screams badass like a gun that shoots sperm, oh I mean glue.

The Name: Paste Pot Pete? Are you F*&&ing joking? Who the hell would name themselves that. Paste? Pot? Pete? First off something like Pasteman is bad enough, but adding pot to the name makes him even more ridiculously stupid. After getting a severe beatdown in the form of Spiderman laughing his ass off when PPP first fought him, he decided to change his name to The Trapster. NO. If you are going to change your name, don't make it sound like a kindergartner came up with it while stuffing crayons in his mouth. I give his name a 10/10 on the crappy meter.

The outfit:

Well, he was made in 1957, and for some reason purple must've seemed very menacing back then, since a lot of heroes have that color on their outfits. I suppose his costume isn't as bad as other crappy villains, but man, does it sure look silly. And what better way to make your cool villain even cooler then by adding yellow to his purple costume. He just looks like you can't take him seriously even when he is firing his glue gun at you. Part of that is because he is using a glue gun, sure its a super duper glue gun, but its still a glue gun when you think about it. 8/10 on the crappy meter

Weapons, Abilities:
Well he has a super glue gun..... and some other cool equipment like scatter balls.... I'm not a fan of this character at all. I do have to give him points for the glue gun though, it helps him swing like Spiderman, and he can create a lasso with it. Am I the only one that doesn't find a lasso threatening at all? Other than WW's of course. I give his skills a 6.5/10 on the crappy meter.

Win Record:
Not high to say the least. He lost to someone because the opponent laughed so much that it made Trapster so embarrassed he just left the fight. Even when he joined the Frightful Four he still didn't do anything impressive, Sandman and The Wizard did all the work, he just looked stupid. Don't even get me started on his win/loss ratio against Johnny Storm. I don't think he has EVER won a one on one fight with Human Torch, his arch nemesis. A give his win record a 10/10 on the crappy meter.

Worst Crime Committed:
I'd have to say its when he framed Spiderman. That's about the only important thing he has ever done. And the worst part is, SO MANY other villains have done this. Mysterio, Kingpin, and Chameleon seems to frame Spiderman every other week! To make matters worse, Osborn instructed him on what to do. He's like that kindergartener I was talking about earlier, always needing help from a teacher because he can't do anything right. I give this feat a 9/10 on the crappy meter.

Paste Pot Pete has scored an impressive 45.5/50 on the crap meter. Which means he REALLY sucks. I like how Marvel and DC have been trying to make crappy characters serious badasses also, have it be Calendar Man or Jack O' Lantern, it just doesn't seem right. So seeing Marvel try to make Trapster cool is very hard to do, and so far they haven't been able to do it. Some of his weapons aren't even that bad though, 'm sure he could take on the GLA, actually I'm not to sure about that. All in all, these reasons are why The Trapster's career.. *Puts on Sunglasses* didn't stick. YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Tell me if you liked this please