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Congratulations! You have been randomly selected... 2 the government... to die in 24 hours!Obedience is the key to happiness according to a dystopian Japanese government in this manga, upon entering elementary school every child is immunized and one out of every thousand syringes also holds a nano-capsule that will rupture on a predetermined day sometime between the ages of 18 and 24. Twenty-four hours before they are to die an Ikigami (death paper) is delivered so that the person has 24 hours to prepare for death or to live the last minutes ...

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Yay X-Men Shojo !!! 0

When I first heard that a manga reimagining of the X-Men and Wolverine were coming out I was very excited and so far I am very happy with the final product. X-Men: Misfits was a great take on the classic X-Men concept and characters. I enjoyed the writing and art a great deal but I wasn't a fan of the new version of Colossus or Beast. Colossus looked more like a fat old fashioned tin man with a bad mustache and Beast looked like a big fat bear/badger :( The focus on Kitty Pryde was interesting a...

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Luxuria 0

Starting out with this trade I was not a fan, the story and art just felt like a poor imitation of similar European comics and I was bored must of the time, each sixteen page chapter was a chore to read. Eventually though I warmed up to the comic with issue #5 "Coldheart" and my views on it turned around completely. The final three issues in the trade were great reads and now I need to dig through my long boxes to find the rest of the series. Casanova follows super spy Casanova Quinn on his sex...

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Super Hero Happy Hour 0

I wasn't expecting very much from Super Hero Happy Hour because it sold very poorly at my store but I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem. At its heart it is a fairly decent concept rarely seen in other comics, what would super heroes do when they are off duty, they are just like regular people and after a long day some of them like to go out for a drink and talk to their co-workers and friends. Many of the super heroes do resemble more mainstream well known heroes like Superman, Batman...

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A Brother in Arms 1

(This is my first review so try to keep the angry mobs with pitchforks and torches to a minimum)  The Theater of War one shots have been incredible. In this installment of the series, A Brother in Arms, the stellar writing by Paul Jenkins really works well with the art of John McCrea. These days stories of wars gone by are few and far between and most of them can not hold a candle to stories many of us grew up with in the pages of titles like Star Spangled War Stories, Our Army at War, and even ...

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