Anime Conji 2015

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Since today, the final day, was a half day I decided to do a quick write up of what I did.

The Marathoner ribbon was given whenever you watched a block of anime (3-4 episodes), a lot of the time the AV guys were lazy and didn't pass them out though so I didn't get as many as I should have.

So here is the entertainment in the order I saw it:

Friday - 8am - 12:30am

  • .hack//Legend of the Twilight (1-4) - I hadn't seen this anime since it had come out, it aged well and is still very fun.
  • A Certain Magical Index (1-4) - I really enjoyed this, way better then Railgun.
  • Baka & Test 2 (4) - I only caught the last of this four episode block and it was ridiculously funny, I'd heard all the hype but from what I had read about it I didn't think I'd like it but I was wrong, luckily an hour after watching this episode I bought the box set for the first season :D
  • Cowboy Bebop (1-2) - Due to technical issues because they were using PS3's instead of dvd's players everywhere in the show... they only showed the first two episodes out of four. I was surprised how few people there even knew what Bebop was, no respect for the classics :/
  • Ga Rei Zero (1-2) - Never heard of it before but this was really good, I wish I had stayed for the full four episodes but I made the mistake of going to the next panel....
  • Welcome to the Titan Fighters Panel - This was a very popular panel and I thought it was because of the vague description but it turns out the large crowd that showed up knew what this was, the description was "Welcome to the Titan Fighters panel. We'll be having the main trio; Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, as well as the important side characters." so I was thinking some kind of discussion panel or maybe come actors from some live action thing I hadn't heard about but it turned out to be six women, half of them in drag to be male characters and all six were acting as the characters and answering questions as the characters and doing fan shipping and hugs and kisses, blegh, huge waste of time.
  • Fakku Presents: Hentai Manga & Doujinshi - This was pretty decent, this was their industry panel and some cool info was put out.
  • Fakku Presents: Visual Novels & Eroge - I've never been a fan or had any of these things but I figured I'd hang out to see what the hype was, funny stuff but I'm still not interested.
  • Open Mic Karaoke - I'm not a singer but I enjoy watching.

Saturday - 8am - 2:00am

  • Sengoku Basara (1-4) - Great block of anime, I need to watch more.
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (1-3) - Super cute, I was so annoyed that they skipped the fourth episode cause they poorly timed things.
  • Soul Eater (1-4) - It had been so long since I watched this series I'd completely forgotten the episodes so only a few little bits were familiar.
  • Hikaru no Go (1-4) - I enjoyed the first volume of the manga but decided to not continue since it was slow and the "action" of playing Go wasn't that good but watching the anime was great, I hope I can keep watching it.
  • Negima! (3-4) - Such a fun series, I watched the whole thing a while ago and just watched these two cause I was early for what was next.
  • FLCL (1-4) - This wasn't supposed to be screened, originally they were supposed to screen both Eden of the East movies which was looking forward to more then any other anime but unsurprisingly they messed up again and forgot the dvd for the first movie and brought FLCL instead and the second movie, I just stayed around for FLCL since nothing else was going and I wasn't going to watch the second movie without seeing the first one first.
  • Choose Your Own AMV Adventure! I thought this was pretty decent but according to most of the people I was around this years wasn't as good as the previous year. I still thought it was fun though.
  • FAKKU Q&A - This panel had its moments but a lot of it ended up being a repeat of info/stories/jokes from the panel the night before.
  • FAKKU Presents: Hentai Worth Watching - This was the big one that everyone wanted to be at, I was totally shocked at the number of women at this panel, all the other FAKKU panels had women sprinkled in but at this one there were a ton and they were full on in to it. Great panel.
  • Open Mic Karaoke - I'm not a singer but I enjoy watching.

Sunday - 10am - 5:30pm

  • Gourmet Girl Graffiti (1-4) - Super cute series that I must continue.
  • AMV Winner Showcase - I haven't watched many AMV's the past decade or so but today's AMVs are incredible compared to the olden days, here is the ballot with all the info and my favs were ManiacaL, Safe and Sound, Cosplay Bargain Bin and Reiterate Things.
  • Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (1-4) - Rewatched the first three eps and luckily they played the fourth one this time cause it was really good.
  • The Prince of Tennis (1-3) - I need to continue this series, I think I watched the first two box sets and I enjoyed them.
  • Fruits Basket (half of 4) - I read this for a while in my very early manga days, I never really liked it and just watched a little of this fourth episodes cause I got to the room early.
  • Princess Jellyfish (1-4) - I had planned on watching Steins; Gate cause it looks interesting but on a whim I watched the Princess Jellyfish and liked it way more so I went to this instead and I'm glad I did as this series is great, can't wait to watch more.

This was a pretty small convention, this was its first year at this venue and they said they had moved to it cause the last venue was too small for their 3000 attendees and I was told they were expecting 5k this year and then on day one or zero I was told 2000 were expected, I think that might have been total not per day as there really wasn't that many people so I'm glad I went so I could see if I could handle being around a lot of people and I didn't have a problem handling it. The main downside to the size was that the showroom was tiny, only 44 tables :/ none of the known publishers really showed up, the closest thing to that was Funimation, FAKKU and J-List, everybody else was small timers that sell trinkets and stuff out of their homes or online, only two booths had dvds/blu-rays and only three total had manga of any sort which was kind of stupid and only one booth had backpacks and it was like as an afterthought as they only had nine different ones and they were all kid-like shaped like animal heads and that kind of thing no messenger bags like I was looking for.

And to end with here are the three things I bought (cause I'm poor):

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