Anybody else ever wonder why Whiskey Media doesn't have....

a BookVine for books or a ScreenedXXX for porn???? they already cover comics, anime, manga, movies, tv shows, tech, and video games so why not books and porn, I bet they could do pretty well, there are book alternatives already but none of them are anywhere near as good as they could be and I know there aren't any wiki type sites for porn other then the IAFD the Internet Adult Film Database and quite frankly it sucks. Anybody else think a BookVine and ScreenedXXX could do very well???


Another wiki milestone for me !!!!

100,000 wiki points and ranked #22 in six months one week !!!!! almost 12,000 submissions and only six of them were over 100 points so almost every submission I made was for basic edits and the 5,000+ single issues I added to the wiki :D


My next fill in the gaps wiki quest list.

Since I had so much fun filling in the wiki gaps for Charlton and Topps I've made a list of companies I'm going to tackle next :D 

  1. After Hours Press - done
  2. Aircel - done
  3. Ajax-Farrell - done
  4. Angel Entertainment - done
  5. AP Comics - done
  6. APE Entertainment - done
  7. Atlas - done
  8. Atlas Comics - done
  9. Dell - done
  10. Disney - done
  11. Entity
  12. Fawcett
  13. First
  14. Gold Key
  15. Impact
  16. Ironcat
  17. Jademan
  18. Lightning
  19. Milestone
  20. Moonstone
  21. Prize
  22. Quality
  23. Radio Comix
  24. Sin Factory
  25. Sirius
  26. St. John
  27. Star Comics
  28. Timely
  29. Valiant (just the nintendo comics)
  30. Warp
  31. White Lightning

some small some big all fun, some might not have any gaps but I'm sure gonna find out :P
edited to add:
I'll keep updating this blog with my progress

Finally finished my Charlton quest !!!!

After almost two longs weeks I've filled in as many gaps as I could in the Charlton catalog on ComicVine for a total of almost 4000 new issues added, yay !!!! For my next project I'm thinking I should go with smaller publishers cause that was pretty time consuming lol. For now though I shall celebrate with ice cream :D


I finally hit my entertainment milestone for the year !!!!

I just finished watching my 3200th movie/tv episode/cartoon episode/anime episode this year !!!!!
Ok little back story first, I am obsessed with lists, collecting and watching things. I've already made web applications and databases for listing my comics, manga, books, trades, dvds, cds, games, software, zippos, and plushies and at the end of 2009 it dawned on me that I wished I had kept track of everything I had watched throughout my life cause seriously it is a lot lol. So for my new years resolution I decided I would track and list everything I watched starting 1/1/10 and I did, at first just in a simple spreadsheet as I built a web application to store it all in and after a week or so I finished the beta and I imported the spreadsheet and kept adding to my running list. Then back in July I saw how much I was watching and decided to set a goal for myself and that was 3200 watched items by the end of the year (12/31/10) and I have hit the goal almost two months early !!!!
I only list movies, tv show episodes/specials, cartoon episodes, and anime episodes so no music videos or tutorials or stupid little web clips or anything like that just to beef up my numbers :D My 3200th watched item was the second season premiere of The LXD one of my most fav web shows ever :D I don't have a lot of time left but I am now hoping to hit 3400 things watched by the end of the year, yay !!!! So here is the breakdown of what I've watched and other stats:  


  • movies - 391
  • tv show episodes - 1881
  • cartoon episodes - 474
  • anime episodes - 409
  • tv specials - 45 


  • dvd - 268
  • streaming - 1949
  • theatre - 1 (way to low but this has been a broke year and the movie was Iron Man 2)
  • tivo - 974
  • tv - 8 (these only happened because my house was being fumigated and I was at my sisters) 
   all dvds, tivoed shows and streaming items are all watched on computers, I rarely use an actual tv


  • watched on - 1042
  • netflix dvds - 147
  • watched on netflix instant watch - 650
  • redbox dvds - 73 
  • items still in my hulu queue - 560
  •  number of things in my hulu queue expiring between now and 1/1/11 - 197
and here is a highlight list of some of the stuff I watched and enjoyed:
and as a bonus I started tracking how many comics I read since July and it isn't that much since I spent all my time on other media :P


  • single issues -  454 (100 of those were read last week in three days)
  • trades - 4
If you've made it all the way to the end of this blog you can obviously see I have an obsession :)

Anybody else using Stylish to remix ComicVine ???

Like the title says anybody else remixing ComicVine with Stylish ??? Show it off with some screenshots if you are :D 

Today I was bored and decided to create one that makes the site a little more aesthetically pleasing for me since I'm mildly obsessed with blue and I'm not a big fan of yellow, green, and red  :P If there is any interest I'll post the source code. I haven't replaced the green buttons on the site yet but I have revamped all the sections on CV. 

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Cuttin back on tv shows

So currently I'm watching between 67 and 71 weekly tv shows and to many movies to count. My hulu queue is just over 600 and I have 1150 tivoed movies and episodes sitting on my computer waiting to be watched... Cause of all this I barely read any comics anymore so I am 18 months behind and I miss reading comics so I have to cut back on tv episodes :D Luckily not very many new shows this season are good so I've dropped the following: 

  1. Chase
  2. Undercovers
  3. Lone Star
  4. Lie To Me
  5. Hawaii Five-0
  6. Biggest Loser
  7. Detroit 1-8-7
  8. Running Wild
  9. The Defenders
  10. The Whole Truth
  11. Blue Bloods
  12. Nikita
  13. The Event
  14. Outlaw
and as soon as their seasons finish I'm done with: (I realize almost all of their seasons have ended but I haven't watched them yet)
  1. Swords: Life On the Line
  2. The Colony
  3. The Glades
  4. Haven
  5. Swamp Loggers
  6. Swamp People
and I might be dropping:
  1. Fringe
  2. NCIS: Los Angeles
  3. The Middle
  4. The Mentalist
  5. Generator Rex
  6. Undercover Boss
  7. No Ordinary Family
  8. Law & Order: Los Angeles
 Dropping all those I might be able to start making a dent in my tivo and comics backlog :D
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