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I know I should be over the way they forced the rift between Scott and the rest but it's moments like Iceman acknowledging Scott not being in control but still being a dick about it that really dredge it up. And Storm too. Recently she welcomed Bishop back with open arms despite the fact he killed Xavier once, whilst obsessively trying to murder a baby. I hate the fact that I hate characters I once loved in Beast, Storm, Wolverine and now Iceman.

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Other than the previous Carnage series where did Mercury team appear?

This series is fine for what it is; a bit of fun that ultimately means nothing. There are very few characters that should be able to face Carnage hand to hand, most fights would end the way that second one did. Carnage is an odd mix of grossly over powered and super easy to beat.

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How are the X-men still pissed at Scott for Xaviers death...he was possessed by the Phoenix force that was forced on him by the Avengers*! Jean killed BILLIONS when she was possessed nut they forgave her. Wolverine is ALWAYS getting possessed or brainwashed and he killing folk. Also, why did Hank bring the past X-men to the future? There is still no logical reason a smart man would make such a stupid move. Everything since schism has been forced nonsense.

*Had the Avengers just let Scotts plan for the Phoenix force/Hope play out, AVX wouldn't have happened and Xavier wouldn't have died. Instead they accidentally split it amongst the 5 then hassled them til war happened and then, in the end, Hope gets the Phoenix and Scott's original plan plays out.

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I've not particularly enjoyed this run. I'm a big fan of Remender for the most part but the death in this issue was completely unnecessary. There was no reason for it, other than to shock, it was entirely avoidable. Romita Jr's art continues to be terrible, from the inhabitants of Dimension Z, to the completely featureless sleds they ride to Cap's fucking tiny shield. At least we didn't have to look at his bobble headed children though, damn he draws kids badly.