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Born in a small mining town In the deserts of Arizona, Clayton Phillips always had a built in connection to the earth. Though his parents wanted him to follow in the footsteps of his father as the………., Clayton instead clashed with his parents over wanting to attend college for years, causing bipolar tendencies to manifest within the youth. Earning a scholarship to the nearby university, Clayton escaped the confines of his enclosed town and attended school, in pursuit of a geology degree, with the ultimate goal of one day returning to his hometown with a host of new opportunities for his family, proving them wrong in the process.

In a day long field trip, Clayton’s class visited one of the nearby quarries to study the process of harvesting minerals. Incidentally, the class arrived on a day that the miners had happened upon a bed of fossils. Clayton hadn’t found the fossils interesting, instead focusing on the surrounding rubble while his classmates marveled at the relics. A strange light shining faintly underneath a pile of rubble had caught his eye. Uncovering the glowing object beneath, Clayton gazed upon what appeared to be a strange, light emitting fossil. He reached down to examine the object, but the moment his finger touched the objected, the light flowing from the fossil shot up Claytons arm and into his body, fading from the fossil. Tensing up in a massive surge of pain, Clayton passed out. He woke up in a hospital bed, to a doctor telling him he tripped and hit hit his head, and that he was lucky to only have a concussion.

Returning home to recover from his “fall” Clayton once again found himself arguing with his parents about school. At his wits end, he raised his voice to his parents and awakening a destructive force inside of him. As he talked the foundations of the house began to shake, as his voice grew louder, the floor tiles began to levitate around him, causing his mother to shriek in fear and his father to protect himself from the crumbling home. Only now noticing the turmoil he was causing, Clayton suddenly calmed himself down. Seeing his mothers tearful eyes and his father look upon him in fear, Clayton left immediately, equally scared of what he had become.

Fast forward 3 years and Clayton has learned to harness his new abilities, bending minerals to his will, and empowering his own physical abilities, but still falling victim to his temper at times. The powers of whatever he touched that faithful day had apparently bonded with his grey matter and spread through out his entire body, unbeknownst to Clayton, enhancing his connection with the earth to unprecedented levels. At the current time Clayton has returned to college, this time far from home in the city of Austin Texas, and interning for another nearby quarry as a geologist. When trouble is brewing, Clayton will usually try to keep his nose out of the problem, but usually finds himself somehow tied up in it regardless, being dubbed “Slate” for his mineral based powers.

Powers and Abilities:

-In Clayton’s base form, he possesses superhuman strength up to a maximum of 10 tons, and durability to match, along with mildly enhanced reaction speeds. He can however amplify these physical stats to 60 tons by bonding the minerals he manipulates to his being.

-Clayton has limited control of all types of minerals: Sand, Stone, Metals, Magma, Glass, etc.

-His Geomancy abilities have a normal maximum of around 40 tons, but depending on his mental state this limit can increase or decrease.

-Clayton’s abilities are altered subconsciously through his current state of mind:

In a calm state, Clayton has much more precise control over finer particles, such as sand, dust, soot, etc. but loses his ability to control magma and metals.

In his focused (or Base) state, he retains limited control of fine minerals, control over rocky minerals, and limited control of metals and magma.

In an enraged state, his powers become more erratic and out of control and he loses the ability to manipulate fine particles, but he has enhanced manipulation of metals and magma, along with his standard manipulation of rocky minerals. The maximum limit of his manipulation also increases with rage.

-His powers are normally used to enhance Clayton’s physical stats, namely strength and durability, but has many diverse uses outside of that. These include: creating projectiles, blasts of lava (dependent on mental state), Creating walls of rock, assisted flight through mineral levitation, creating stone/metal weapons, creating suits of rocky/metallic armor, shields out of minerals, mineral particle sufffocation.

-above average intelligence

-basic fighting skill

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