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Fury of a goddess 0

THE GOOD well first of the cover much better than the first  Diogenes Neves love his illustration now to the story Storms meet her arch enemy the Shadow king and is pretty angry as you would expect thats when we get to see so serious Storm fury with the giant Lighting bolt whipping out most of the wakandain guards more Storm fury is her blowing Cyclops ship up(dont worry he possesed) so its ok to try and kill him know we all Gentle is in this book but seeing him take out the The Dora Milaje for ...

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Some serious Deja vu 1

Well what can i say but Psylockes back in business and also which i thought was a nice touch is that we get to see English betsy as well. First off the cover is get love the spilt in the middle with english betsy on one side and curret betsy on the other what i also liked about this Story arc is that it introduces you to lesser known characters like masterminds daughters and where does this story begin in Japan with Domino. it was also quite interesting that with the amount of mutants in the bui...

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