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So every year i go to the biggest comic / anime / sci-fi and fantasy convention of the Benelux, F.A.C.T.S. its not as big as comic con.

greetz Pheeke


runaways, young avengers

Together or apart, would be so cool.
That is if they do it right, keep to the story and cast properly  otherwise they don't have to do any comic book movie for me.


comic toys and figurines

so i just got some batman toy from my mom and dad, sweet but i hope they realise i don't play with it anymore but that it is for my collection. ;)
When i was a kid i used to play with batman toys and i still own a whole lot of star wars stuff. (toys, figurines, barbie dolls enzo...)
I think these figurines and toys are cool, but i give more money to the actual comic and movies than the merchandise.
What do you think? How much money would you give on merchandise, what merchandise do you own or would you like to buy?
I'm keeping my eyes open for a harley guinn figurine that doesn't cost a fortune and even more for shipping.

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Le Fourreux aka donselaar

fourreux (donselaar in my language) is a fantasy animal in the french comic La Quête de l'oiseau du temps, (The search for the time bird) This fuzzy little animal is actually the spirit of the red haired girl he's always with. Pelisse (girl) doesn't really exist, fourreux is her mind, thats why he always has to be with her, she is just a mindless body. He controls everything she does and says.


The sword

I just bought the first trade (fire) of the sword, and i really love the story, i'm not the biggest fan of the art but the story is great.
I love the characters and the gore and i was on the tip of my seat the whole time i read it.
I love the main character Dara, and i think her evolution in the comic is interesting to see, you realise she's changend even before she does.
I'm going to buy the second trade (water i think) soon.
Anyone else in love with the sword? what do you think?

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Only when Sometimes its okay

Sometimes its okay to change some small things, comic characters were designed for comics and its hard to make them work on the big screen, i can understand if you change the suit or something small to make it work. i can understand if you change the suit or something small to make it work.


Batman of course.

If anyone has the best villains it must be Batman, their deliciously evil.

But he also has that type of villains that you just feel sorry for, like Harley, i mean she's not really evil she's just a bit crazy and in love.
I like those type of villains.


Well a good cover always helps.

Well if i feel like reading something new a good cover always catches my eye.

But if i'm following a series a bad cover doesn't make me stop reading it.
Anyone who says it doesn't matter at least a little bit is lying.
But also a cover should tell the truth it shouldn't have a caracter or something on it that has nothing to do with the content. 
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