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Viners who personify Star Wars characters: Da Divine Redo.

...well this one is similar to the one I created before, but updated. I've gotten to meat different people, changed my views, and overall gotten a much firmer grasp on the Vine and Star Wars as of, enough of my rambling and lets get this sh!t started.

Optional music - If the first list was fire, this one will be even more so:

*To be continued because I'm lazy.*

List items

  • Da Divine King:

    I don't think there is any Star Wars character, personality wise, that fits me better than Kyp Durron. He's arrogant,power, radical, and flirts with the Darkside more than any other Jedi that hasn't fallen to it permanently.He's a tortured soul who's tryng tortred soul who trying to redeem the atrocity's committed when he wielded the mighty Sun Crusher. Fits my persona perfectly.

  • JediXman:

    Are you surprised? Dont be. Jedi shares that same solemnity Jacen shows throughout his entire career as a Jedi. Add that to the fact that Solo was one of the greatest Force users the galaxy has ever seen, and JXM is one of the greatest users the site has, and you have a match made in the Netherworld.

  • I_Like_Swords:

    Well what can I say? Like Maul, ILS is unrelentless in his pursuit for a W, and he also has a dark sense of humor thtt mimics Maul own dark aura. I know both of these first hand because I've been on the receiving end of both in our debates and PM's conversations.


  • Silver2467:

    I'll always hold a special place in my heart for Silver. If it wasn;t for him, I wouldn't have never picked up my first Star Wars comic book and gave it a try. So in a sense, he was sorta like Luke Skywalker to my Kyp Durron. Couple that with the fact that he was probably the greatest SW debater around and you got a winner...hope you return eventually, bro.

  • Ostyo:

    He's annoying, Starkiller is annoying. It's simple mathematics people.

  • Shootingnova:

    Before I start, let me preface by saying Nova should be in the debaters HoF with the aforesaid debaters above. His ability to craft arguments and debunk others is nearly unparalleled. The way he lays down groundwork and doesn't get recognized for it's is tantamount to Darth Sidious manipulating the Grand Plan behind closed doors without anyone suspecting anything out of the old Chancellor. That was, until he executed order 66 and wiped nearly all the Jedi from the galaxy. Maybe Nova will eventually do the same thing and stand above us all as debaters.

    Only time can tell - but until then - Nova has my respect.

  • Darling Luna:

    ...well. I have a confession - I like Ahsoka Tano. there I said it. I've always found the character to be fun and lovable, and I find Luna to be the same. I enjoy Tano as a character; sue me(but don't expect a cent out of my broke ass).

  • Deronn_solo:

    A deranged and powerful clone of myself....hehe.

  • Wolverine08:

    This is a place hold for Anakin btw. Ani and Wolverine holds a load of smilarities; they both hold a significant amount of potential, both are prideful, and both are two of my favorites. Seems legit.

  • Dragonborn_ct:

    Well....their names are pronounced the same. LAL. But really, who better to represent Katarn, than Caio? i don't know anyone either. Both are ice cool in their own way.

  • Xwraith:

    Whenever I think Wedge, I think X. No explanation needed.

  • Samimista:

    A switch up from last time where she was Mara Jade. I think Jaina fits Sam a tad bit better. Regardless, both are my two favorite people/characters I know, and stuff. Both are great friends, and both, of course are good to look at.

    Hehe. <_<

  • Laflux:

    Here the deal - Laflux, could at times get on my nerves (mainly because of the Lil B wank >_<) but overtime, like Galen, I've become to enjoy it. Just like Galen. Besides that little tidbit, Laflux is one of my best friends on this entire site and is always a joy to converse with. Plus, Galen pulls Juno, while 'Flux pulls chick, seems reasonable. :P