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Viners who personify Anime/Manga Characters: Da I'm bored edition

As the title says, I put an anime character to every single users I'm following. If you're aren't listed yet, it's more on the lines that I'm having a hard time finding a character for you, not that you're forgotten, and---I can be pretty lazy. <_<

List items

  • Silver2467: It makes since. Yugi is unbeatable at his craft; a master tactician that duels with pride, respect, and always gives it his all.

  • Saren: Kinda ironic giving CB detest anime, lal. But you don't have to like the shoe to know it fits. Kaiba is great; he knows it, everyone else does, and he's not afraid to let anyone know whether they like it or not. He's a a dick, but a very lovable one.

  • Layla: Well, being honest, I can't say these two share many similarities. Well, at least from my interaction with the user. Buuuut I recall the user saying this was her second favorite fictional character, and their both pretty cute so why not?

  • JediXman: Really, were you expecting anyone else?

  • Life_Without_Progress: Ayy, LMAO. Honestly, it's your screen-name and RL looks that makes me draw the comparison to Tsuna; don't take it personal. xD

  • Claymore1998: She's been a representative of the character ever since she joined this site.

  • inquisitor_lavellan: they're both perverts so....:P Caio and I go waaaay back, and the series from which Gin comes from is the first manga I actually read. G is one of my faves, C is one of my faves. Seems about right, ayy?

  • Wildvine: Honestly? It's because of the plant theme she rocks, lal. WV is kewl like Akiza too, tho.

  • XWraith: They're both stoic, emotionless __. :) ily tho, bro. <3

  • QuinnoftheStoneAge: Part sweet, part less sweet, like Moka. But awesome, nonetheless.

  • Dboy: Yeeeep. You're top-tier emo like Sasuke, with a bad attitude to boot.

  • Lunacyde: Kewl, kalm, and kollected. Juuuust like Levi. Plus he can be savage af and own an entire thread whenever provoked. Just look at the way he tears through that religion thread at his leisure.

  • DarthAnt: Both are rather arrogant, and flippant, tbfh. Plus, I have a love/hate relationship with Yagami, sort of how I am with Anthony.

  • Bumpyboo: She looks Nico-ish, but besides that; like Robin she has took everything life has thrown at her and continued to be a a person that's fun as _ to be around.

  • ThatguyWithHeadphones: Stoic, laid back and cool as a cucumber? Yep it acquits.

  • Laflux: Funny? Check. Zanny? You got it. Pervy, and loves to talk about past escapades with females? Have you ever been in a PM with 'Flux? Fits perfectly to me. xD

  • Samimista: Sam's sooper nice and Orihime's sooper nice. 'Nuff said. And yeah - I like Bleach - sue me bitches.

  • Wolverine08: Brash, and the drive to surpass even the gods? Sounds like Wol to me.

  • CaptainMarvel4Ever: I like CM4...but the dude, is, I dunno....weird. Not in a bad way, but an interesting idiosyncratic kind of way. Heh.

  • Myself: He boldly proclaims himself the king, and has the clout and skill to back it up - as well as I. I can totally dig it. :)