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Tha Saintly Ones top 10 Favorite Villains In Fiction

Ayyy LMAO. As the list say, this is my top 10 favorite villains in fiction at the moment.

List is subject to change, of course.

List items

  • ..anyone really surprised here?

    The Story of Anakin Skywalker really is a tragic one. From slave, to hero of the Republic, to becoming a traitor and a villain, to redemption with the Force.

    Vader is one of, if not the most polarizing figure in the Star wars Universe and is certainly the most popular. I could write a 10 page essay on Vader if I wanted to, but this will have to do; Vader= Badass whoever disagree's with this is dead to me. No if, ands, or buts about it.

  • Well, this one may very well shock the masses. Hear me out though. Zorc is the final and most powerful antagonist in my favorite anime/manga Yu-Gi-Oh! it's kinda expected. But that isn't the only reason----"Necrophades" is evil incarnate; very literally. He's living embodiment of the darkness that present in the heart every breathing human being. The way he, along with his modern day alter-ego Dark Bakura carefully manipulated events to raze the worlds 3,000 years after their first failed attempt, truly is a thing to behold.

    Over and above all this though, I really, really, really love his design. The Great Evil God has a giant dragon in his genital area, that he uses to shoot out hell-fire that can penetrate even the Gods.

    Something tells me that isn't a conicedence. xD

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  • Cunning. Manipulative. Powerful. Badass. The Emperor are all those things personified.

    Make no mistake about it The Emperor is the ultimate villain in the Star Wars saga, Vader was nothing more then his lap dog. Arguably the most powerful Non-Mortis Darkside entity, and easily the most impactful Sith Lord from the Banite line and above, "Sheev" is deserving of this spot and then some. Watching the "Grand Plan" Come into to fruition is breathtaking.

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