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How I picture Viners:Star Wars edition =D

Inspired by both @samimista and @dragonborn_ct list I decided to make on but with a twist.....Star Wars characters only =P

(to be continued)

List items

  • dccomicsrule2011. Yeah that's right I'm the most badass Viner to ever live.

  • dboyrules2011. He is one of my favorites,you are one of my favorites. Fits perfectly hehe.

  • Silver2467. Obviously he will be the most powerful Force user, he was the one who got me into Star Wars =P

  • Lykopis. She is a boss and Satele is a boss,see the similarities?

  • Samimista. Mara Jade is one of my favorite Jedi and Sami is one of my favorite Viners this fits perfectly.

  • fuchsia_nightingale. Nomi is strong,powerful and is the former leader of the Jedi order. Hmmm that sounds like something Fuchsia would be =P

  • MrDirector. Count Dooku fits him perfectly,master of Makashi and baddassness.

  • Mrdecepticonleader. Decepticon is a great and vicious debater,Maul is a great and vicious Force users. See where I'm coming from? =P

  • Pyrogram. For some reason I feel that Pyrogram is actually Han Solo......

  • god_spawn. Yeah that's right, you are the badass that goes by the name of Cade Skywalker =P

  • Bumpyboo. Shaak is an Jedi master all about peace, and so is Bumpy =D

  • SC. Yoda is one of the wisest Jedi to ever live if not the wises and SC is one of the wisest viners.

  • Vortex13. Hehe Vortex reminds me of Bane for some reason,maybe it's because he is one of the coolest members of the Vine

  • Dragonborn_ct. You remind me of him,he is one of the greatest Bounty hunter to ever live,while you are one of the greatest Viners =D

  • Shootingnova. Shootingnova is another one of the Star Wars experts I gained alot of my knowledge from. It is only fitting you are Darth Plagueis one of the most powerful and wisest Sith of all.

  • deranged midget. Revan is definitely you,you are one of the best Mods Vine has to offer.

  • fetts. I mean come on, did you really think anyone else is going to be him? =P

  • King Saturn. I mean does this even need an explanation?

  • Joygirl. Aayla fits her perfectly, both are favorites of mines.

  • JediXman. Again like Silver and Nova, he is one of the biggest Star Wars expert on the Vine and I gained alot of knowledge from him. It is only fitting that he is one of the greatest Force sensitives to ever live.

  • Wildvine. Zannah is the one who beat the badass that is Darth Bane which makes her even more badass, that sounds like something Wildvine would do xD.

  • Floopay. Exar is one of the greatest Sith Lords ever and is a favorite one of mind. Kinda like Floopay.

  • OmgOmgWtfWtf. I know you are a dude, but I don't care your still Ahsoka =P

  • Young Justice. Yep that's right, you are the very cool dude that is the son of the greatest Jedi off all time.

  • ancient_0f_days. You get to be the badass that is Lando Calrissian, congrats keep hunting them trolls in the battle forum =P

  • joshmightbe. Bane is one of the most powerful Sith Lords ever and is the creator of the rule of two. Joshmightbe reminds me of Darth Bane alot and it is all ways a delight to read what he post on these forums.

  • Shadowmaster. Cronal's other alias is Shadowspawn similar to Shadowmaster! xD

  • Xwraith. Wedge may not get the credit he deserved but he is still a great character, just like Xwraith.

  • Xanni15. Just like Galen beat Vader,you beat me in a battle albeit (with circumstances) Xanni is cool and so is Galen in my opinion. P.S. I still like Kobe over LeBron! D=