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DDK's Top 10 Favorite Heroes

Similar to the villain list, here are my current top 10 favorite heroes in fiction. I'm gonna not be lazy this time, and actually list reasons for every pick this time, too! List changes weekly so it may not hold up past next Monday, but whateves.

Ordered the list just 'cause really. I don't really have a cohesive order to these things

List items

  • Green Lantern comics were some of the very first comics I read when I first started back in 2011, and Jordan in particular was the one I gravitated to the most. His arrogance, his flare - his fearlessness, an, of course, his willpower is something I envy; yearn to achieve but never will. Add that, in conjunction with a rise, fall, and redemption story I drool over and it ain't hard to tell why he holds a spot here.

  • My reason for liking Judai? He's care free, fun to watch, dominants on pure instinct, and has like the one of the coolest power-sets in fiction. Let's not forgot his relationship with the formely psychopathic killers who wants to destroy everything so her/his "lover" (Jaden, hehe) can experience the same torture she did. Dat being said....Lets throw down, and get our game on bitches!

  • Kyp solos. 'Nuff said. I kid, I kid, xD. Honestly I'm seriously attracted to Kyp raw power, and potential to anything else, but that isn't the full portrait. Durron's a tragic figure, a maverick Jedi who's "by any means' ideologies has caused rifts in the NJO more mellow credo. But that's what makes homeboy so interesting; he isn't afraid to go against the grain, speak his mind and give the consequences the metaphorical finger. I love that, I love him, and you prolly should to. :)

  • She's just so awesome boobs boobs boobs boobs, boobs; plus, boobs, boobs boobs boobs. Let's not forget boobs, boobs, boobs boobs boobs.

    Also, did I mention boobs?

  • The layman's hero. My first favorite hero the dude has had one of the suckiest lives out of any super hero yet, continues to go out and about and do what's right. With an interesting powerset, and a G.O.A.T worthy rogue gallery, Peter should be number one on everybody's list, lets see what happens when he no longer exist....

    What more can I say?

  • Prep time, bishes!

  • Truth, Justice, and the American way! A childhood favorite of mine; Superman is what all humans should strive to be on the moral compass.

  • Everything about Miria screams awesomeness. Her supreme leadership skills, adroit sword skills, and subtle, but apparent character development.

  • Can u say man crush, bruh?

  • The O.G. female superhero Diana is the epitome of epicness. As one third of the "DC Trinity" Diana serves as the middle ground between Bruce's pessimistic cynicism, and Kal-El's optimism. Really interesting shiiz.

  • Honorable Mention.

  • Honorable Mention.

  • Honorable Mention.

  • Honorable Mention.

  • Honorable Mention.